Saturday, October 12, 2019


Today Stew and I are going to tackle the china and ornaments.

I'm hoping that by the end of the day we will have packed up all of the Britto, and maybe most of the other ornaments and china in the house as well.

We will be keeping it all here until the last two weeks of November, when I will move it to my girlfriend's house till mid December.

Stew is hoping it's not a wet day because he wants to get out in the garden and mow the lawns this afternoon too.

I shall also be sorting out my market stuff... cos tomorrow is the Cambridge Market.  I've not done it for a few months!  I'm looking forward to it... as long as it's not raining.

ABOVE:  Crickey!  What was I thinking?  This is going to take FOREVER.  I doubt I will get it finished before we move.  But, I can try.
It's very REFRESHING doing something totally different from my 'norm' I must say.
I wonder if I'll feel the same in a few weeks?  lol

Now though ... Stew is heading down to the supermarket to get some onions, so I can put on a nice beef stew for dinner... then it's PACKING CHINA TIME.

The best thing about this weekend?  

NO OPEN HOMES.   I can't believe we only had to endure them for 4 weekends.  We have been so, so lucky.


Say "Hello" to my resident arsehole.  And he know's it.
He's being a right pain in the butt today.  Smart mouthed git.

I've packed all the BRITTO!  And am now working on all other ornaments in the house.

Next?  Take down all the wall paintings and stack them up somewhere!

Then next week I can fill little holes and imperfections and FRIGGIN WELL PAINT some more.

We just went down to Bunnings and got more wall paint to do that.  There should be plenty left for the new owners to use as they need it too.

But for now.. it's 12 noon and I need lunch and a break.

Lunch:  we went to the Hillcrest Haven (a pub) in Hamilton.  They make very good pizzas and so on.

ABOVE:  We all had a pizza, though we bought half of Brylee's and half of mine home in a 'doggie bag'.

Then we went into town and got a new piece of Britto... it's a special occassion right?  Not every day you buy a new home.

KIWIONHOLIDAYS:  Britto is this stuff:

ABOVE:  Sorry it's a shit photo taken ages ago.
Today we bought a Goofy, we've not got Goofy.

 ABOVE:  Our lounge is just a tip... full of boxes.

ABOVE:  But... I am making steady progress.

I can't believe how much I still have to do.
And as I take down the pictures and paintings I realise there is even more filling and painting to do of the walls.  *sigh*

Dinner tonight was a beef and vege stew I've had cooking all day in the crock pot.  It was delicious.

Now?  Watching TV.  Relaxing.  Trying not to think of everything that we have to do between now and December.  *sigh*


  1. Good luck packing today!

  2. Our first snow of the season just started. I have noticed my weather is quite the opposite of yours. So, if I am getting snow - are you getting warmth?

    1. Yes it is warming up now. Full on Spring here.

  3. Lovely day to be packing

  4. Quick question please Chris.. What is Britto ??

    Cheers!! and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  5. Thanks for that (smiles) They are lovely ,can see why they need gentle care ..


  6. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Do you have to fill/paint as a requirement of the sale? Here (Aus), the walls just come as is, so with all the holes/hooks etc from where the previous owner had paintings/furniture secured etc. It's up the new owner to deal with it! Liz

    1. NO we don't. But I would not feel good leaving it in anything less than as near to perfect as I can make it. I hope our new home is in a good state when we move in too. Fingers crossed.

  7. Love your Britto collection...


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