Monday, September 23, 2019


In the past 6 months, since I started and stopped work, put the house on the market, and had several VERY stressful family issues to deal with... I've gained 10 kilos.

I am an emotional eater.  In other words, when I'm upset and/or stressed out, I overeat.  And I eat all sorts of shit I shouldn't.

It's been BAD. Really bad.  I haven't felt this dreadful in over a year.  I actually feel physically sick now.

I've lost any fitness I had.  My clothes are tight.  I'm getting cut in half from me bra. I feel like SHIT.

Time to pull me finger out  AGAIN.

Fuck I feel like I'm on a never ending round-about.  Yo-Yo'ing  my entire adult life.


- First up.  Cut out the shit food.
- Second.  Drop portion sizes.
- Third.  Get back into walking.

I am hoping that in a week or two my health will pick up and I will be making better decisions.

Let's see how quickly I can turn this around.

Today... I'm heading into town to get a quote for repairing my car door's paintwork.
Then I can give it to Vista Print and see if they come to the party and pay for it?
Of course, if they do repair my car's paintwork, I won't be putting any magnets on my car ever again.

Which means the new one's I ordered were a waste of money.  Oh well... they were not expensive and I can put them on me freezer instead!  lol

Our son Steve did a little job for his boys yesterday.

 ABOVE: The boys beds before. 

Steve put the bed on the right into the spare bedroom, and brought the 2nd white bed into this room.  He was going to turn the beds into a top and bottom bunk bed unit.

BUT.... both boys wanted the TOP bunk (of course!)... so Steve did this instead:

ABOVE:  He made TWO top bunks!  There is a runway between them, and a large ladder in the middle.

ABOVE: Two very happy boys.  Steve is going to paint the new woodwork white to match the existing beds.

Now, the boys have more floor room too.  How cool is that!

Right, time to get outta bed and start my day.
The question now is, porridge?  Or not?



1.30 pm:  And I've had a very successful morning.

The damage to my car's door is going to be an easy fix... just a cut and polish.  I've got a quote and will be sending it to Vistaprint in a minute.

After that I went into Hamilton.  I needed to find something to measure liquid in... SMALL quantities of liquid.

I went to a kitchen ware shop at The Base, and found the perfect thing:

ABOVE:  Very cute eh?  Now I can get the precise amount of water for my bread recipes.

The kitchen ware shop was having a sale... god I know how to find them!  And I saw some dishes that I fell in love with a while ago, but didn't get any of at the time.

 ABOVE:  Today though, I did.  50% off... I could not resist.  But I was restrained, and only got these 4 pieces.

ABOVE:  AND I saw these alphabet/number stencils... perfect for me pies.  Got them for half price too.

After that I headed home... but not before popping into the local Sewing Machine World shop at 5 Cross Roads.  Sometimes they have some nice fabrics in.
And they did!

ABOVE:  Love these!  I can see them turned into cot quilts.  So I got a metre of each.  Not busting the bank!  Plus, I am not wanting to build up my fabric stash until we have moved.
Then OMG I will be!

It is now 1.40 pm and I've not eaten all day.  So I'm off to find something healthy.

Christy:  No, I'm not going to do low-carb this time, just cut out sugar and watch portions.   YES, low carb does help with diabetes, but when I did it last time I kept getting blood sugar lows, and I want to avoid them from now on.  They are not fun.  They seriously limit what you can do!

OK... it's been a good day.  I kept my eating under control ... small lunch, normal sized dinner.
No porridge.  I did miss it.  *sad face*

I might have porridge tomorrow, cos I love it.

Signing off... got an FBG walk on in the morning all going well.


  1. I've gone low carb again (well I kind of always was but crap was creeping in for sure) and I've been making the Diet Doctor keto buns. I make them for me and for my grandsons who are gluten free. I just use the psyllium husk that you buy in any supermarket. I have noticed that it says 50 grams but that seems to measure to way more than five tablespoons so I just the tablespoon measurement. I also add a teaspoon on yeast (the kind you'd use in your breadmaker). It doesn't do anything except make it smell like real bread. I also cut the baking powder down to 1 1/2 teaspoons. I'm about to make another batch to have with soup tonight!! They freeze well too. Of course, always be aware that as they contain psyllium husk, no more than one or two a day (it's a laxative)!

  2. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Beds look great Steve, poor Bec having to make the top bunks, I hated that part.

    I find meal size is my biggest problem, it’s so easy to add another spoonful When dishing up a meal


  3. Yah i love the beds too but making them ick!!!!

  4. those beds are SO cool, how fun. I was wondering how your health was as you haven't mentioned it recently. I also wondered about going low-carb to fend off diabetes? is it still a thing? xxxxxx

    1. thanks for replying.... good luck with it xxxx

  5. Chris, perhaps you went too low carb last time? You can be low carb but not super low carb and that would work well with your diabetes perhaps? Certainly cutting sugar would be No 1 though, I agree. I thought a cut and polish would sort that door out, great that it's getting done. Oh and yes, poor Bex having to make those bunks! Great fun for the boys though and there is even room for another bed below for visitors.

  6. The boys love the bunks they didnt want to get up this morning they just lay in bed and chattered away haha. And right now they are cars apparently. I can also hang sheets off the side and they have a house wohoo school holidays sorted.

    1. I need a "like" button for Bex's post :)

  7. Anonymous7:08 PM

    The beds look so good, a boys paradise, jo

  8. I am not sure of exactly what the different versions of porridge are, but you may me able to change the numbers so you can have it regularly.

    I use regular slow cook oats (with nothing added, one ingredient).

    I add protein powder to it.

    And I eat it plain. I do not add any sugar or fruit.

    I have also added cooked egg whites to it on occasion, to increase the protein number further.

    I eat waffles or pancakes this same way too. I buy a high protein version, I add protein powder and egg white to it. I do not add sugar or fruit.

  9. Eat the porridge, it will stop you from getting too hungry and you love it


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