Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Whenever I post a 'selfie'... I feel guilty.

Cos when you take a photo with your phone, it 'corrects' imperfections.

We all LOVE our phone cameras because of just that right?

But today, cos my phone 'forgot' to correct a couple of shots yesterday, I had the perfect opportunity to show you just what I REALLY look like!

ABOVE: As Lacy said yesterday, it FILTERED HARD OUT! lol

I have heaps of spots, wrinkles and imperfections on me face.

Take a good look, it's probably the last unfiltered shot you will see of me! *smiles*

Like Feet?  If not ... look away now.  lol

 ABOVE:  Stew is off to get an X-Ray of his right foot today.  He's developed a bunion ... see?  It hurts.   Poor man.  Let's hope there is something 'they' can do about it.

Right ... back to today.  IF it's not pissing down, I'm off on an FBG walk.  It's not looking too hopeful out there right now.  *sigh*


9.35 am:  And it fined up, and I could have gone on the walk.  But I fell back to sleep after having me porridge in bed at 6.35!  Woke at 9!
Must have been a bit tired.

Anyway, I've now done all the little morning jobs, got some washing on and am now twiddling me thumbs.
Think I will finally do some sewing!

ABOVE:  I've been sewing for a couple of hours, making good progress on this runner.

Outside:  sunshine and roses one hour, next, torrential rain and lashing winds.  So, typical Spring then.  And it's gotten rather cold again.  I even turned on the freakin' heater!

I got an email from Vistaprint just now.  They are going to refund me the full price of the repair to my car door, AND the full price of the magnets!  They will be ringing me on Friday morning for bank details etc.  I'm IMPRESSED.

 ABOVE:  Jekyll and Hyde weather today!  This squall had hail in it.  And it was ferocious! 

ABOVE:  Finished.  My 2nd 'Holiday Time' runner.  

Now... cooking dinner for Stew and I.  Brylee is at work, so just the two of us.  Nice.  

End of the day... off to bed.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. My phone doesn't correct? How do you do that?? I have an iPhone though - I've never seen any filters like that!! I'm off to find out :)

  2. That's got to hurt!

    I like the unfiltered of you :)

  3. You look gorgeous in both.

    Ouchies on the bunion. My mum has two and they give her grief. I know you can have an operation to shave them off though 🤢😲

  4. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Unfiltered photo is much nicer. The filtered photo looks really weird and unattractive.

  5. I don't think my phone does that photo thing. But, I don't really know. Maybe it does. I am also impressed by VistaPrint! That is great! How did Stew get a bunion? I don't know much about them - but I thought they were caused by high heels!

    1. *choking on my own spit ... laughing that hard!* High heels! Hell no... I can assure you my darling Stew NEVER wears high heels. *snort* My grandmother had bunions for years too, and she never wore high heels either. I have no idea what causes them.

  6. Great response VISTAPRINT

  7. My grandmother had dreadful bunions and I have a mild one. For that reason I am super careful of what shoes I wear - fashion be damned... comfort is king for me. That's a great result too from Vistaprint, I'm so glad you approached them over it.

  8. I much prefer the unfiltered photo.


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