Monday, October 28, 2019


Labour Day Holiday.  And we are heading off this morning for the craft fair.

The 'big' bi-annual fair held here in Cambridge.

The weather forecast is: CLOUDY with light Drizzle in the morning, turning to rain around midday.

I've not looked out the window yet to see what it's like.

If it's heavy drizzle, I'm staying home.
It it's light or non-existent, we shall head out at 7 am.

The worst that can happen is some stuff might get a bit damp and we will have to dry it once we get home.

If it turns to utter shit, we will pack up early.

ABOVE:  Last night Bex helped me pack up what was left in the sewing room.  It only took us about an hour, you get stuff done twice as fast with help. *smiles*

I'd been putting it off for ages, JUST IN CASE I wanted to do more sewing before we move.

But I know I won't.  I've got more than enough to keep me busy for the next few weeks.

So... I'm off to start the day.  Wish us luck.  
I will be back in a couple of hours to let ya know if we went to market.... or not.


ABOVE: All set up... time for breakfast. How about a pie! 

Weather is holding... for now.

2.39 pm:  And WOW were we so lucky!  The rain held off until we were packing up, and it only really started to spit a bit.  

As for the market itself.  It was slower than last year attendance wise, but steady.
I made sales across the entire range, I even sold a cot quilt.

Profits?  Up on last year!  I didn't expect that as it was fairly slow all day.  So in all... I'm happy.

Best thing?   Stew stayed with me the entire time, so I had company, and someone to watch the 'shop' when I needed a bathroom break.

We have just finished unpacking and it's time to relax for a while.  Next market will be the Cambridge Trash and Treasure Market on the 10th of November.

After that I will take a break and miss the December Market.... we will be in the thick of unpacking into our new home in Hamilton then.

Sorry I forgot to mention how Bex did.  She had a good day too ... not quite as much as last year for her, but she still made a decent amount.

I have just had a nap, woke up feeling like shit.

We didn't get a good sleep last night, thanks to the dogs going berserk at 1 am ... there was another dog on our property.  Hence barking... LOTS AND LOTS of barking.  For about an hour and a half.

I had to put the bark collars back on the dogs to shut them up.  And even then Marley still barked for ages. 

So as you can imagine, we are very tired. 

Happy and relieved to say my Mum had surgery today and came through it like a trooper.  Onward and upward for her.

End of the day... winding up and heading off to bed.  And god help the dogs if they bark tonight.  We need sleep.


  1. God Luck today. I hope you have a successful day!

  2. I hope the rain Gods are on your side and hold the rain off until the market is finished. Wishing both you and Bec a profitable time 🙂

  3. Hope all the market is buzzing with keen buyers!!

    Check the blog tonight n see how you n Bex n Stew went


  4. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Nothing better than a good pie. I hope its a very successful day for you and Bex. Kj

  5. Glad it was a good day

  6. Anonymous4:31 PM

    How did Bex get on?

  7. Great to hear you had a good day. What a shame re missing the December market ... a time when people will no doubt be hunting for Christmas presents and decorations. Any chance you can get someone else to run your stall for you that day ... or just take a day off from the unpacking?

  8. pleased for you that the weather held & you made a profit. I hope Bex had similar success!

  9. Gimme that pie lol. Love NZ pies.
    Glad you made some money. You've done some wonderful handiwork.....
    Hard work!

  10. Great news all around today! Have a great sleep. Krissy

  11. Looks like you had one busy long weekend. Good to hear your market didn't get rained on. A speedy recovery to Mom. Lots of luck packing up the house.


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