Sunday, September 29, 2019


Round number #  6.

We have this Open Home routine down pat.
Yesterday's loaf of bread was DELICIOUS, so I will probably make it again.

ABOVE:  It was a Spiced Fruit Loaf.  I used dried Mango, Pineapple, Raisins, Apricot and Cranberries.  All chopped up.  Mixed Spice and Cinnamon.  

So, that will be turned on nice and early today, as we are heading out even earlier than usual today to see houses in Hamilton again.

ABOVE:  Today's line up for us to view.  It's really hard to see all that you want in a weekend as often there's 3 on at the same time.  Like today.  I've had to leave 2 off the list cos they clash with another one.

I was looking out the family room door yesterday and noticed a white 'something' on our lawn.... and thought it was some rubbish,  blown onto the lawn over the last few days. 

 ABOVE:  See it?  It annoyed me, so I went out to pick it up.

 ABOVE:  NOT rubbish.  Rather sweet bunch of daisy's.  
Stew mowed them flat.  The git.

 ABOVE:  There he is, playing with his new weed eater.  Well.. not really playing I suppose.  *smiles*

Right, I'm off to get that bread going... then I'll probably twiddle me thumbs for a couple of hours.


3.34 pm:  So TIRED!   Racing from house to house, worrying about the dogs in the back of the car (but they were just so happy)... all the stress involved with leaving our house early... bla bla bla.

But.  It is OK... the end result will be worth it I'm sure.

So, today's Open House here.  Three groups through.  2 'so -so', didn't seem all that interested.
The other group?  Were here for the THIRD time.  They were the ones who came for a 2nd viewing last Tuesday night.
They came through with their Builder.  AND they have indicated they will want another viewing before the Auction on the 9th of October.

Man they sure seem keen.

As for the other offer we got last Friday... I think I already told you... he's coming to the auction now.

So it's all looking good with our sale.

As for the houses we looked at today.  Top in the photo above was far too small and had a huge gully that was pretty much totally unusable as it floods all winter.  

Bottom Left: the house was in a very good area, but it was in a sad state.  Needed totally redecorating inside, EVERY SINGLE WALL/DOOR/WINDOW FRAME AND SILL AND CEILING needed painting.  The carpet had to be replaced, as did the kitchen appliances and bathroom sinks/showers and baths.  So a definite NO there.

Bottom Right:  In a very good area again, and had a gorgeous park over the back fence.  In very good condition inside, but it just didn't feel right for us. The rooms were all on the small side and the master bedroom was upstairs (we don't like stairs).

We managed to fit in a 4th house!  And it was one of those 'Oh My Gosh, I love it' houses.   It has shot to the top of the list... for now!

There's so much to choose from now... unlike when we were looking to buy in Hamilton 3 and a half years ago.   It makes this so much fun.  *smiles*

I hope you are enjoying the process too? 

10.06 pm:  Ha ha!  Daylight saving started today... no wonder I was a bit tired... got up an hour earlier eh?  lol

Right, I've spent the evening writing down all my links to blogs etc, as tomorrow this computer is going into Hamilton to have all it's data/photos/files transferred to a new computer.
Yep.  Got a new one, before this one dies and I lose everything off it.

I've known I needed a new computer for over a year, just didn't want to do it.  It's such a fag having to transfer everything over!

This means I will be computer-less for a couple of days... so don't expect too much on the blog!  I shall be using my freakin' phone and that sucks.

Right, I'm outta here... it's time for bed.


  1. That bread sounds delicious. Good luck on your home search today.

  2. Dont like the house with the added upstairs, looks like it is an add on.the other two seem good luck.THE OLD MOO.

  3. I love seeing the houses! :D Can't wait to hear about today's top of the list when the time is right!

  4. Loving going along on your house hunting adventures with you guys there.
    Sure is a variety in them all.

    please keep us updated

  5. I love seeing the houses! Some of them have been so cute. Keep showing us!!

  6. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I love looking at the house, I wish I could see inside some lol


  7. Sorry been away but do you have a date for your auction Chris??? if that is how you are selling.
    Its a lot of work doing open homes,,, but they have proved to be successful no doubt,, and once its all over
    you can confidently move on to a new adventure,, all of you.

    Will be nice to have new surroundings and you ones will put your "own Home stamp " on it and soon settle in .

    Love the bread idea what a neat mixture .

    Well done you!!


    1. Auction on October the 9th. Midday-ish.


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