Tuesday, September 10, 2019


So today I have another group of Real Estate Agents coming through the house for a gander.

Tony is our agent, he's with Lugton's.  So all the local Lugton agents are coming through.  That way, if they have a client looking for a house like our's, they will know what our's is like.

It means I have to get up early and make sure everything is 'just so' again.

And Brylee gets kicked outta bed again! lol

At least this morning there is way less to do, this house couldn't be much tidier really!

I'm expecting them here at around 10 am.  Once they have been I'm not sure what I will get up to.  

I'll let ya know... later!  *smiles*


So... I've decided to go into Hamilton after the agents have been.
I need a few things.  Pool chemicals.  Hair Dye. And a spare front door key for the 'lock box' outside the house,  for the estate agent.  Any excuse to get outta the house right now!

2.15 pm:  And the day has so far, gone well.
The Estate Agents arrived, had a good look around, were suitably impressed and then left.

I then jumped in me car and went to town.  Got all the things I needed.

FELECITY:  this is what I use in our pool:

ABOVE: All from Para Rubber.  I dissolve the granules in a jug, pour it in, then test with the tester strips.  Depending on the reading, I then add some of the Buffer.
Works for me.

Right now I would actually be doing that to our pool, but it's raining, so it can wait.

5.16 pm:  and because I couldn't clean the pool this afternoon, I dyed my hair instead.
Supermarket dye ($5 a pop)... so once again, I  have yellow hair!  LOL
The top is yellow, the lower parts are blonde.  
It is what it is... I will re-do the top parts in a couple of weeks, then we should be OK.

The estate agents had a good laugh at me this morning.  (I just remembered)
I was explaining how the 'faux' fireplace could be totally removed, and I meant to say 'removable', but instead I said 'TAKEAWAY-ABLE'.  Seems I just made up a word?

Anyway, they thought it was rather funny.

ANON:  When the entire team from a Real Estate Company come to view your home, they call it a 'Caravan'.  It's a weird way to say 'we are all coming!' 

Right, I'm off to bed.  Been awake since friggin 5.30 am.  Can't think why I keep waking up at that crazy time of the morning.  Frustrating as I only doze after that, so am constantly tired.



  1. What do you use for pool Chris we need do ours

  2. haha, I thought from the title you were planning on buying a caravan & moving into a caravan park :-)

    1. Anonymous5:57 PM

      I don’t get the title :( I feel kind of dumb because I’m sure it probably simple

    2. Anon: explanation on the blog now.

  3. Anonymous6:59 PM

    A "caravan" is a group of people, especially traders or pilgrims, travelling together across a desert in Asia or North Africa. I'm assuming your caravan didn't come on camels, lol. Audrey

    1. Stew just said "Yep, and none of them had the hump either!" lol

  4. Good luck with the sale of your home.


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