Friday, September 20, 2019


HA HA!  I totally forgot to tell you about the bracelet I was making for myself.

It was for a good purpose.

Recently I was out walking with a friend and as she was talking, she stopped, took a bracelet off her right wrist and put it on her left wrist.

She did this a couple of times, and she eventually told us why she did that.

It's part of 'training' herself to not complain.  If she feels she must complain, she has to switch the bracelet from her right wrist to her left wrist.

She said it works really well... cos it's a physical reminder of something she wants to STOP.

Hmmmm.  Sooooo... I am going to do the same thing... to stop myself complaining, gossiping and having knee jerk reactions.

If I feel/find myself doing any of those things, I am going to move the bracelet from my right wrist to my left wrist.  And keep it there until I have stopped doing the 'undesired' behaviour.

Ideally, eventually if you feel yourself start to even think of doing the undesired behaviour, you stop yourself, so ya don't have to switch the bracelet over.  

Might work?  Anyone done something like this?

ABOVE:  Of course, my bracelet is blue, with some 'bling'.   *smiles*

Now... I don't have any firm plans for the day at all.  I want to go through the fridge/freezer in the garage and see what's left in them... I want to downsize to just one fridge/freezer in the next couple of weeks, in readiness for moving.

Who knows, once it's just Stew and me at home we might only need one fridge/freezer!  Wouldn't that be amazing.  And weird.  lol

I'm bound to find other jobs to do around here... we have Open Homes again this weekend, so vacuming/dusting/polishing will be on the cards.  Oh yaa, said no one ever.


9.20 am:   And the puzzle about the Cayman Island parcel coming back to me is solved.

I talked with Mark (Cayman Island dude) this morning.  He was still at work on Thursday afternoon (poor bugger)... and this is what's happened.

Here in New Zealand, we have LETTER BOXES outside our homes, and our mail is delivered to our letter box.  If it's a BIG parcel, they will leave a note for you to go and pick it up from the Post Office.

In the Cayman Islands, they don't have Letter Boxes outside their homes.  I thought they did, hence I sent the parcel to his HOME address.

Nope.  They all have P O Boxes, and all mail is delivered to their P O Box.  So, seeing as I hadn't added a P O Box number, the postal people just put the parcel (we presume), on the shelf and forgot about it for 10 months!

Then they sent it back to me.

So, now I shall resend it, with the correct address, and as Mark suggested, send it with a tracking number, so he will be notified when it arrives.

It was neat talking to Mark by the way.  We have read each other's blogs for YEARS but never talked in person.  He sounded EXACTLY as I thought he would too.

Thanks for suggesting the phone call Mark, it was neat.

ABOVE: That is Mark.  His blog is like mine, just a daily yak about his day.  I envy his ability to just drive down the road in his lunch hour and have an ocean swim!

Right, now I'm off to de-clutter me garage fridge/freezer.  Lacy might come on out to gimme a hand too.  She's at a loose end... nah, she IS a loose end.  lol

Well Lacy came out, I gave her a few things out of the freezer, then she buggered off again.

I got a few jobs done, even hung out some washing!  Not something I've done in a while as it's been too wet.

 ABOVE: There's something lovely about fresh, clean washing hanging outside eh?

Just want to jump in, but...  it's still freezing water.

 ABOVE: Spring is here for sure!  The cherry blossom tree is covered in blossoms.  So pretty.

 ABOVE:  Remember I chopped down one of the plum trees?  Well we haven't taken the stump out ... and that tenacious tree is sprouting new growth.  I think I'll just let it.

 ABOVE:  A few months ago this was a completely DEAD Pony Tail Palm.  DEAD I TELL YOU.  I put the pot aside to empty at a later date.
Never got around to it.
Just as well... cos it's got new plants growing out of the dead stumpy thing.  Cool!

 ABOVE:  Just cos I could.... I plaited a couple of the grasses.  Cute.

ABOVE: Everywhere you look there is new growth and flowers.  Such a lovely time of the year.  Not too hot, and so pretty.   We have so many bees buzzing around too... which is neat to see.


lol... another afternoon where I forgot to update!
Oh well, ya didn't miss much.  Just fluffed around the house, took a friend's kid to the Dr for her... didn't cook dinner cos I was out.
Had KFC for dinner, it was average at the best.
Cambridge KFC is actually a disgrace. 

At least I got the right burger this time!  

Now, gunna watch TV till bedtime.  Might wash the floors before going to bed, one less job for tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Hahaha lol I am the loose end 😂

  2. we just had 3 days and nights of torrential rain.... we desperately needed it and my garden is happy! My neighbour took pity on my sorry roses and came over to prune them the other week, so they are looking lush as well. I'm excited as I adore roses and fresh flowers in general. xxxxx

  3. Glorious weather down here too Chris love spring, lambs, daffodils, magnolias, lambs, warmer weather but comfortable not to hot but still cool nights for comfortable sleeping and lambs

  4. Anonymous4:15 PM

    oh and I would just like it noted, I hadn't read the blog before coming out, so wasn't coming out for anything, just wanted to drive and well I like visiting me Ma 😊 but thanks for the bag of goodies 😘💙

    1. Did think you was coming out for anything other than a visit will enjoy Ma being closer when they move :)

  5. It's so funny. Every change of season. When you start to get lovely warm weather and new growth. It's gettting cold here and dry leaves are falling of the trees.

  6. We are on the flip side here with turning of leaves and shorter days. Enjoy your wonderful Spring. Have a good weekend.

  7. I really like the bracelet idea! It'd be good for other things too. It was so nice talking to you yesterday. Let's do it more often!


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