Saturday, October 26, 2019


 ABOVE:  Last night Brylee combed my hair out for me... it was lovely.  It is full of hair product, gotta wash it this morning for sure.
I had company:

ABOVE: One minute I had a dog snuggled up with me, the next thing ... Stew appeared and said "Dinner" ... and BOOM. I'm left with a friggin chicken!

It was just a bit funny.

Today I'm going to finish off the sanding and wiping down all the walls. I hope that by Monday I can get the paint out and go for it.

The bloody walls are doing my head in, I want them done and off my mind.

Stew meanwhile is going to get the lawns mowed. They are knee high! I've never seen them this high in fact. The weather has just been totally off for mowing the last 3-4 weeks.

To think ... he will probably only have to mow these lawns 1-2 more times before we move. After we move his lawn mowing will only take 20 minutes TOPS.

And that's all for now... it's a bit boring not having house hunting to do. That was fun eh?


12 noon and a great morning so far.
We went and adjusted out accommodation for December.  We are now staying the evenings of the 2nd and 3rd of December here in Cambridge in a motel unit, then on the 4th we shall stay in a motel in Hamilton.

By the evening of the 4th we will have handed over our Cambridge home (all clean and sparkly),  and have the keys to our new home in Hamilton.

I expect we will spend the evening of the 4th at the new house, doing any cleaning that is required, before our household furniture etc is moved in on the morning of the 5th.

I am praying that the current owners leave it nice and clean.  Otherwise, it's going to be a long day, cleaning both houses.

I have just finished all the sanding!!!  Finally.
Now I shall wipe over all the walls and do the painting soon.

Very excited to be on the home straight with that I can tell you.

ABOVE:  My next job.  Sorting through all these books and taking 99% of them to the local Hospice Shop.  I'm sick of trudging them from house to house to house.  If I want a recipe, I can just look it up on the internet.  Who needs books anymore?

Right.  Pit stop over.  Time to get a move on again.

Stew is outside pruning hedges, only one of which we own, but we still have to prune our side of all of them.  And then he will mow the lawns.  

ABOVE:  As I predicted, our neighbour has left his hedge HALF PRUNED for SEVEN WEEKS now.  Luckily it did not affect our house sale at all.

But still... what a fucking arsehole thing to do.  There's been no reason why he couldn't chop the rest down and make it look half decent in the last 7 weeks.

I'm so damn thankful we no longer have to put up with him and his goddam hedge.

This will be the last time Stew ever has to trim our side of it.

Stew is 6 foot 2 inches tall, to give you some idea of just how high that hedge is!  

The chopped down half has grown heaps in 7 weeks, so it's not looking too bad now. 
I bet the neighbour comes out in the next few weeks and butchers it again.  NOT. MY. PROBLEM. ... anymore.

In our new home, there's no hedges, just wooden fences.  Yaaa for that.

 ABOVE:  Our Kowhai tree finally has lots of flowers.  We have nursed this tree along for 3.5 years and now we are leaving it.  
I'm gunna get a new one for our new home.

ABOVE:  And the thistles I've grown from seeds are growing well too.  The middle one is starting to turn purple.  I am going to try and put one in a pot and take it with me.

Right, enough about gardens.
I had some lunch, then helped Stew in the gardens for a little while.
Then I came inside and started vacuming.

Cos the entire house has to be vacumed before I paint.

And I'm vacuming... and my phone rings.  It's Lacy... I can tell from the ring tone.

So I grab the phone, press answer and say "YES, YOU CAN COME OUT AND DO THE VACUMING"... and then I hang up.

5 seconds later... I get a text from Lacy.  She's on her way out to do the vacuming.   EXCELLENT.


Watching the rugby on TV... Stew is looking really, really stressed and cross!  Looking like England might beat our All Blacks.  SHOCK HORROR!

Like I care?  Nah.

I got the first coat of paint on my patches.  Tomorrow I will get it finished.  Whoop whoop.

Winding down for the evening.  I will be heading off to bed soon.  Tired, even though I had a little nana nap this afternoon.


  1. Enjoy the weekend. Bet Stew won't miss those lawns

  2. Sounds like a busy day for you both ... you'll be looking forward to moving into your new home and having more free time at weekends to get out and about and do less"weekend-type"chores. Enjoy the long weekend!

  3. Yay a long weekend just when you ones need it for finishing off stuff ready for the move.
    The hospice shop will love all the books and neat to share them once we have read them.

    like the idea of the lawnmowing being cut down so much , after a week working fulltime 20 mins he will be in his element.

    Its nic e you will leave your home pristine and hope the others do the same.
    You are well organised with your Moteling etc in between moving,, far easier to get that organised now

    Take care and Enjoy the long weekend there


  4. Anonymous3:38 PM

    hahaha well it was worth it lol 😂 got to go out hang with the olds and have a do ute and a sammie and well Vaccum of course 😊 always happy to help and I love driving (oringal plan of going out was to steal a plastic pot and some of her good dirt lol 😂 oh well next time lol oh and visit them) xx

  5. You meant DONUT eh? You could have taken another one with you... we don't need them. Thanks for doing the vacuming... sure saved my back and thumbs.

    1. Anonymous4:52 PM

      yes I ment donut lol the keyboard is bad or is it me lol 😂 and nah I'm good, and algds Ma 😊 as I said anytime, seriously 👍☺️ but you know this xx

  6. I love how you grow thistles! Where I came from they were weeds!!!

    1. They are weeds here too! I pull mine out. Hey Chris, how is Stew coping with the rugby? It's not good.

    2. I don't think he's looking too happy! In fact he looks really cross!

  7. Lacey come back to Australia for a while and help me clean my place! LOL!


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