Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Steve rang me yesterday afternoon with the results of his biopsy's... taken during his colonoscopy.

100% CLEAR of anything and everything.

It did show chronic inflammation... but that's no doubt down to his IBS.

It's now time for him to have more investigations done... to make sure his problems really are ONLY IBS and not something like a food allergy as well, or an ulcer.

It does not look like it's Crohns or Celiac disease, as they present with different symptoms.

I'm convinced his flare up and the awful symptoms were due to an increase in his stress levels.  He's prone to stress and it's been very high for months.  Maybe his Doctor needs to give him something to help with that, get him to chill out a bit?  *sigh*

So I'm the Queen of Procrastination.  I had planned on sewing.. but instead I took myself off to Hamilton.
For Marley.
I packed quite a few of the dogs toys, and she's bored shitless.  She LOVES her toys.

So I thought I'd go and get her another set of keys, she loves them.  So does Coco.

ABOVE:  And well.. I got two sets of keys, some chewy and squeaky ones and a thing that helps you throw a ball and pick it up again.  

And then I went to Spotlight, they were having yet another big sale.  I didn't get much!

ABOVE:  See!  One little piece of fabric, some thread and beads to make a bracelet.

After that I went to the supermarket for some snacks to take to Card night.  $150 later... *sigh*

On my way home.... just leaving Hamilton and this car speeds past me, the driver waving out his window at me.  NO idea who it is.  Never seen that car before.

They remain just in front of me.  Then a few minutes later the woman in the front seat waves out her window at me too.  Weird.

Still no idea who they are.

Travelling along the expressway... they stay just in front of me.  Then they turn off at the exact same exit as I'm going off too.  

Beetling along the road, I'm thinking... I bet they won't turn into my road!

BUT THEY DO.  OK... I am totally bamboozled.  They get down to my house and pull over.  I turn into my driveway, and they back up and drive in my driveway too.

STILL have no idea who they are!  I get outta the car and the mystery is solved.

It's one of the Admin ladies from our Fat Bottomed Girls group, and her husband.

Seems they thought it was a right hoot to have me on like that!  So we have a good old natter, then they bugger off home. lol

I come inside and put away the groceries, and then... get on here cos I realise I've not updated all day.

I'm expecting an electrician in 15 minutes, he's coming to install an outside power point for the pool pump, and probably replace the under floor heater controls in both bathrooms.  More $$'s being spent to get this house totally sound for the new owners.  

The electrician came and went.  He's back tomorrow to actually do the work.

I went to Card Night tonight.  Lots of fun. We played 'Crowns' tonight and I won.  Photo tomorrow.

Stew got home from Rotorua and had to get his own dinner... poor man.  Though I did leave him plenty to choose from in the fridge and pantry.

It's now bedtime.. well, it will be once I've finished doing this and checked a few things on the computer.  Like... I might get to bed in an hour or two! lol


  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I am currently going through the exact same thing as Steve and have been labelled with IBS though I don’t seem to get it from stress. Currently doing the Low FODMAP diet under a dieticians guidance to work out what is setting me off. Only a few weeks into the elimination phase which is VERY STRICT but feeling the benefits already. Will be interesting to see what happens when I start reintroducing foods again. I imagine this will probably be recommended to Steve at some point. Glad all his results were okay but it would be so much easier if you just knew what was causing the problems and then you can deal with it and move forward. IBS is such a general term with no real answers. Michelle from Oz.

  2. Good news for Steve, now for the fun of finding an answer and working out what works for him to stop the symptoms.

  3. Be careful with that Chuck-It, unless you WANT to chuck a ball through your neighbors window! Those things are amazing and can seriously chuck that ball. My moms dog (yellow lab - fetch lover) is so old he can barely walk, but he still loves his chuck it. It is nearly impossible to throw it a very short distance, yet we have to for him. The best part is not having to bend over to pick up a dirty slimy ball!!!!

  4. Glad to hear Steve got the all clear from his Dr. Good luck with the house.


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