Sunday, September 15, 2019


Shall I just push 'replay' today?

I will turn the crock pot on right now, so all going well it will be smelling lovely by 1 pm.
After that I'll fluff around the house making sure everything is tip top ready.

And then ... I will sit and watch TV like yesterday! lol

ABOVE: Yesterdays loaf of bread. I'm glad we are not making any today, we are struggling to eat it all.  It's an extra large loaf.

Steve and Bex are due around midday.  They are going to spend some time at a local playground, have lunch in town then come back here after the Open Home.

I really hope we get at least one or two groups through again today.  You feel pretty suckful if no one turns up!
Hopefully once our advertising is in full swing, we will get more interest.

But really, I should not be feeling discouraged!  It's early days.  And it only takes ONE BUYER to be the right one.

Right, off to start the day.  Fingers crossed.


Well you buggers have been damn quiet today.  But I forgive you.  Nothing is happening eh?

Open Home today:  2 groups through again.  And both have registered their interest.  So positive vibes.

The kids have arrived, and we are going out shortly to look at ANOTHER house in Hamilton!
We were not going to, but the kids are keen .... so off we go.

Later on, once home, we will be having dinner then the kids will go home.

ABOVE:  So, this is the house we looked at this afternoon.
It was lovely, but has a few issues.  It's clearly had leaks from old or broken roof tiles.  And while I loved it, it's too big for us at this stage of our lives.
Shame really, cos it really was lovely.

Home now... and about to sort out dinner.

Dinner is over, and the kids have gone home.  Stew and I are once again... exhausted.
It's been a tense weekend.  Glad it's over and we get 5 days of rest before the next Open Homes.

Time to sign off for the day, and have a nice relaxing evening.  Won't be late up tonight, I could fall asleep right now in fact, and it's only 7 pm.


  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Good Luck with the open home today. The right people will love your home, it’s beautiful and very well maintained. Any news on how your boy Griffin is? I do hope he is okay and wasn’t badly injured.

  2. Anonymous3:13 PM

    We are probably all waiting to hear the results of today’s inspection. It’s wet and gray and yuk here


  3. two more interested parties. Looks like it good be an interesting auction.

  4. I am glad that the folks looking at your place have genuine interest! Good signs! How was the curry?

    1. Not dinner time yet Chick! But we have tasted it, and it's really yum.

  5. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Nice looking house, room for both cars and the gym equipment in the garages


  6. Oh that a shame Chris cant you fix the roof tiles...a beautiful magnolia tree

  7. Oooh! I like that house too!


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