Thursday, September 12, 2019


It's getting closer and closer!
Two more sleeps till our first Open Homes... two days in a row.

The only things left to get up to scratch are the lawns and gardens.

Stew has not had a chance to do much out there with the weather being so shitty, so he's taking this afternoon off work to get that done. 

Seriously, we've had rain almost every day for two months solid!  Fingers crossed that this afternoon he can finally get the lawns mowed and all the weeds pulled out.

I am going to give him a hand with the weeding, even though I loathe gardening... well the back breaking, bending over part of gardening that is.  

Well that ... and the dirt.  I can't stand dirt on my hands.  So I shall wear gloves.  Now I just have to find them again.  *sigh*

ABOVE:  Dante had cross country running at school yesterday.
This kid ain't athletic AT ALL.  But Bex tells me he did much better this year, and didn't even come last, like his effort last year!  *smiles*

Proud of ya Dante... though you do look ever so slightly pained by it all.

NEWS DROP:  Keera didn't run as she now lives with our daughter Kelly in Hamilton.  Living with Steve, Bex and the boys did not work out sadly.  Various reasons, which I will never go into here, except to say there was no fault.

Suffice to say, she now lives with her Aunty, Uncle and cousin Rena.  She's perfectly happy, so that is awesome.
+ No comments asking questions will be answered.

Moving on.... I really am getting excited.  Two sleeps to go.  I'm not sure what to expect this time around... because we are going to Auction.

We've not tried selling by Auction in 18 years.  Last time was a flop.  This time... well I'm certainly hoping that doesn't happen again.

We may even get a pre-auction offer?  If that happens we will bring the auction forward, IF the price offered is acceptable of course.

It's just all up in the air really.  


LYNDA:  Your question from yesterday about tying everything in, in relation to selling and buying... if we have a lag in dates for leaving this home and moving into our new home we will:

- Employ a company to pack and store our household contents.

- Then we will move into temporary accommodation in Hamilton (Option A).   

There are a couple of places that cater for just this sort of thing, you pay on a week by week basis.  Everything is provided, so you only need your clothes and personal things.  It's like a motel, but not at motel prices.  

It's still expensive, but not as bad as having to get a rental and move all your stuff into it for just a few weeks (Option B).

And as it's pretty hard to get short term rentals, Option B isn't really a go.  

The other options were a motor camp (yeah nah), and couch surfing.  Another not so good idea as we will have Brylee too.

Both dogs would need to go to kennels in the event we have to do Option A.

So, there ya go.  Answered.

Now... it's PORRIDGE time.  lol


OMG... I just remembered!  We go ON THE MARKET TODAY!  We should be on the websites by the end of the day.
TradeMe and Real  
It's really happening!

10.50 am: Not online yet.  I've been down town (Local) to apply for the LIM from the Council. 
Seems a lot of money for something only the eventual buyer will want?  Oh well... it had to be done.  
I just hope the estate agent makes copies for anyone who wants one, not us.  I ain't got a printer any more.

A huge cloud came over, dropped a few raindrops and I thought, BUGGER!  Stew won't be able to mow the lawns.
Then as fast as it came over, it's gone again.
That's a relief.

The pool is now totally crystal clear too.  I've got the pump on to keep it clear, that will be a daily thing from now on.  It only needs to be on for about 4 hours a day.

Stew is due home after lunch?  Not sure of the time.  Wonder if he wants lunch?  Hmmmm.

5 pm:  Well.. Stew is outside mowing lawns.  The estate agent has been and put up a temporary sign, and shown us our listing on TradeMe and Lugtons.  It will be on Real tomorrow.

The photos are lovely, except the one they used of our bedroom.  That one is only so-so.
But on a whole they are great.

I'm knackered, but it's more a mental tiredness today.  I've had a headache all day, most annoying.

A girlfriend popped in at lunchtime for a natter, which was nice too.  She brought food.  I just had a piece of custard square.  Not a good idea at this time of the day I must admit!  Oh well... we can delay dinner till later I'm sure.

We had fish 'n' chips for dinner tonight.  I still have my headache so took some panadol.  Hopefully it works soon.

Signing off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Thanks Chris, that's a good option - worth it to have your place sold to put you into a really good buyer's position! Not as stressful as I thought it would be. You said both dogs... what have I missed? Don't you have three? So exciting - it's all go.

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I love house selling and moving! Most people say I’m quite mad !!! Keera looks happy and I’m sure she will love having another girl around. Michelle from Oz.

  3. You sound so excited about everything. Fingers crossed for a good price preferably before auction. And matching settlement dates.

  4. Barbara7:28 PM

    How funny! We stayed just on the other side of the footy ground on one of our trips to NZ years ago. The house has
    come up very well - I'd like to buy it myself!

  5. House looks great but yeah ya bedroom does look smalll

  6. I have a feeling your house will be sold within 3 weeks, I have been looking at other houses in your area that are for sale, and I am puzzled actually, the gardens are virtually non existent, the fences are broken and old, some have decks that have not been cared for, concreted areas out the front which are filthy, here in Australia we call it Street appeal, Your house is so superior to others I looked at,. The real estate agents here in Australia push a lot harder I think to get the vendors to present homes in the best possible light. I hope you can find something that is at the standard of your current home.


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