Tuesday, October 08, 2019


Well... here we go.
One day left, one sleep left until our Auction.

What can I do today to keep myself occupied?  My MIND occupied.

I don't know if sewing will cut it... but I'll give it a try.

My next market is this Sunday... I might make a few more Christmas Coasters.  I can't concentrate enough to start another Table Runner, much as I should. 

The other thing I'm going to do today is put on a loaf of bread.  I got a Spiced Fruit loaf ready to put on the other day, then realised I'd put heaped desertspoons of sugar in, instead of teaspoons.  I just have to add the wet ingredients first, then I shall bake that and see what happens!  Might be a disaster?  Time will tell *smiles*.

I'm excited and nervous and anxious all in one today... and it's not even Auction Day.  Imagine how I will be tomorrow!


So I get up and open the tupperware bowl I put the bread ingredients in... and wow...it's not a fruit loaf ready to go, it's a garlic loaf!  So, guess I'm having garlic bread for lunch today. lol

It's 9.30 and I'm only just starting to feel 'human' this morning.  Got another headache going on... it's just down to stress for sure.
I will be so happy once this is all over I can tell you.

Sometimes I wonder why I started this off again!  It's so bloody stressful.

11.37 am:  And I decided I would start a new table runner after all.  It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, right?  

It's a wonder I can function though... cos I really do have a 'touch' of OCD.   I NEED things to be in their right place, my sewing room set out 'just so' in order to work happily.

And there is no way my sewing room is set up how I like it.

 ABOVE: Walking around boxes of fabrics and not being able to set them out easily?  Nightmare.

ABOVE:  Though, I don't mind using the kitchen bench for cutting out!  It's the perfect height to work at.
I will miss this bench when we move.  *sniff*

But... it will be OK.

The baking bread smells amazing.  

Shortly, I have to go into Hamilton cos I have NO 'hill' fabric for this new runner.  Annoying... but I do need it.  See why we need to move into Hamilton?  I am always needing to go in there.

Did you read last night that the building inspection went like, EXCELLENT???   I am so happy about that. One less thing to stress over.  
STRESS... OMG today ... every time my mind wanders to tomorrow... I had to run to the bathroom!  Grrrr.  Just a bit inconvenient.  JUST. A. LITTLE. 

The bread is done:

ABOVE:  It looks and smells amazing.  I declare it the nicest looking loaf yet.  I will taste it when I get home.  

2.33 pm:  And my quick dash into Hamilton took a wee bit longer than anticipated.   The fabric I needed was purchased, then I met up with Lacy and we had a late lunch together.

Home now and I feel like taking a couple of hours to just chill out.  I might just do that even.

 ABOVE:  Believe me, this was the BEST photo in about a dozen!

ABOVE:  And this one... well it's because EVERY man and their dog is having their photos taken with this backdrop at the mall.  It's really pretty.

6.53 pm:  And I've literally done NOTHING this afternoon.  I couldn't concentrate on the runner, but I did add the 'hill' fabric.  

Maybe I'll get back to it later.

For now... I've got to cook dinner.

Catch you tomorrow.


  1. Hope you're headache is a little one that goes fast. You just habe to sit back and wait now.... that's the hard part 😉

  2. You are going to be bouncing off the walls by tomorrow :-).

  3. What time isthe auction tomorrow hope not to late in the day...hope u have bottle bubbles in fridge.

  4. Oh man! So much going on! I will miss this house. You really seemed to like it there! But it will be nice to follow your next adventure, too! You have the cleanest, most organized crafting area EVER! I just wish my studio was as clean as yours!

  5. Anonymous2:49 PM

    yes coz Ma kept trying to photo bomb me while I was eating lol 😂 and the one on the swing....i was actually taking the piss lol got told to sit up lol

  6. The idea of that background for the pics is stunning.
    Makes it really look like Spring and good on Lacy for being your model for it ,,

    Auction only 24 hours away now so will catch up on here later tomorrow .

    Like the idea of the bubbles in the Fridge.. They will never go astray (smiles)

    That bread looks amazing . I am sure it tastes just as good!!

    Happy auction for tomorrow!!

    Cheers !!!

  7. I am really surprised that the auction is on a Wednesday. I would have thought there'd be more people through on a weekend, as you'd need to take time off work mid week to attend an auction..?

  8. Not surprised the nerves are up there Chris. Best of luck with the Auction tomorrow. Have my fingers crossed for you.

  9. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Good Luck for tomorrow Ma and Pa 🤞💙

  10. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Good Luck tomorrow, I hope you get the price you are after.


  11. Good luck tomorrow.


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