Saturday, September 21, 2019


Well... it's round two of our weekend Open Homes.
Today and tomorrow, hour long open home.

This morning I will get the bread on, vacum, tidy, fluff and puff up cushions/pillows, clean bathrooms and so on.

Stew will need to scoop dog poop, and just help me around the house.

We plan on going into Hamilton while our Open Home is on.  I have 2-3 houses lined up to look at.

I know we said we wouldn't bother looking until we have a contract on our house, but well... it's fun!

I have seen so many that I would be perfectly happy to live in this time around too!  It's comforting to know we should be able to find something when the time is right.

ABOVE:  2 houses we are looking at today.  
I will be back much later with an update.


So... Vistaprint (where I got my car magnets from) have a Facebook page.  Yaaa.  Very visable which makes any complaints VERY VISABLE too.  I left them a PM on Facebook, just saying I'd sent an email about the damage to my car door.

They got back to me ... and asked me to send photos to another Vistaprint email address.  So I did.

Now I wait.  They seem very keen to come to a 'resolution' to my problem.

I'm now in cleaning/polishing mode.  The bread just got turned on.  Stew and Brylee are still sleeping.  It's 8.20 am.  I've been awake since 5.53 am.  Might just be a bit tired later on!

WOW!  9.30 am:   just heard from Vistaprint.  They have asked me to take my car to an Car Auto Body Shop to get a written quote for the repair of my car door!  I'm super impressed.
I shall do that on Monday.

Now... back to the house prep.

Well the day went like clockwork.  We  had the house ready, bread baked and spic 'n' span in plenty of time.

We headed into Hamilton as soon as the estate agent arrived at our home.

The first house we looked at was just a bit small... plus sadly, it had a large new housing development going on RIGHT NEXT DOOR. 

ABOVE:  We looked at the house marked with an X ... what a shame all that lovely park land is getting covered with ticky tack houses.  Not even really nice houses.

There was no guarantee there would not be units hard up against the boundary.  So a big, fat NO to that one.

We then headed off to look at the next one on the list.  It was WAY OUT in one of the extreme outer suburbs... and right beside the new expressway!  We didn't even bother to get out of the car.  It would have be too noisy and too far away from Stew's work.

After that we came home and I had a nap.  Must have been tired.  I think I slept for about 2 hours.

SORRY!  I forgot to tell you this.  We had three groups through the house today. One was very interested and requested the LIM report and the Auction details.
Fingers crossed we get a similar number tomorrow.

Thanks Mum for reminding me to update.

TV is shit tonight.  Stew on the other hand is in 7th heaven.  Rugby World Cup is on.  I doubt I'll see much of him in the evenings for the next 6 weeks.  *sigh*

Time to go.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Maria8:49 AM

    Hopefully Vista Print will pay for re painting of your door. Fingers crossed for you

  2. Hope u have lots of interest in your open homes this weekend Chris

  3. That's great news. I've never had probs with them. They seem to have good customer service for sure 👍

  4. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Great news! I love it when a business does the right thing. :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  5. I'm glad you followed through with Vista Print ... they definitely need to know if their products are causing damage to people's possessions. Great that they have been so responsive ... fingers crossed for your car door being repainted at their cost. I hope you enjoy looking through today's houses and that your open home goes well too.

  6. That goos news from vistaprint

  7. OMG - I can't believe VistaPrint is even THINKING about helping. I too. am super impressed.

  8. Anonymous1:12 AM

    Good results fro you open inspection, bad news about you quest to find a new home.



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