Monday, September 02, 2019


I had words with our teenage son two weeks ago that were LONG overdue.  He left home.


Let's set the record straight.

YOU.  WERE.  NOT.  KICKED.  OUT.  You walked out, you want to live your life how YOU want, and not be accountable to us.  FINE.  You do that, but don't you dare tell bullshit stories about how you ended up where you are right now.

And if you read this:  I love you, and I want you to come home.  


Next Sunday is Market Day, so today I am going to do some sewing.   I  have that Holiday Time table runner to work on first.
Then I might make another Wonky House runner.
I should have enough stock for this Sunday.
But I will need to get going and get more made for the Labour Day Market here in Cambridge (October).  That was a good market last year, so hopefully it is again this year.

The second Real Estate agent comes over tonight with his appraisal and proposal for marketing this home.  Sorta excited, cos after his visit we will go with one or other of them,  and get this house on the market.

It's time.


In turmoil today.  We saw a house yesterday that I thought was a definite possibility.  I'm going to look at it again today.
But ... it's just so blah looking!  And I don't want to make a mistake and have to live with it for a very long time.

But here's the thing, it's perfect for us in most ways.  And it's the 'right' price... it would enable us to do what this is all about.... lower our debt.

So I'm tossing and turning all night worrying about it.  And other things.

There is so much going on within this family right now... and OMG it's causing so much stress.

I vomited again when I woke today.  Tried to have me porridge.  Didn't work.  Not handling all the stress at all.

So I've just been and paid a bill, then come home and sat.  And sat.  And stewed.

Off into Hamilton soon for a 2nd look at this house.  Have to make up my mind... cos houses that are semi desirable (and this one is I suppose), are going fairly quickly.

I hope ours sells quickly... I want this process over with.

Right. Home from Hamilton.  Had Lacy in tow all day ... kept her from bursting a foo foo valve.
We did a reccie around a house and area, then had lunch.  Did some shopping.  I got so bloody hot in the jumper I was wearing I had to buy a t-shirt.

Then we had a 2nd viewing of a house, and although it's bla from the road, I do like it.
And we might make an offer on it!

Time will tell.

This house has the 'X' Factor... something I've wanted in a home forever.  Never had the opportunity to get it before either.  So, fingers crossed.  

NOT.  TELLING.  YOU.  WHAT.  THE.  X.  FACTOR.  IS.  EITHER.  ha ha ha.

So... almost time to sort out dinner ... I'm making a bacon and egg pie.  With mashed spuds on the side.  And peas.  Cos I love peas.

The 2nd Estate Agent arrived tonight.  We didn't get to eat dinner till after 9  pm!
I will talk about his visit ... tomorrow.
AND I will be telling you what the 'X Factor' is.

Signing off for the day, I'm knackered.  So much going on!!!


  1. Have a great monday Chris xx

  2. Write a list of pros & cons for the new house. Is the "blandness" something that you can easily rectify with your flair for colour & decorating? Houses are selling fast and really you have not been looking for very long so don't panic buy, remember THIS time, you don't have a set date you have to move by due to relocating, you can take your time and find exactly what you want - that may take months rather than weeks.

  3. Sorry to hear that you have so much stress in your life at the moment. They say buying (and selling) a house is amongst the top stressors in life ... so to have other things causing you stress sucks. Maybe if in doubt about the house, the answer is "not this one". Do you have the option of staying put a little longer where you are?

  4. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Your very clever at making plain things look gorgeous, will you have enough money to fix up the house so you’ll be comfortable. Good luck Jo

  5. If it doesn't float your boat immediately don't go there. Something else will turn up when it's meant to. Trust your intuition.

  6. Anonymous6:02 PM

    An Inground Pool, is that the Xfactor? Haha nah seriously Chris I hope you find the house that makes you happy soon and then you will work your magic and turn it into a warm home! Kym/Australia

  7. Haha, I was going to say pool too :)

  8. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Detatched unit for sewing/craft room (or teenagers).
    Good luck with the move, hope everything goes smoothly. Em London

  9. Sewing room in the basement??

  10. Replies
    1. OMGod, who the f*#k wants one of those!!! NOT ME. So no, that is not the X Factor.

  11. Mushy peas with bacon egg pie at tht hour vof night sounding like progress

  12. X Factor? I have no clue! Maybe something to do with location..... I KNOW that YOU could turn a plain cardboard box into something to envy! So, I have no worries about the house "starting off" bland. You will spend more time inside the "box", than looking at it from the outside!


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