Thursday, September 19, 2019


Back in May when I started my little Cleaning 'business', I ordered some magnets for my car.

Once I got them, I did exactly what was advised, and put them on after cleaning the surface.

Then you were advised to remove them once a month to clean under them, to help them stay put.

Well... the first time I took them off to clean under them, I found to my HORROR that on the driver's side of the car, the magnet had damaged the paintwork!  Water damage by the look of it.

Totally can't fix it:

ABOVE: Short of re-painting that door, it's stuffed.   Every time I look at it I seethe.  There was NO indication from the makers of the magnets that this could happen.

So, now that I'm not doing the cleaning ... I've had to remove the magnets, and I see that damage every day.

Lightbulb moment the other day.   I decided to order some new magnets to cover the damage.  Not much else I can do, the magnets are a cheap solution, cos I really don't want to spend hundreds of dollars getting the paint re-done.

Any guesses on WHAT I ordered?  *smiles*
Some clever bugger is bound to think of it...

While ya do that.  It's another lovely day here.

And I'm thinking of going into Hamilton to get a haircut.
I've made appointments here in Cambridge (Twice in a row now), and had them cancelled on me at the last minute, so ain't gunna do that again.  I just want to go to the cheap place in the mall and pay $25 for a trim.

Well... I say trim, but I'm thinking of having a fair whack taken off.

ABOVE:  Now that the (massive mistake) UNDERCUT has grown out a lot, I'm wanting to get about 6-8 inches cut off... so that in about a year's time, and probably after one more 'trim',  my hair will all be one length again.

NEVER have an undercut!!!  Worst mistake I've done with my hair since Griffin was a little baby, when I had it all chopped off!

Righty ho... time to go start the day.


1.15 pm: 

In answer to the questions about 'Did I go back to the magnet company with a complaint?"
No.  I have had quite enough on my plate lately, and just didn't want to be engaged in yet another battle.

Now... so far today has gone really well.
I went into Hamilton, had my hair cut, bought some groceries and came home.

 ABOVE:  I feel bald.
But it totally needed doing.
It grows fairly fast, so I'm not shedding tears.

I got home to a parcel on my doorstep. Hmmm... not expecting any parcels right now.

Get closer... and I see it has 'Merry Xmas' on it!!!

Bit early for Christmas presents right?

Then I take another look.  It's not for this coming Christmas.  It was for LAST CHRISTMAS, and it's a parcel I sent to a Blog reader way back LAST YEAR!!!

It clearly got to it's destination, just not to the recipient.

Now I have to contact him and see if I had the address wrong!

I can't believe it took THAT LONG to get there and come back again!  Almost a year.  I have to wonder if it went on a row boat? lol

Time for lunch...

This afternoon I emailed the company I bought the car magnets from.  Told them what has happened to my car door.  Let's see if they come back to me with something.  Not holding my breath.

Dinner tonight was a chicken I'd cooked in the slow cooker.  It was wonderful with veges.

Now... watching a little bit of tv, before heading off to bed.  

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Yes, I made the undercut mistake too. Years and Years ago.
    For the car, something blue with fish! Dora? - Didn't you name your car after a blue fish?

  2. Maria8:12 AM

    You gotta show us a photo of when you cut your hair of when Griffin was a baby! Re the car what about complaining to the company about the damage to your car? Or insurance? Maybe it wouldn't be too expensive to get just the door paint either, get a quote.

  3. Quilt block design?

    Did you leave a review and a picture on the magnet website to warn others?

  4. Lorraine10:12 AM

    I thought the same as Dogstars Dora or maybe Hidden Vista.

  5. Have you taken it to a car painter to see if it can be cut and polished off? That's really awful - I'd certainly be going back to the magnet people about that.

  6. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Have you tried polishing it out?

  7. You feel bald? Haha. Your hair is totally long AND it looks much thicker and healthier. So, it actually looks like you have more hair! Strange about that package! I am shocked it made it back to you at all. And it's odd that the recipient of the package never asked about it.

  8. Do you have insurance that would cover the paint damage? Sucks for sure! Your hair looks great!

  9. Anonymous6:46 AM

    A Snapper on your door? Hair cut looks great.


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