Sunday, September 08, 2019


This is happening far too much lately!

Senior moments.

I'm sitting in my chair last night, watching Coronation Street.  I've usually got the remote control beside me on the coffee table, or the arm of my chair... ya know, in easy reach for fast forwarding through the adverts.

So, the ads start, and I reach for the remote.  Not on the coffee table.  Not on the arm of the chair.  Not in my lap... cos it could have slipped off the arm of the chair right?

NOT THERE.  I'm getting cross by now... where the fuck is it?

ABOVE:  Yeah... it was on me friggin chest!!!

OMG I was like, SHIT, what a dick.

Moving on... 

Yeah.  I couldn't resist this one, IT IS SO TRUE.

Now... I have to get up and get off to market.  I'm not expecting anything today... just don't feel it in me bones.

The only bonus is I won't be at home for a little while, kinda like an enforced break from everything I have to do there.


6.55 am:  total change of plans.
It's raining and windy ... so no market today for me.  There is just no point going and have all my stuff get damp.
I don't have the time to hang it all out inside the house to dry ... we have the professional photographer coming TOMORROW to take the house photos.  Wouldn't be a good look right?

So, it's now quarter to 8 and it's not raining right now, but I'm still not taking the risk.  It's predicted to be a foul day.

I will spend the morning dusting/polishing and so on.  

Then we've got another couple of houses to look at this afternoon.

5 pm:  Home from a crazy afternoon of looking at 7 houses!

ABOVE: First one... We didn't like it's location, not worth even going into, so we didn't.

ABOVE: Next one, LOVED IT.  But... while we can afford it, we would be spending all our money and not gaining anything except moving to Hamilton.

ABOVE:  This one was OK-ISH, but backed onto a busy road.  So a NO.

ABOVE:  OMG this one! Totally bare outside, virtually nothing but grass.  Inside?  I cringed as I went in the front door.  This woman loved silver, red and white.  And Bling.  And sparkle.  Her wallpaper was silver with sparkles in it.  She had mirrors and fairly lights and sparkly things ALL OVER THE HOUSE.  

It was crazy!  I shuddered a few times... quickly walked through it, deemed it too small (thank god), and left.

We revisited a house we'd looked at a couple of weekends ago as well... as we did love it.
Upon 2nd viewing though, I fell out of love with it.  Mostly due to it's location.

When we arrived home we (well I was) devastated to discover our FUCKING NEIGHBOUR had done this in our absence:

ABOVE:  for the first time ever, he's fucking hacked the hedge down to so low we have no privacy at all on that side!

I'm taking deep breaths right now... cos there is NOTHING we can do about it.  Except wait for KARMA.. it's coming.

It's almost time to go to bed... tomorrow I have quite a bit to do.


  1. Wise move...i was thinking last hope its not wet for Chriis market in the morning

  2. Waiting for today's house report!


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