Friday, October 25, 2019


So... it's Friday.

Makes not an ounce of difference to me obviously. Except I get to have Stewy home for a couple of days.

OMG the weather is doing my head in, rain, rain and more damn rain. And worse, the weather forecast is for rain on Monday. That's the day I have the big Church Craft Fair on just down the road.

I've been looking forward to it for months. Of course, if it rains, I'm not going.

It's just not worth getting all my patchwork products wet. Fingers crossed the forecast is wrong. It does happen. *smiles*

ABOVE: Two of the full walls I need to paint. On the left is the entrance way wall. We only made four of those picture hook holes, the rest were already there. On the right is the wall in the lounge where I had all my little hearts. Clearly I need to paint them eh?

I know I'm doing a bit much, but I really want the new owners to walk in and be happy with the house. They paid a huge amount of money for it... so deserve it to be looking as good as I can get it.

I remember talking to some neighbours of ours recently, and she said when they bought their house (behind us) she had to paint all the walls because of how disgusting they were. No way am I having anyone say that about our house.

I'm feeling very frustrated. I've not heard back from the moving company who came out and did an appraisal for our move. She said I'd have their quote on Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Grrrrr. Must try and remember ... there may be a very good reason. She could be sick right?

I'm a very impatient person. Not good for the blood pressure for sure.

ABOVE: Question. Who's used these hooks before? Are they any good? Do they hold up heavy paintings/mirrors etc?

I'm thinking of using them in our new home, instead of banging nails and traditional hooks in the walls.

Having to repair all the walls in this home has really put me off using the 'traditional' ones again.

I'm gunna go now, get me porridge, sit in bed and contemplate sanding those friggin walls.

Oh ya.


Well, it's nearly lunchtime. And I've managed to get quite a bit done with the sanding. I'm now taking a break and will be heading into Hamilton to pick up boxes.

I have heard back from the moving company that came out on Wednesday and...

Their quote is EIGHT AND A HALF THOUSAND DOLLARS LESS than the first quote we got !!!

I of course accepted that quote right there and then.

Can you believe the difference??? From $13,500 down to $5,100 !
That $8,500 is going to mean we can do so much more to our new home.

5.34 pm:  And I'm home from Hamilton.  Been home about an hour in fact.
I signed the contract and fixed the dates for our move, and they gave me some boxes.  I can get more if I need them too.

Then I went and had a very late lunch, which seems to be the norm for  me now.  After that I got an enlargement of the floor plan for the new house (I got it from the council plans), so I can sit and work out where things will go now.

OH YES! I got a phone call from Stew just after I got home... he said a neighbour had rung him to say our dogs were out and running off up the road!

OMG... I grabbed Brylee and we both ran out of the house ... and luckily we could still see the dogs up the road and got them back pretty quick.

Though Coco was an utter tart and would NOT come when I called her, so Brylee had to run up the road and chase her down.

She was certainly not coming back to me. I could have throttled her, but instead I locked her in the garage for half an hour.

How did they get out? SOMEONE had opened their side gate and not pushed the bolt across, so they only had to press on it to get it to open. I've now put a padlock on it so that never happens again.

Hmmmm... actually that might have been me. I had to open it on Wednesday to let the moving company lady down that side of the house. WHOOPS! Lucky the dogs didn't realise it wasn't latched till now eh? *sigh*

Dinner tonight was beef schnitzel... and veges.  I actually fan baked the schnitzel in the oven and it came out perfect.  So much better than pan frying and having the crumb coating come off and stick to the pan.  I'll be doing it that way from now on that's for sure.

Time to wind down for the day, watch Coronation Street then off to bed.  Plenty to do tomorrow... more sanding. 


  1. I like using thd Command velcro ones, you stick one side on the picture, the other on the wall, and you might use several for heavier items. Has always worked really well for us and never left any marks on walls.

  2. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Do not use command hooks unless you enjoy bogging and painting walls. Daughters current rental has chunks missing from the walls where previous tenants used command hooks on the walls.

    1. Really! I thought the whole idea of command hooks was they didnt damage the walls!

    2. We have had good luck with command strips in kids’ apartments and dorms.

      There is a little tab on bottom that you pull slowly straight down to release. I have seen people damage walls by not using tab and instead prying them off wall.

      For heavy things I would use use regular Nail and hooks. But for light things, you will like command.

  3. The command hooks have weight limits. I never used them for anything important or heavy, but if you do use them - pay attention to the weight limits. And not sure that they wouldn't damage the walls. After all, that magnet DID damage your car when it said it wouldn't.

  4. We use them instead of hooks they are amazing 😊

  5. Don't use the hooks - use the picture 3M velcro stuff. It's fantastic and holds most pictures up really well. I use one each side of the top and you just push onto the wall. The good thing is you can slightly adjust and then the picture never moves! For smaller items there are tiny 3M hooks etc. The only hook I have on my walls is for a large heavy mirror, sometimes you do need to make a hole :) My daughter has a picture gallery in her hallway and every photo is up using the 3M velcro stuff!

  6. You are a VIP and i dnt mean very impatient person VERY IMPORTANT PERSON

  7. I wouldn't use them ... I had an a4 framed picture...pretty light.... and it fell off the wall after about 4 days. Didn't leave a mark I guess!! 🤣

  8. Oh no rain for sunday thats crap. Fingers crossed not to badly i have been looking forward to this market. The walls are looking great good job just dont burn your self out before your move xx and really christmas is only a day wouldnt worry about it. Xxx

  9. Anonymous10:00 AM

    I have used various Command products, the ones in the picture are just need to be careful taking them off we use the hairdryer on them for stubborn ones (warms them up) (google how to remove and you get videos and advice)..also the velcro ones are good my kitties move the pictures on some as they are above a cupboard that they can get on...easy to readjust...


  10. Thank Goodness for a MUCH lower moving price!

  11. What a huge difference - $ 5,000 is still bloody expensive!!

  12. Anonymous12:59 PM

    so so kewl about the New and So so much Better quote 😊

  13. Penny1:08 PM

    That is just an insane difference. I have been meaning to check with my sister, nut I am.sure she paid about $8,000 to move an entire household of contents, including the fridge and washing machine, from Melbourne to Dunedin. We paid $2,500 for 100 boxes, bikes, keyboards, guitars but no furniture from Auckland to Melbourne. With Crown!

  14. I moved my entire house lot from Wellington to Auckland (and they kept it in storage for a week) for $800. Mind you that was 18 years ago :) Considering all the stuff you are moving yourself and all that stuff in storage, I still think that quote is high. Still, better than the original quote.

  15. That other crowd r robbers for sure

  16. Wow what a huge difference in price. $13,000 is ridiculous for going that distance.
    OMG I can just imagine you both chasing the dogs and of course them not listening. Glad you managed to catch them.

  17. Wow price diff is amazing ,,but at the end of the day its the old "'Buyer Beware'' I suppose (smiles)

    Learnt that at Commercial practice in 3rd form in the South Island way back when !!,,,and was so impressed I still remembered it

    But often remember it after the transaction (smiles again)

    3m has been around for ages so I guess they stand by their products . We have used heaps of their various products over the years and so far so good but good thoughts from the other bloggers on here too of different experiences

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the holiday on Monday !!

    We will take the day off as well even tho we are across the Tassie atm


  18. Yes nods you're doing too much BUT you're right to walk into a home where you don't have to do much will be excellent. The mental image dogs running you running funny lol monkeys.

  19. Well that is certainly good news from the movers. Hope the rain clears away. Have a good weekend.


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