Saturday, September 07, 2019


Much as I'd love to sleep in today, it ain't gunna happen.

We have quite a bit to try and squeeze in today.

Waterblast the concrete.
Get my stuff ready for market tomorrow.
Dust and polish everything again in readiness for photos being taken on Monday.

And my freakin' sewing room has quickly become the 'dumping ground' again, so I have to get that spic 'n' span again too.

And at midday we have three houses lined up to look at in Hamilton.

My trip to Auckland... can you believe I took hardly ANY photos at all!  It just wasn't that sort of trip really.

Just got these of poor Steve:

 ABOVE:  He had to drink three litres of a vile tasting liquid before having his procedure.  It pretty much made him gag.
I'm sure he hopes he never has to do that again.  *smiles*

In case you didn't read yesterday's post... Steve has been unwell for a few months, and he had a procedure yesterday and to our utter relief, he was given the all clear, NO CANCER.

So, his symptoms are probably stemming from stress and/or an ulcer.  Or maybe something else... but at least it isn't the dreaded C.

ABOVE:  Steve has just started cutting the boy's hair... hasn't he done well?  The boys certainly seem to be happy.

And that's all for now... I better get outta bed and get moving.


Today has gone to plan. Jobs in the morning, then into Hamilton to look at houses. 

Looked at three... none floated our boat. 

One was actually disgusting and the other two were too small. So a bit disappointing really. 

So, it's been a quiet evening... got all me stuff ready for market, had dinner, watched heaps of stuff I had taped but not watched yet.
Probably off to bed soon... gotta get up early tomorrow.  *sigh*


  1. Oh Yuck! Glad he is cancer free. Hope they can identify the true problem so he can feel better!

  2. That's fantastic news Chris. What a load off your shoulders! Here's hoping the doctors quickly find out what the problem really is, and deal to it.

  3. Dan cuts our boys hair too - he does a great job and it saves heaps of money... great that Steve is doing this now. I have to drink that 'vile' stuff every three years. That prep really is the worst part for sure. You must be so happy and relieved today!!

  4. Those little monkeys are changing so much growing way to fast

  5. SO glad Steve is OK!!!!!.... Tom cuts Corby's hair, it's terrible! Corby looks like an escapee from a mental asylum!!!

  6. Been a while since I've been around the blogging stratosphere. So much has happened! I'm so very glad Steve is cancer free. That must have been so scary. My fingers are crossed that everything else works out as positively for you.

  7. My daughter had to drink that stuff recently too. She said doing shots over the years helped her prepare haha. She chased it with juice ;)


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