Friday, November 01, 2019


I cooked chicken risotto last night for dinner.
Totally forgot I was only cooking for 2.

ABOVE: Ummm, yeah.  Enough to feed a family of 6-8!  
Stew is taking some for his lunch today, I will be having some for my lunch too.  Hopefully that kills it.

Clearly.... I'm still learning how to cook for just 2 or 3.

Today I expect to get EVERYTHING sorted out inside this house.  There is not much left to do!
Just small things here and there really.

I'm really looking forward to being able to sit down and do some sewing.
That might happen TOMORROW!

So... I'm going to get up nice and early today and get all my little jobs done.
It's going to feel so good once it's all done.

Oh and in case you are wondering... it's now 4 weeks and 6 days till we are in our new home.  *smiles*  I'm sure you are all counting down right?


Well this morning is going very well.  I've made up about a dozen more boxes, ready to pack shit into them.

Then I rang our power company and phone company, internet provider etc and organised final readings, and re-connections at our new home.  That took an hour!  But more ducks sorted, so all good.

Now, I could do some housework, or pack a box or 10, or sew ... but in fact, I'm going into Hamilton to get the girls a new bed. 
They sleep on blankets right now, but tend to mess them up and end up sleeping on a messy pile.

So, I'm going to go get them soft beds that they can't muck up, with no removable pads that they can drag out and chew up either.

I've tried solid sided dog beds, that didn't work at all... so let's try soft ones.

It will get me out of the house for a while, which will be good.  I'm sick of looking around and seeing everything I need to do.

1.16 pm:  Home from town.  Found some nice beds for the girls.

ABOVE: Coco checking one of them out.  I doubt she realises that it's her new bed... yet.  

ABOVE:  They are really soft and squishy, so hopefully they like them.
I was tempted to get them a 'Cooling Pad' for summer too... but they were just a bit too expensive.  They will just have to lie in the shade.  lol

***  headache from hell ***

off to have some panadol and sit still for a while.

Meh... the day just gets better.  Or Not.
Over it. Too tired to get my tits in a knot.
Stew looks knackered too.

Luckily, we are not doing a bloody thing tomorrow.

Lamb chops in mint sauce, with veges for dinner.  A little over cooked ... first boo boo in a very long time.
Now...  TV.  Diet Coke.  Peace and quiet.


  1. Of course we are counting with ya

  2. Wow Chris, you and Lacy are legends with the packing/moving stuff. Can I borrow you both when/if its my turn any time soon? Special thoughts always.

    1. I was thinking exactly the same thing!!!!

  3. Kiwionholidays4:34 PM

    Love the new beds such a neat idea .Hope you get some rest this afternoon,

  4. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Kmart has cheap pet cooling pads

  5. You are so amazingly organised. That risotto looks yum! Are there types of risotto that don't use rice? What else goes in it? Gemma (Adelaide)

    1. I've never heard of risotto without rice! I add onion, meat, some veges, bit more fresh herbs and spices.

  6. I bought one dog bed and the dog peed on it lol. He was a puppy though ;)


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