Saturday, August 31, 2019


Making it short and sweet today.

We will be going out at midday to look at a couple of houses in Hamilton.

Then home for an FBG walk and meet up.

That's it for now!

Catch ya later.


12.17 pm... we park outside the first  house...waiting for it to 'open' at 12.30. And this old lady from across the road comes over and says "Are you going now, can I come with you. You've got room in the back, I'll get in there" and she starts to open the back door of our car! Stew stops her and tells her "No, we are here to look at that house" ... so she wanders back to her house muttering "Ok I'll  just go home then!"

Too funny! Almost had a new Grandma. 

2.00 pm: I'm now in an utter foul mood. Went to that first house (ABOVE), loved it. Would have put a conditional offer in on it... subject to selling ours of course. Talked to the Agent and she told us there were already TWO FUCKING CONDITIONAL OFFERS on it!!!

OMG I wanted to rip her head off and shove it up her arse! She could have told me that last night or last week when I talked to her about it. OMG... so mad right now.

Totally wasted our time, the dumb arse bitch.

ABOVE: 2nd house... much older, smelt old and mouldy too. Was OK though, shall keep my eye on it. It's going to Auction in just over 3 weeks. We are not in a position to bid or put in a pre-auction offer. Which sucks, it limits what we can do.

***  got a thumping headache now... but I'm still doing the FBG event this afternoon, just not walking ***

*** I'm off to take a pill or two.  Shame there's no pills for bad moods! ***

Well that was an excellent idea... being with my FBG girlfriends really cheered me up.   Brylee joined us too, but left early to be home when our cousin arrived.  Danielle and Brylee are having a sleep over, which means gorging on chips/dips/lollies and fizzy while watching TV.

I'm sure they will have fun.

Tonight I'm just watching TV, and Stew is watching sport in the lounge.  It's so quiet!  BLISS.


  1. Ooh, more house pictures coming up! (I hope)

  2. Can't wait to see how the houses go today!

  3. that first house is so pretty!!! But those neat hedges would drive you crazy over time xxxxxxx

  4. What are your wish list for houses? When we moved here, we wanted one we could stay in well into retirement, so no two story and no huge block. Sounds silly but just in case this is the only house we buy I wanted that! How many bedrooms do you want?

    1. We don't mind one or two story. Minimum of 3 bedrooms, but if only 3 we would want a rumpus room or basement room for my sewing room. Certainly do not want a large section... Stew is a bit tired of our huge section. It takes him hours to trim the edges and mow the lawns, weed the gardens etc. Poor bugger. We have no firm preference for area, but in saying that, there are a few areas we wouldn't dream of living in. Luckily we know Hamilton very well, so can't be hoodwinked by any estate agent trying to steer us into a shit area.

    2. You're so lucky you have the local knowledge! I'm loving all the houses you are showing us, good luck with it this week.

  5. Sandy in the USA4:38 PM

    Really enjoying coming along with you on your house sale/new house purchase. Your home looks lovely and you shouldn't have any problem with a fast sale. Good luck!


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