Sunday, September 01, 2019


Today is gunna be a repeat of yesterday really... off at lunchtime to look at more houses.

None of them excite me though.  But the ball is rolling now... so we have to find something.

 ABOVE:  For the second time since we bought it, we are taking our lovely antique gate down and replacing it with a standard gate.
Stew did that yesterday.  Sometime today we will paint the new gate black to match the fencing here.

Our lovely gate will go into storage and find a new home in Hamilton with us.

While we were in Hamilton yesterday we popped into LUSH, a shop specialising in Fresh, Handmade Cosmetics, bath bombs, soaps etc.

I was thinking of getting a couple of lovely soaps for the bathrooms.  Instead, I got two bath bombs:

ABOVE:  Oh My, they smell so lovely!  Hopefully they hold their fragrance for a while.

Right, time to get a move on.  There's a little bit of  housework to do, and a visit to Mitre 10 for some vege plants too.


10 am:  And another job is done:

ABOVE:  We now have a presentable vege garden.  I used one of the big posts that used to hold up the front shade sail for a strawberry patch divider.  It fitted there PERFECTLY.  

So, now what?  Hmmmm....

3.22 pm:  Home from house hunting.  Tired.  But semi happy.
Certainly not furious and pissed off like yesterday.

We went into one lovely house, talked to the agent about it.. price expectations etc and then we asked him "Is there an offer on this house already?", to which he replied "Oh Yes, there's SIX offers about to be presented to the owner".

OMG  I just walked out at that point.  NO reason to stay at all.  I GET why they continue to market a house, even though they have multiple offers on the table, it's to hopefully get an even BETTER offer from someone.  But OMG it's so frustrating.

It's now going to be the first question I ask an Estate Agent before I even take a look around a house.

So, we looked at three houses today.  One was nice... backed onto a busy road so maybe not.  
Next one was the house with the multi offers already on it.
Then the last one was old, needed quite a bit of work, but it's a possibility.

As we had plenty of time between viewings, we did wander through a park and enjoyed listening to a little stream.

ABOVE:  So pretty!

 ABOVE:  We are getting quite a collection of house brochures.
It certainly looks like LUGTONS has the most listing in Hamilton.

ABOVE:  We grabbed some food at Chartwell Square in between viewings too.  And I saw this cute little melamine tray... and cos I've not bought any in AGES and AGES... Stew got if for me.

OH 'HAPPY FATHERS DAY' too!!!   I gave Stewy two new pairs of jeans and a card.  He's heard from most of our kids today too, which is nice.

Now... I'm gunna relax till it's time to make dinner.  Which is going to be an utterly silly bugger dinner.  I just can't be fagged cooking.

Today is done.  Going to bed simmering... over several things.  Hopefully this coming week is a good one.


  1. Yo Happy Fathers Day Pop 😊💙

  2. Your house and garden is looking lovely. I hope that your open home visiting is going well and that you find your new dream home soon.

  3. Gee the house hunting seems harder now than before....

  4. Friends were the 6th or 7th offer on a house and got it, but they offered more than the asking price. So yes, that is why they continue to show it. But if you are looking for a deal, not going to get it it on a house with multiple offers, I agree.

    You are smart to have that be the first question, but if there is only one offer might be worth a look.

  5. I had no idea Father’s Day had different dates around the globe. I knew there were different versions of Thanksgiving with different dates. Are there others too?

  6. There's a house here on the corner of our street for sale. 3 bedrooms. Why not come have a look?

  7. Anonymous2:37 PM

    While it's fun "house hunting" with you I don't envy the stress! Good luck finding something you both love!


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