Monday, September 30, 2019


With any luck, this coming weekend we will be having our last Open Homes.

We have NINE sleeps until our home goes to AUCTION. 

And we know there will be at least two serious potential bidders there ... if they bid.  They might sit on their hands and wait till after the auction to make an offer.  Ya just don't know till the day.

I know my nerves are starting to kick in!

Thankfully, this week I'm pretty busy.
Today I'm taking my computer into Harvey Norman's so they can transfer all transferable data/photos/files etc onto my new computer.  Yep, finally got a new one!

I didn't get a whizz bang lap top or All-In-One computer.  I got a very 'old fashioned' PC.

ABOVE: This is what we got.  Plus a new monitor and Internet security.  And Harvey Norman's IT guys are dong all the set up for me.  So, once I get it home in a couple of days it should be good to go.
All I will have to do is load all my links... which will take me a while I suppose.  

AND THEN...the old one is going to be smashed with a sledge hammer!  lol

I doubt it will be any good to anyone, so I might as well.  It's driven me nuts so often I think I will get some satisfaction out of smashing it.  lol

Once I've dropped my computer into Harvey Norman's, I am having lunch with some girlfriends in Hamilton, then catching up with a couple more here in Cambridge.  I am going to have a lovely day.

And I've got family coming down tomorrow/Wednesday and Thursday, so that will keep mE occupied till at least Friday!
And Friday?  Well I will be busy getting the house back into tip top shape for the weekend's Open Homes... so see... busy, busy.  *smiles*

AND I really want to get a few more of those darn cute Christmas Wine Bottle Caps made too.  Among other things.

ABOVE:  Porridge time!  Sorry OLD  MOO ... I just couldn't resist this one.

ABOVE: Yeah this one tickled me fancy too. 


Ok.. home from town. Had fun shopping...

 ABOVE: A couple of kitchen things. New scales that even measure fluids! Awesome.   And more Christmas fabric ...  I'm loving the gold tones.

ABOVE: I had to sit and wait out a torrential downpour  at Harvey Norman's... dropped my computer off and then left.

It looks weird in the family room without me computer. * frowning*

Right... its 2 pm. Time to sew.

I only got some cutting out done this afternoon in the sewing room.
Then I kinda played with the new kitchen chopper gadget

Does hard fruit and veges real good!  Tomatoes? Yeah NAH! 

There's chicken thighs baking in the oven and Wedges. And I've  made a lettuce salad too. Yummy.

Signing off early tonight... I want to do some sewing after dinner.


  1. When is your next market?

    1. The Cambridge Trash n Treasure market is always the 2nd Sunday of the month. So around about the 13th?

  2. Oh I might be going through this weekend and the next one but probably the Saturday. Bugger...

  3. Omg be careful with that chopper... I had an extra tough potato once and put all the effort in to cut....both hands and full force and accidentally got my boob in it... 🤣😂.

  4. Wish we would get rain havnt had any significant rain in ages

  5. How were the edge's? we had a real nice day today then it rained this evening.

  6. I bought a similar chopper and love it. I wish it had a bigger cutting area though. Saves so much time!


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