Tuesday, September 03, 2019


The 'X' Factor.... WAS NOT A POOL.


And since last night we have had time to sleep on it some more, and have decided NOT to put an offer on the X Factor house.

Well ... not for now anyway.

The X Factor was..... a STREAM at the bottom of a gorgeous gully... all part of the property!   I have dreamed of  having a stream running through my own property since I was a little kid.

Who knows, it may still happen?

The 2nd Estate agent came over last night, and we felt so happy with his appraisal and marketing proposal that we said "Go for it!".

Not only that, we also decided to do something we did not intend to ever do again.

We are going to Auction!   That means 4 weeks of Open Homes on Saturdays AND Sundays, and they will be an hour long, which is most unusual.  But I like the idea very much.

I feel like we are moving in the right direction, and I'm trying NOT to get stressed out about having something lined up to buy ... RIGHT NOW.

It will all fall into place.

Today?  Hmmmm.... sewing?

Yeah most likely, cos I didn't do any yesterday at all.  I had a look at that X Factor house, shopped, then had a chill out afternoon.

And yeah, I might paint that gate today too. 

I'm feeling really positive today.  Funny how your mood can change so quickly.  I was so stressed out yesterday.


So, I was sitting in bed eating me porridge this morning, thinking... what has to be done right now, bearing in mind our first Open Home will be in 11 days?   F*#K 11 days!

Top of me list.  Get the carpets cleaned.  So I am about to go down to the Warehouse to hire a Rug Doctor... but then I think... hang on.  That might mean the carpets are wet and also, it's gunna kill my back.

So I rang a local carpet cleaning company, and he's coming this morning to give me a quote and day he can do it.  I only need the family room and hallways done.  Surely it won't cost an arm and a leg?

NEXT.  I ring an electrician ... to get an outdoor power point in, for the pool pump.  We've just been running an extension cord out there when we turn the pump on.  Yeah, not ideal.  Better get it done properly now.

I will need to get some pool chemicals and get the pool looking all crisp and clean before Open Home too.

NEXT:  Water blast the concrete... Stew will have to do that this weekend.  It's not a biggie.

NEXT:  paint the gate.  I shall do that TODAY.  It's just a bit cold outside right now... so I'm procrastinating.

ABOVE:  So yeah, I'm taking up the big rug in the family room... so this room's carpet can be cleaned.  
And I've got Card Night tonight, and it's HERE.  *sigh*

Yaaa... saved by the rain!  No painting for me.  Well at least not today.
It's bloody cold.  I'm gunna turn on the heat pump and just be warm for a while.  Once the carpet cleaning man has been, I shall go into town and let the 1st Real Estate Agency know we will not be enlisting them to sell our house, and return all their paraphernalia.  (magnets, notebooks, folders etc)

Then I will come home and sew.

PENNY:  Can't return the chocolate, Stew and I ate it lol!

Carpet guy has been and gone, he's coming back on Friday morning to do the job.  Excellent price too.  I will be in Auckland, so Brylee will have to let him in to do the job.

DUCKS... DUCKS...  ducks..... in a row.

Been fluffing around today inside the house...

ABOVE:  With A LOT of effort, I got the huge rug out of this room so I could vacum it.  It's now lying in the hallway all rolled up.  Stew will have to get it into the garage.  It's just too heavy for me.

ABOVE:  The girls and I spent quite some time out the back this afternoon, just hanging.
I want to get all the wood out of the Hobbit House before Open Home Days.  

I hope we get some families with kiddies through, I'd love to see them out there playing on the playground and in the Hobbit House.

ABOVE:  It was so nice just lying in the swing today... enjoying a mild afternoon, and not stressing about too much.

Waiting to  hear from Bex  ... Dante might have tonsillitis... she's off to the Dr with him right now.

There's always something with kids eh? 

9.20 pm:  Feeling really sad.  Card night was going well... then it wasn't.
One left early cos we were too loud.  I'm loud.
Then there was a meltdown between two others... which meant the night ended on a really fraught note... with another one leaving with harsh words said and one left here crying.  Not me.

It was awful.
My last time hosting cards here in Cambridge and it went to crap.

I am not sure if I will be attending Card Night again if that sort of thing is going to happen.  I don't need the added stress.  So sad.


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM

    A stream, now that’s different. I bet no one thought of that. Good luck house hunting, it’s a big decision to make


  2. Those ducks are lining up in their row! It sounded from the beginning that this real estate agent was on to itand sounded like the right fit for you. Good Luck Chris.

  3. I don't think you have to return the chocolate to the first agent :-)

    So glad you are feeling more positive today! You have so much going on. I have been trying to comment but unable to, but I am here reading, and hoping everthing works out well for you. Hugs, Penny

  4. oh I can do the water blasting 😊 I like doing it

  5. Hope Dante ok Steve doesnt need be stressing over his babies this week

    1. Ain't that the truth. I'm so looking forward to seeing them at the end of the week.

    2. Im sure you are....Hamilton be a smidging closer wont it??

  6. A stream how cool boy it's moving along fast now, let's hope a fast sale and new house soon yay.

  7. OMG what a shame about your card night. So sorry to hear it xxxxxxxxx

  8. What on earth happened at card night? Isn’t it supposed to fun and friendly

  9. OMG what a sad end to your card night. So sorry a good was spoilt for you xx

  10. So sorry to hear about the card night fiasco. How odd!

  11. Well that was a sucky night! We had an outburst at Bunco once and it was so awkward for everyone.


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