Wednesday, October 16, 2019


As soon as Tracy suggested it, I was in the car and down the road to the Op Shop yesterday afternoon!

I got in just before they closed, so that was handy.

And I got us some new and stunning plates to eat dinner off!

ABOVE:  Aren't they just gorgeous!  And only $1 each.
Now we are 'set' .. unless we have visitors.

And if we do have visitors, we shall just say it's a BYOP   =  Bring Ya Own Plate!

Today is a biggie... Crown Relocations will be doing the video live chat with me, so I can show them exactly what we need moved.

I think I'm ready for that process.  Everything left in this house they will be moving, plus everything outside.   

It's still a lot of 'stuff', and will no doubt cost a bit ... but at least I've saved about a day's worth of them packing, not to mention a full truck too.

Apart from the video call, I have NOTHING on today.
And I'm going to make the most of it and be an utterly lazy tart.
I'm bone tired to be honest.
A lazy day will be most welcome.

***  Do ya reckon I can do nothing all day?  ***

 ABOVE:  More naked walls!  It looks so weird.

 ABOVE:  Stew up in the attic, handing down stuff to me.  It took us an hour to get everything down.  So not too bad.

ABOVE:  My garage now.  You can hardly swing a cat in there.  


Right.  It's 11 am and I just got out of the shower!  Can you believe it?  I lay in bed and watched the birds, the clouds, and 
the friggin munted hedge that I won't have to look at ever again in 7 weeks!

SEVEN WEEKS TODAY.... and the final hoop we had to pass, to go UNCONDITIONAL tomorrow,  has been approved.  

Jumping for joy... well actually I can't jump.  I'm too fat.

I got on the scales today for the first time in WEEKS.  Fully expected to have gained 15-20 kilos, cos OMG I feel and look so fat.

I have gained 11 kilos.  That's A LOT, but I am actually relieved.  It could have been so much worse.

So.  I have 7 weeks to lose some of that weight, and get a bit fitter.  Cos I have so much shit to do once we get to our new home!

Let's aim for 7 kilos.  I can do that.  

I am already feeling so much lighter... mentally.  This selling and buying process is so bloody stressful.

Now though, I'm gunna do me hair, put on some face and potter around the house.  I want to write a list of what walls need 'just a wipe over' and what ones need a paint.

That won't take long.

Lacy has arrived to return some tools we lent her.  She's trying to 'tag' me on Facebook ... ha ha ha!  That dumb tart de-friended me over a week ago and I ain't her 'friend' anymore.

I might stay that way for a while longer too.  She's got to learn a lesson.  Don't ever de-friend your MOTHER you twat.

It's now 3 pm and I've spent the last hour on the phone to the moving company doing a video chat.  Now I have to wait for their quote.
That should happen by tomorrow!
That's super fast.

I'm now going to do a mini grocery shop in Hamilton... and grab some lunch.

5.50 pm:  Home from Hamilton.  Got a nice small amount of groceries, enough to last 4 days in the dinner department.
I love this way of shopping!
I know I've said it before, get used to it.  *smiles*

Traffic was a right bitch on the way home ... got caught in the end of day traffic, and the road works at Tamahere just made it ten times worse.
I bet Stew's not going to miss that once we move.  Though, I'm told traffic in and around Hamilton is pretty shit in the morning and afternoon 'rush' hour.  

Oh well... at least he won't be travelling as far.  And me?  Well I'm going to be a 5-8 minute drive from The Base, Chartwell Square and Spotlight! I will be in seventh heaven.

Dinner tonight was crumbed lamb chops.


  1. Love the idea og getting the pltes from the Op shop. Can you do nothing today - I doubt it 😂

  2. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Haha, I almost got in my car and went to our local op shop aswell, but glad we didn't get any while we where out yesterday 😊 and yea Visitors just BYOP lol 😂 🤣
    Hope you do have a lazy day and do nothing, enjoy it Ma you so deserve it 💙

  3. I hope you can, you need a rest! Good luck with the quote xx

  4. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Hahah yes I am a bloody Twat lol 😂

  5. fab you are getting it all done Missy, we knew you would. (smiles)(with a lil help from Whanau and friends..

    Its not a small step you guys are are taking , but you didnt do it as Giant leap, so lots of forward planning by you all will see it as smooth transition and all be over in 8 weeks ..

    The gr8 thing is no renting in between like building new and no rush to unpack

    Love the retro shopping and BYOP .. a win win situation.


  6. yum, love lamb chops

  7. Anonymous2:54 AM

    Hey very nice blog!


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