Thursday, October 17, 2019


ABOVE:  Well... the house we chose to be our new home is off the market as of today.
We have paid the deposit, and satisfied the conditions (Solicitor's approval of the contract, finance and the Building inspection)... so the house sale is UNCONDITIONAL. 

That means it's ours in six weeks and 6 days.
Yep, I'm counting.  lol

Now the waiting begins.  And the planning.
And plotting.
I am eyeing up plants to pull out!  It's got some gorgeous trees, but so many boring shrubs!  
And quite a few of the trees are the same sort, small Japanese Maples.  I like maples, but not 10 of them!

And then there's the inside.  I'm kinda not looking forward to that so much.  But, it will get done over time.  

As soon as the house is off the websites, I will show you more of the actual house.  I know there's a 'few' of you who are looking forward to that.

Lacy is coming out again today.  She seems to like me a lot right now?
Anyway, we are going to move all the small and medium items that are in the gardens into one place.  Probably the concrete patio out the back.
That won't take too long.  Then I will take one last box to the Storage unit.

It is my birthday soon, and last night Stew asked my what I'd like?
I of course, said a new house!  lol

He was thinking of giving me a 'Pamper Day' gift voucher.  

I told him I would rather have a wide angle lens for my camera!

So, as he said "OK", I'm going to do some ringing around today and narrow down what one would suit me.  Just a bit exciting.


Well... I decided to go into Hamilton (how strange)... and look at lenses.
I found the one I want... Lucky Stew... it's half the price I expected it to be.

Then I went and bought some dog doors for the new house:

 ABOVE:  One for the outer garage door and one for the inside garage door.  Sheesh, they ain't cheap!  And yeah, I got the 'Beware of the Shih Tzu' sign too.  I couldn't resist it.

The tarpaulin is for lying on the concrete outside here, so we can put all the garden bits 'n' bobs on it and not stain the concrete with rust from me metal bits.

Lacy and I will be doing that shortly.

ABOVE: I also bought a cheap little 'selfie stick'... should be handy cos like, I take lots of friggin selfies right?  lol

3 pm:  And we have finished getting stuff out of the backyard gardens...

 ABOVE:  Not that much eh?  There's quite a bit of large stuff left in the gardens that we couldn't move, the moving company can do them.

ABOVE:  I got her doing some gardening.  She not a fan of dirty hands ... like me.  I cringe when I have dirt on my hands.   But, she did good and got a few cuttings and put them in pots for me... sure saved my back.

ABOVE:  I'm not taking much at all... we can buy what we want once we are in the new house and have time to get into the gardens and sort them out.

Sorry... still can't show you house photos... looks like that will be tomorrow at the earliest.

So Lacy has been coming out every day this week to help with ... and I wanted to give her some petrol money.

And the silly tart REFUSED to take any.  
So I got clever...

And offered her some left over Pulled Pork to take home.  She was like, YES PLEASE.

So I put some in a container for her, and off she went.

ABOVE:   When she got home she decided to have some.  LUCKILY she had it cold... cos well... there was some money in a plastic bag hidden in the bottom of the container.

If I hide money in her car she usually finds it and returns it to my letterbox.  Today... I WIN!

ABOVE:  Another tooth down.  It took it's time too.  Luckily he caught it when it fell out at school.  I hope the TOOTH FAIRY doesn't forget tonight.

9.58 pm:  it's the end of an awesome day. I'm about to head off to bed.

NOW... if the new house is still on a real estate website in the morning, I'm sorry but I won't be posting photos of it.

There is no way I'm going to advertise exactly where we live on the internet.  There's too many crazies out there.

So, fingers crossed it is gone from those sites and you get to see it TOMORROW.


  1. Anonymous7:31 AM

    huh....i don't like you anymore than i normally do lol 😂 but atm you need help so yea, and you did ask me for a hand for a week so dirrr lol ya twat 😂🤣

  2. Congrats again with the unconditionalness 😉

  3. You sure have all the ducks in a row and the unconditional day is a great day

    .Good you and Lacy are doing the day stuff. So handy to have help in the day , that way the weekends are for heavy jobs !!!

    Enjoy the rest of the day and take some time for R&R (thats rest n relax ,,,,or rock n roll or both!! (smiles)


  4. Yay for unconditional...its a done deal
    Counting down.......

  5. Anonymous3:37 PM

    #UnconditionalToday #YeaBoi 😊👌

    oml look at that face lol 😂 but oml my hands where like so dirty lol... wet dirt is kinda ok, but they were drying up ewwwwwwwwwwww lol 😂

  6. Anonymous4:45 PM

    OML yes Ma 😁 this time you win the $$ war lol 😂 but oml woman I'm so gona have my wits about me 😂

    To all I don't like taking money from my Parents when I help, reguardless if they ask for help or I offer, and if I have a job or not I would still help, us Kids are ment to help....anyways..
    See you Sunday as planed or earlier if ya need xx

    1. Anonymous8:01 PM

      Haha love the way Chris hid the money, lucky you didn’t heat it straight up. That’s great Lacy, it looks like you’ve been and are being a great help. It really good you don’t expect anything in return and we all know they are there for their kids anytime they are needed so they deserve the support.

  7. If you keep this pace up you will have weeks of nothing to do before you move. Lacy is a hard wee worker :-)

    1. That's the idea chick! Get it done now then relax for a few weeks... cos there's gunna be HEAPS to do once we move into the new house!

  8. Following your move and so enjoying hearing all about it! I'm an old lady in USA, emphasis on "old" :)...Your energy amazes me! And I'm thinking that Lacy is a true gem! Bless you all! Can't wait to see pics of your new home!

  9. Clever money hiding trick!


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