Tuesday, October 15, 2019


I thought I'd save these little videos till today.  They are just of Steve and his boys at the park on Sunday afternoon.

ABOVE:  of all three boys, Archer LOVED the hamster wheel the most.  He just can't get enough of it.

Luckily, Steve didn't hurt himself trying to do the full spin.

Today I will be doing more packing, after I do some 'normal' housework... yeah it still has to be done.  *sigh*

Lacy is coming out again to help me with the 'last big surge' of packing.  By the end of the day we should have all the china and 'what nots' packed!

Then I can move on to something else... like friggin painting.

We shall probably go into Hamilton too... I'm going to get some plastic 'picnic' type plates to use for the next few weeks, then I can pack all our dinner ware too.
I will also check out a new single, full length fridge.  We are going to need one for the new kitchen.

ABOVE:  Just found this photo of my girlfriend Susan... she always has the site next to me at the Cambridge Trash and Treasure Market.  She was just being a bit silly last Sunday.  *smiles*


11.06 am:  And after three solid hours of packing yet more china... we are ready to take another load to the Storage unit.  
Thank god for Lacy's help!
We have certainly broken the back of the packing I wanted to get done myself.

After dropping off this load at the storage unit, we are going into Hamilton.  

Catch ya later.

2.49 pm:  And I'm literally done in.  So tired and just over it.

Lacy and I managed to get ALL the ornaments, china and kitchen ware packed and into the storage unit.

 ABOVE:  It is virtually full to the gunnels.  I think I can fit some bags of soft stuff like linen in the gaps ... but that's about it.
So happy it's all fitted in there.
We are saving thousands of dollars having done this.

 ABOVE:  I went into Hamilton to find some picnic plates to use now that I've packed all the dinner ware.
Do you think I could find anything I liked?  Nope.
So guess what Stew?  We are using what you can see above till I find something!

ABOVE:  80 % of the kitchen cupboards are EMPTY!  And clean.  So there isn't going to be much to do on the final few days here.  Awesome.
Everything we need is now on top of the bench, except for the pantry and under the sink.

ABOVE:  My lounge is now looking so sad and forlorn.  I said last night, and Stew agreed, the house doesn't feel like home now, it's characterless and all echo-ee.

It just goes to show what a difference paintings and ornaments make to a place.

And now... I'm taking a break and probably a friggin nap.  I spent two wasted hours going from shop to shop looking for damn plastic plates!  What a waste of time that was.
Hopefully I can find something soon... with new season stock coming into the shops soon?

*SIGH*... off for that nap.

OLD MOO:  I'm rather impressed you know that it will be STEW doing the washing and drying of the plastic plates!  ha ha ha!
Just a bit funny Mum.

8.43 pm:  And Stew and I have just spent a good hour getting everything down from the attic.
Tired now... signing off for the day.  It's been a really BUSY day.  Got HEAPS AND HEAPS done.


  1. The hamster wheel looks so fun! Glad Steve didn't bruise anything! I can't believe you are packing up and moving. It happened so fast! And I still think of your current house as a "new" house!

  2. That hamster wheel looks a lot of fun...for little kids and big ones too !!

  3. Plastic plates,Stew will need to wash and dry by hand, dont think plastic goes to well in the dishwasher.I can see lots of takeaways and eating out in the next few WEEKS THE OLD MOO.

  4. You could get some plates from one of the opshops then once you have finished with them, donate them back. It is awful trying to eat off paper & plastic plates :-). Same with anything else you might need temporarily because you have packed yours away, on moving day (or a day or so before) just stick it all in a box & donate it back to the Hospice shop :-)

    1. Hmmm, didn't think of that! Thanks.

  5. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Op shop plates are a great idea, something that would have been great when my daughter moved a couple of weeks ago ( with a cranky baby🙄). You may even find some nice blue plates lol


  6. I would leave the can of paint and walk on out! Stuff painting your old and new place!

  7. Love the hamster wheel! I'm glad he didn't hurt himself when he fell. Dante with the eyebrows in the last one lol.


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