Saturday, September 14, 2019


I went to bed last night done in.
Mentally exhausted by everything that is going on.  Some really UPSETTING STUFF, that just knocked me for six yesterday.

Found out SECOND HAND that our son Griffin got hit by a car outside his school yesterday.  He's OK APPARENTLY ... possible broken wrist, broken tooth, cuts and abrasions.  Just gutted we were not told till well after the event. 

I just can't get over the complete lack of consideration we have been given, like we don't matter anymore. 

But ... I have to move on.  We are having our first Open Home TODAY.
But I just feel like I can't be arsed doing anything.


Last night it took me 6 hours, using three different products, to get our oven clean!  I bought a product that you 'just' had to wipe on and leave for 4 hours.  So I did that.  It worked AMAZINGLY well for the stainless steel rack.  But the oven itself?

RUBBISH.  So then I tried just scrubbing it with Chemico.  Nope.  That didn't work either.

So out came the shitty smelling, chemical can of Oven Cleaner.  THAT worked.  But talk about a waste of time that all took!

I was still doing it at 11.30 pm.  

NOW... Trying to sort out what needs to be done this morning.  Bread on.  Beds made. Bathrooms cleaned. Dogs area cleaned.  Dogs in the car.  Brylee sorted and out of the house by 12.30. Bread out of baker at 12.45. 
Us out the door at 12.55.

Park up the road and watch how many/who comes to the first Open Home.  Often neighbour's turn up for a nosy.  Let's see who turns up eh?

I seriously doubt I will be back until after the Open Home... leave me some nice comments would ya?  I am teetering on tears constantly right now.  Just too much upsetting me right now.

The ducks might be in a row, but there's still too many balls up in the air.


11.13 am: bit of a laugh! I've been sitting watching tv most of the morning.  This house is so ready... we have bugger all to do today.

There's the last minute stuff, but nothing else!

We are going to park our cars at the end of the road and then take the dogs for a walk to kill time during the Open Home. 

Afterwards we are going into Hamilton.... to look at a house.  Yep. Stew wants we are.

5.23 pm:  Well.  Kinda a mixed bag day. There were 'only' two groups through our first Open Home.
But, as our Estate Agent said, the house has only been 'on the market' for two days, with minimal advertising.
AND.. of those two who came through, one is quite interested.  Enough to register his interest for the Auction.

So, we are not disheartened at all.

After the Open, we had fresh hot bread for a late lunch, then headed into Hamilton to look at just one house.

 ABOVE: We liked this home.  But it had a few drawbacks.  Very, very small kitchen, and a very small master bedroom. We'd certainly not get both our chests of drawers in it.
But it had a fantastic downstairs room, perfect for the sewing room AND the gym AND guest sleeping.

But, it will no doubt get sold before we are ready to make an offer (if we wanted to).

I am not stressing out about buying at all... the right house will be there, when we are ready to buy.

Now... time to relax.

Dinner tonight is gunna just be sausages and veges.  After dinner I am going to prepare a beef curry in the crock pot, ready to turn on tomorrow morning.  No hot bread tomorrow, we will have a lovely mild curry wafting through the house.  *smiles*

Steve, Bex and the boys are coming for dinner tomorrow.  So.. curry and rice should go down well.

And that's a wrap of the day.  Stew and I are exhausted... probably a combination of physical work and mental stress.
We won't be long out of bed tonight.

My curry is ready, sitting in the fridge ready to be turned on in the morning.


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Wishing you all the best for your open house today, I’m feel it’s going to be a good day for you. I hope the sun is shining, that always helps. Kristin 😊🤞

  2. I am so angry on your behalf that you were not immediately notified of the accident. Such negligence!
    I home someone falls in love with your house and makes a great offer. You need a break.
    Chin up - big girl panties on.
    You've got this.

  3. Maria8:09 AM

    Go and see G even if you are turned away, you will know you tried, and he will too when he grows up a bit.

  4. We luvs ya 💛. Hope it all goes smoothly. I'm sure someone will think it's the cats pj's 😉

  5. It will be a good day Chris. Good luck with the Open Home. Sorry to hear about the incident with Griffin-can't believe you were not told. Maybe give him a call, if you haven't already.

  6. Love the pic with the ducks and the balls......don't much like that the balls represent things that are upsetting you. I kind of agree with Maria above that it might help you to see Griffin in person. I hope the open home goes well and that you have a quick sell.

  7. Good luck today - at least you are guaranteed a sale this time around (I'm pretty sure of that anyway) so you won't have to go through as many open homes as you have previously. It's a really sad situation all around with Griffin and I really don't know what you can do.

  8. you've done such a great job 'presenting' your lovely house and property ... it's now out of your hands, and a family is going to fall in love with it-
    ugh to cleaning the oven- I once suggested that it was almost preferable to just buy another one (didn't do it ... but wished I could)
    all regards from far far away-

  9. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Good luck with the open home 😃 Surrey

  10. Oh boy, you really don't need anymore grief and upset right now. I'm shocked that the people that Griffin is staying with didn't give you a call, even if he said he didn't want them to. He's being a typical stubborn, pig headed teenager. You might want to go see him just to give you some piece of mind. I hope everything goes well with the open house. Sending hugs from W. Canada.

  11. Hugs to you, we got served a trespass order by our oldest daughter a week ago. Feel your parenting pain.

  12. All the best wishes for today youmshould be so proud of how you have presented your home for sale., Ask Griffin how he is and tell him how much you care about him I know it’s hard because of his behaviour and bad attitude toward you, “This too will pass “

  13. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Chris I’m sorry to hear about Your boy, your absolutely not alone our family had the same struggles and to some extent still do. Our daughter is doing much better now and is in fact a RN something we encouraged and helped pay for, she just doesn’t like me very much but as long as she’s healthy and happy I can live with that. Take care Jo x

  14. Sending you fuzzy hugs from across the ditch. Your house is lovely ... someone will fall in love with it. Hopefully 2 people and they will fight over it!
    As for Griffin ... such a sad situation for you. You have done what you can and then some.

  15. Your home is beautiful,people are going to love it! I am sorry to hear about Griffin. I agree with others it would be good if you could see him and hug him. Not for his sake,but for yours. So you wont worry as much.
    Big hugs!

  16. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I dont understand Griffin at all. He has the best family and a beautiful home with everything he needs. Ìts hard to not worry sbout him im sure. Just like Annette but shes 45 and should know better.

  17. Anonymous8:17 PM

    You only need one genuine looker to buy, hopefully that will be the one today. Good luck. Would you/ could you sell before auction for the right price ? I have never sold a house before so don’t know how it works


    1. As far as I know there's several options... 1. Sell before Auction for an agreed price. 2. If you get an offer that you think is OK, but don't want to accept until you have gone to Auction, you can bring the Auction forward, and give the person who has offered you a fixed price first chance to bid. 3. Wait and go to Auction. IF you don't sell at Auction, then you either list a price or go to 'By Negotiation' afterwards. It's a little bit complicated!

  18. Anonymous9:08 PM

    hope your feeling a bit beeter now Ma xx 💙

  19. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Good things come to those who wait, so it is your turn Chris, you deserve to sell your house at your price soon.
    As for kids, problem is that they don't understand what they put you through until they are parents themselves.
    I use to tell my kids, I make the rules in my house, when you get your house, you can make your own rules. Funny thing is that they have most of the same rules in their house for their kids, tidy up, be respectful,etc.
    Hope your boy doesn't take that long to appreciate your love, home and parenting.
    Sending hugs to you. Kindest, Heather

  20. Here the school would be responsible to call you if something like that happened.

    How does the whole auction thing work? They don't do that here unless the bank takes it back.


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