Wednesday, September 04, 2019


I always put a lot of effort into making my home lovely, warm and welcoming. 

That also applies to my gardens.

 ABOVE:  I have really loved getting this property's gardens looking lovely.
I'm going to miss this.

One of the reasons the 'X Factor' house might not be 'the one' is because there is very little land at the top of the gully, around the house, to make it 'mine'.  I gotta have some area to fluff around!

In saying that, we don't necessarily want a big section again.  I don't want Stew to be a slave to a huge lawn and garden again.

Next:  a funny for the start of the day:

 ABOVE:  I don't think I've ever done that, but I have put me drink bottle under the sink recently, couldn't find it for a week.  *derr*


Right, I am gunna get up and see if it's clear enough to paint that friggin gate. Then I will get all the wood out of the Hobbit House and take it to our Storage facility... along with a few other things.


 ABOVE:  Card Night... I won and was smiling.  Barely half an hour later that smile was wiped off my face.

It totally went to shit.  And I was so hurt and sad... now I'm just angry.  


Andddddd..... it's wet.  So nope, I won't be painting the gate or sorting out the wood.

Instead, cos I'm nuts, I went for an FBG walk.  In the rain.

ABOVE:  And I got very wet.  But it was nice to be out with friends.

Oh and the exercise was good too.  I needed it.

Now... warming up in the family room with the heat pump on.  I'm bloody cold.

OMGod... SPIDERS.  Dozens of them inside the Hobbit House.  And I stupidly got inside it with a can of fly spray!
Those bastards literally fell all over my body, in me hair, down my back... I was friggin freaking out!
But hopefully I have made at least 55,000 of them exit - stage left!

ABOVE:  I had a visit from my dear friend Pip this afternoon.  

Marley constantly amazes me.  Most 'strangers', and even some people she knows really well,  are greeted with growls and barks, and more often than not she won't go near them.

But every now and then she just falls in love.  Today she fell in love with Pip.  Literally swooned all over her.  It was adorable.

10.52 pm:  Well... we signed all the paperwork with our Estate Agent tonight.  It's official.  We will be 'on the market' on Thursday the 12th, and be having our first open homes on 14th and 15th of September.  Then our Auction will be on October the 9th.  EeeeeK!  

But for now, I'm so tired I can hardly keep awake.  Time to go to bed.


  1. Oh no not good to hear that mum.. I have Ooops had a few people like this in my life and I got rid of them pretty quick.. Its better to be happy with the friend you have then to always be on the edge of ya seat wondering should I say this or not..

    Love ya mum. 😘 😘

  2. Card night sounds like something out os a Real Housewives episode! It is a shame it turned to custard at our place, still, it was not your fault and I suspect it would have happened wherever it was being held. As for someone leaving because it was too loud, I suspect she was just feeling a bit off because I imagine it is usually pretty loud :-).

    It is horrible when you ask for something to be kept quiet & someone blabs.

  3. Love your FBG walking in the rain!!

  4. Hope u dont have more rain killing all deem spiders

  5. Good luck with the sale of your home. Have fun looking for your next nest. All the best.

  6. Which Agent did you choose? The one that breezed through the house quickly? Or the one that stayed longer and was friendly? I still can't believe you are doing this! A fun adventure awaits!


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