Friday, September 13, 2019


No... it's not spelled wrong.

LOVEN.. is an oven cleaning company here in New Zealand.  They use totally natural, environmentally safe cleaning products to clean ya oven.

And as nearly everyone knows, cleaning an oven sucks.

So I'm not doing it.  I'm employing someone else to do it for me.  I decided I deserved a break from friggin cleaning! 

I did the same thing in Auckland.  They did an AMAZING job.

Once the oven is pristine, I shall not be using it again ... EVER.  It will be stove top/electric frying pan/microwave and crock pot cooking for us.

Heck, we could even use the BBQ if the weather gets better.  

So, that's happening this afternoon.

This morning Brylee and I are off into Hamilton ... we got stuff to do.  Girly stuff.  Maybe some shopping.  Just 'time out' stuff.

Should be nice.  We don't do that much together, better make the most of it.  Won't be long (a few months probably), till she flies the coop too.

OMG... I can't IMAGINE how it's going to feel with just Stew and Me at home!  It's never happened... EVER.  We have been together 34 years and it's never been just him and me.

ABOVE:  This is my favourite photo of our house, taken for the marketing advert.

 ABOVE:  I put this little floaty ring in the pool yesterday, and it was promptly blown out.
So... I got a dumb bell and some string, and tied them together so the floaty was weighed down to the bottom of the pool with the dumb bell.

ABOVE: It's not going anywhere now.  *smiles* And that pool is crystal clear!  
And that's it for pool photos, I promise.


12.34 pm:  Home from a very successful morning out and about with Brylee.

 ABOVE:  After attending to some personal business, we had a little walk.  This work of art is up by the Hamilton Lake.  I'd never noticed it before... it's rather striking.

ABOVE: As we were in the area, we also popped into the BERNINA shop near the Hospital.
OMG, how that woman manages to sell anything in there is beyond me.

It's an utter mess.  You literally have to move shit to see what fabrics she has, and there is clutter everywhere.  Just baffling to me how you can run a business like that.
I shall never go in there again, that's for sure.

After that, we drove into town to find a new portable power pack for my phone (I've lost my previous one).  Couldn't find what I wanted in Barton Street, so out to the base we went.

Got one there.. in fact Brylee got one too.  ON SALE, we got two for LESS than the price of one.  SCORE!  Crikey, I'm having so much luck with Sales lately.

We had a quick, meaningless wander around the mall, then headed to Pak 'N' Save for a few groceries.  We didn't get much... I'm running down our pantry and fridge/freezers now.

The less I have to pack and store, the better.
I don't care if I have to go and buy fresh meat and fridge items every day, I just don't want to waste/give away anything when we move.

Quiet time now till the oven cleaner arrives.  Might watch Home and Away, have some lunch etc.

Been sitting here mulling over the past few months, and how crazy they have been.

ABOVE:  I really don't know how I've managed to stay sane.   Cat naps!  Yeah, that's how.  And I will be having another one after the oven cleaner has been too. 

So I'm sitting here waiting for the oven cleaner to arrive right?
And it's gone past 2 pm... no one here.
So I go to the last email I received from them.. only to discover I've read it wrong and they are coming in OCTOBER!
Fuck.  Now I have to do the damn oven myself.  TODAY.  Grrrrrr, damn and bloody blast it.

Lacy just came out for a visit.  Dropped off some stuff that she thought I would want.  She was right.
Thanks Lacy.

***  I'm over today, it's gone to shit.  Just too much going on.  ***


  1. I've been on my own since July of this year (2 months!) and it feels so weird after thirty years of husband and kids. Boy #1 left home at 18 (2012), Husband passed away in 2014 and Liam just left home at 22 this past August. It is honestly so strange. But...I am getting used to it!!

  2. I used "Loven" to clean the oven at our rental. It was so disgusting Stu said we should just get a new one. Loven did an amazing job, certainly a job I wouldn't have tackled! In our oven at home I don't do messy roasting etc, just stuff that doesn't mess the oven too much. We have a Weber BBQ and have never stopped using that even in winter! Stu puts on a pork roast or something and it's delicious. We had lamb rumps cooked in the Weber just last night :)

    Oh and let me tell you - it's bliss just living with your husband/partner and no kids :)

  3. My oven has a self clean function. It heats up the house so it's nice to do on a cold day, But afterwards I just need to wipe with a damp cloth and its good enough for me!

  4. Anonymous4:15 PM

    You forgot to add in there the dentist

    1. Added... JUST. FOR. YOU. lol

    2. Haha that's better! I have to go tomz. :(

  5. Hope your weekend lightens up and things get better. Take care.


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