Tuesday, September 24, 2019


I'm trying very hard not to get EXCITED.

We have a couple coming back tonight for a 2nd viewing of our home.


DON'T GET EXCITED, it does not mean they will make an offer.  But .... it's certainly promising.

Stew is in Rotorua today, so I will have to do all the prep myself.
What am I saying?  It will be a piece of p*ss.  I can do this blindfolded *smiles*.

I will have a lovely beef/bacon and tomato stew cooking in the crock pot.  That will smell delicious.

NO bread today.  lol  

My new car magnets arrived ... and of course, I'm not going to put them on me car now.

But here's what I ordered:

ABOVE:  Yes, I put it on just to show you!  DORY... cos that's what I  named me car right?  lol
Now they are on me fridge.
Someone did guess what they were, in fact a couple of you did.  WELL DONE.  You know me too well.

Shit, so many of you peeps know me too well!

Do I overshare or what?

So today will be spent making sure the house is PERFECT. Putting the crock pot on. bla bla bla.


ABOVE:  AND.... it's been doing this all night long.  And it's expected to carry on for days.  So of course, the FBG walk I had planned on attending is cancelled.
So a few of the girls are meeting for morning tea, and as it won't take me long to get the house done, I'm going to play 'ladies', and go to morning tea.  *smiles*

Back later...

11.55 am:  Home from morning tea with 5 other FBG's.  It was just so neat sitting and yakking, having a cracker or three with me diet coke. *smiles*

We got TORRENTIAL rain all morning, it was fairly hazardous coming home with all the HUGE 'puddles' on the road.  In some places you had to drive on the other side of the road to avoid them!

I have decided to put some bread in the baker, so we can have it with our stew for dinner.  Why not?  It will add to the delicious smells in the house. 

I'm doing a garlic and herb loaf today.  Not done that one in forever.  I hope it comes out good.

I'm now going to grab some lunch then vacum, clean bathrooms and just fluff around. 

It's always the last minute things that get me flustered... getting the dogs out, deodorising the garage and so on.  But it is what it is.  Kinda stressful.

2.10 pm:  Half way through vacuming, washing floors etc.
Lacy  just arrived to take away a metal side table that's hers. 
I'm waiting for floors to dry.  Yeah.  Riveting stuff.

Starting to feel a bit nervous.  Stupid eh?  It's just a 2nd look.  We have done 2nd looks at houses in Hamilton and said "Ahhh, NAH" after having a really good look.
These people could do that too.

ABOVE:  And just like that, she got it in no problems at all.  She's moving house this week... so is gathering up all her stuff.  She should be re-settled by the weekend.

Just 3 things left to do... put the dogs in the car, take bread out and turn on all the lights.

It's  getting really stormy outside... blowing a gale and raining on 'n' off. 

While these people  view the house I will park down the road and wait. 

..... catch ya later.

6.30 pm:  It's later.
And ... they want it.  They are going to get a builder's report done.  Fair enough, can't be too careful eh?
So, once that is done I suppose we might get a pre-auction offer?  Or they might wait till the Auction, who knows?

I'm happy they love it and are serious enough to want a builder's report done.

Meanwhile, we keep doing the Open Homes, and we might end up with a few more 'serious' prospects.  

I'm not feeling 'flat' at all... just resigned to the process.  I've had my hopes built up only to be crushed once to often in the past, to get all excited now.

I've had my dinner... the stew is just amazing.  So is the bread:

ABOVE: So, it sunk a bit on the top there, but it's a seriously yummy loaf!  I had to cut it out of the pan too.  Next time I will make the Medium size one instead of the Extra Large. 

Watched some mindless TV ... looked at houses online... got tired and thought... hmmm... it's almost midnight.  Might go to bed.
So I am.  


  1. I hope the second viewing leads to an offer. Wouldn't that be fun!

  2. Fingers crossed for the viewing and s for knowing ya yup we do and luv ya too

  3. Wow love the new magnet will look great on the fridge.

  4. Fingers crossed for you, and everything else ;-)

  5. This is nail biting stuff

  6. I am on tenterhooks waiting for the next instalment of "The Second Viewing" :-)

  7. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Good Luck 😊🤞💙

  8. I told you your house would sell within 3 weeks.

    1. It's not sold yet Maggie.

    2. I know, but it’s so good to have this level of interest so soon

  9. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Happy for you Chris, one step closer to selling. Hope your bread tastes as good as it looks


  10. Exciting stuff alright. 🍀

  11. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Oh Home made bread 😊 be out tomorrow 😊💋💜💙

  12. Anonymous8:32 PM

    oh and stoked it went well 😁😊😁
    #Lacy x

  13. Wowsers...exciting news...
    Now...you wait...fingers crossed it all goes well x

  14. Can you guys get "pre-approved" for a loan, so if a house comes along you are ready? Or if you get a wild hair while at an auction, you can bid?

  15. That's exciting, I hope it works out!


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