Saturday, September 28, 2019


Round three of Open Homes about to commence.

So, you know the drill.  We clean and tidy and polish and so on ... get bread baking, and at 12.45 evacuate the house!

LOL... and today I have three houses lined up to look at in Hamilton while our Open Home is on.

ABOVE:  My computer had a massive melt down last night, it took hours to get it to work after Griffin installed my new headphones.

Even now, I'm holding my breath, hoping it doesn't crash on me!

I have a feeling I will be heading off to get a new one next week.  I can't keep using this one... it's totally unreliable.

I simply cannot do all that I do on my computer, on my phone!  The blog would be the very first thing to stop, that's for sure.  It's just too difficult to blog on my phone.

And we can't have that can we?  Imagine no Diet Coke Rocks!  

Sadly I don't have the time this weekend to look for a new computer, otherwise I would, that's for sure.

Right, I better get moving.... got stuff to do.

OH!  Happy Anniversary Darling.  34 years ago today we met each other.  Loved you then, love you even more now.


11.01 am:  Stew is a happy man. Our line trimmer died weeks ago and he's been wanting to get a new one ever since.
Today, he finally bit the bullet and bought one.

Now he can get the section looking perfect again.  He likes all the edges to be 'just perfect'.

4.13 pm:  Oh gawd, I'm so tired!  I'm off to have a nana nap in a minute!

Today's Open Home here, 2 groups through.  I interested enough to request the LIM and Auction documents.

The person who made the offer the other night is holding off and attending the auction now. All good... the more the merrier.

We looked at 3 houses in Hamilton today.

ABOVE:  The top one was simply too big.  There would have been too many wasted bedrooms.  
The bottom one... too old.  Needs quite a lot of maintenance done to bring it up to scratch.  And I just didn't like it.  It DID have an in ground pool, but even that didn't make it 'THE ONE'.

The third house was another definite possibility, so no photo.  Can't give out our potential address!

I have 4 houses lined up to look at tomorrow.  Such fun.  But tiring dashing from one house to the next with tight time frames in between them all.


lol....I forgot to sign off for the day.


  1. 34 years, that's awesome you two!! I absolutely love how much you still love your man Chris :)

  2. Happy meeting anniversary if you had stayed at home that night your life would have been so different good luck with your veiwings think today is a good date for you two hugs

  3. Happy anniversary!
    Love seeing the houses you have been looking at. x

  4. Been away Tiki Touring so just catching up on all your news ..Fab you have made home decisions and things are all in swing for sale and buying .. Also congrats on 34 years and the lovely way you both feel about each other.
    It isnt something that just comes automatic so you 2 have put in the hard yards and its all paid off

    Makes a happy home,,, a happy Mum n Dad

    Lovely your Mum got you to edit (smiles) makes easier reading when more in sync with all the different ages n thoughts

    Good on Griffin coming to the rescue ,,we all need teens and upwards when media things get bad

    Hope Brylees job is going good? I am still catching up on 6 weeks away ..
    Had fab holiday home and now we are saving to go back again (smiles)

    (home is always home in Kiwi Land)

    Take care


  5. Oh no! Did I miss the swearing? Please fix the computer. So that I shall not be forced to go through Dirt Coke withdrawal!

  6. When is the auction? And how does it work? Do people bid against each other, so they have the chance to up their bid? Or is it a sealed bid and whoever bids highest finds out in the end?

    1. October 9th. Yes people bid against each other.

  7. LOL Never too old to get yelled at by mom ;)


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