Monday, September 16, 2019


Well... it's come to this.

I have absolutely NOTHING to do today.

Nothing needs doing.

So I might just SEW!

My next market is in 4 weeks, thankfully after our Open Homes end. Well that is, IF we sell at or before Auction.   If we don't, Open Homes will continue.  

I've got a few 'normal' jobs to do too. Washing mostly.

And I want to pack a suitcase with all the stuff we don't want to put in storage, cos we need/want it with us.  Paperwork. Passports. Camera. Chargers and so on.  I have been putting stuff in 'safe' places then forgetting where I put them.  So I shall gather them all up and put them in ONE suitcase.  Much better idea.

There is so much to try and remember.  I know it's only been 3.4 years since we moved, but I sure have forgotten lots.  I must start making lists of all those things ... shit I love lists! *smiles*  (it's true, just ask Stew!)

 ABOVE: This kid.  Our youngest grandchild.  Love him to bits, but oh my lord he's a handful!
Sadly, didn't get a photo of Dante yesterday, we were on the go too much!

The following are a couple of thought provoking sayings I saw and copied off Facebook recently...

ABOVE:  Both are pertinent to our current situation with ... well  ... not saying any one in particular.

But the 2nd one.. OMG so, so spot on.  We've made some BIG mistakes for sure, allowing that to happen.  There is NO respect what so ever.

Right, I'm off to start the day.  After I've had a little sleep/lie in.


Well... I'm not sleeping in. I'm about to go on an FBG MAPPERS walk. Just checking distance, parking, footpaths etc. Back later...

ABOVE:  Hee hee... we had a lovely 4.34 km walk this morning.  Just three of us from the Mappers Group, and Cleo the dog.  It's really lovely when it's a walk with just a couple of good friends, you can chat freely and not worry about putting your foot in ya mouth.  *smiles*

Since coming home I've attended to a few things on the net... paid a bill, paid for the Craft Market in January (down at the local church) and just fluffed around on the computer.

Waiting for washing to finish in the machine now.  

I was nice and warm, but now I'm cold.  I'm not in the mood to sew right now either. I just need to warm up a bit first.

It's been a weird day I must say.  After being so busy for months... I am a bit lost with nothing to do.
I didn't get to do any sewing... I spent a lot of time with the dogs actually.  They have been sorely neglected of late.

So ... lots of cuddles and just chilling.

Stew arrived home to find me and the girls curled up on a chair... and nothing on for dinner!

WHOOPS.  Luckily, we are only having curry on rice... so the rice cooker is on, and the curry is heating up in the microwave.  Sorted.  *smiles*

Signing off for the day, it's been a really cruisy day.  So  nice.


  1. It is exciting to look for a new house, but I don't envy having to move at all. I moved into a brand new house 43 years ago. I think I will only leave here feet first.

  2. Both of those quotes are extremely relevant to a couple of situations that I am dealing with right now. Clearly, these are UNIVERSAL problems.

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Glad you've been out for a walk with some friends. Hope you start getting lots of interest in your house this week!!!!

  4. Getting out in the fresh air will do you the world of good.

  5. How do you make your curry in the slow cooker Chris.


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