Monday, September 09, 2019


In case you didn't see it yesterday... our neighbour hacked his hedge down super low yesterday afternoon, while we were out.   It's disgusting!  And he's only done a third of the length so far.

He's almost ruined our backyard, but not quite.  As it's a rapid growing hedge, it won't be that short for too long.  And it's the 'quiet' side of their house, so hardly any windows on it at all.

I was livid when I first saw what he'd done... but I've calmed down now.  As Stew said, there is nothing we can do about it, and it won't affect our house sale at all.

Today I've got to get the house in perfect shape as we have the photographer coming this afternoon.
At least the ruined hedge won't affect the photos!

We've decided to not attend any more Open Homes for now too.
We have come to realise that it will be better to actually have an offer, (or be SOLD), on this house FIRST, so we are in a better position when looking for a new home in Hamilton.

I will of course, continue to keep an eagle eye on what's coming up every day!  This time of year, people are listing their homes for the Spring/Summer season, when house selling is best.

ABOVE:  This was a house we viewed yesterday that we both fell in love with.  It's going to Auction on  Wednesday, so obviously we will miss out on it.  It is a little above the budget we want to spend too... so just as well. *smiles*


Well it's been a busy morning, as you can imagine.
Lacy came out and helped me get all the vacuming done, and a few odd jobs.
I tripped over the vacum early on in the morning, hurt my forearm a bit.  *sigh*
Got me tits in a knot actually, even though there wasn't THAT much to do, I got all flustered.  

So frustrating.

ANYWAY, the photographer has been and gone.

 ABOVE:  The 'bag of tricks'...

ABOVE:  The man, doing his job.  He took HEAPS of photos, so hopefully they are good.

We shall get to see them on Thursday... when our home officially goes on the market.

ABOVE:  I just waxed the 'old lady hairs' from me chin 'n' upper lip.  NEXT TIME... I think I'll get Brylee to do the ripping!  It was NASTY.
And now my face is all tingly and red. And a bit sore.
*sigh*... f#*k menopause.

Time to dye me hair blonde again too.  I don't like this dark shit, it just shows up the grey!

9.17 pm:  Another day done and dusted.  I cooked a lovely chicken dinner tonight.  Surprised I had the energy really... just so tired.
Heading off to bed soon... another day tomorrow where I have to get up early and clean and tidy.


  1. Nice house!! All that garage space.

  2. I'm glad you've calmed down. Having that hedge cut certainly wouldn't upset me - they probably need more light on their side and it doesn't affect your privacy that I can see. As you said, it certainly won't affect your house sale :)

  3. I am sure you are going to get some lovely photo's to advertise your beautiful house.

  4. Anonymous5:04 PM

    OML WOMAN. . . lol really with the back to blond again grrrrrrrrr 😂🤣 lol, trust you seriously lol 😂
    #Lacy xx

  5. I use my epilator to do my face - it's mostly really painless an does an amazing job. I think I remember you hated using one though??

  6. Anonymous10:00 PM

    I can put up with the grey hairs but the whiskers piss me off, Chin, neck, side of the face, you name it and I have it

  7. I trimmed our hedges while the wife was away, much lower than if she was there.
    I bet waxing hurts like hell.


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