Wednesday, September 18, 2019


I don't know if any of you remember, but quite some time ago I 'named' our home 'Hidden Vista'.

Well, Tony our Real Estate Agent has run with that name...

ABOVE:  The big photo board arrived yesterday... and he's used 'Hidden Vista, Dream Home' as it's heading.  The main photo is of the back yard... that being the 'hidden vista'.  *smiles*

I think it looks fabulous.

Our home will be in all the local papers this week... so hopefully that generates more interest?

Now, as for today.  The electrician is coming back to do the jobs we need doing.  He just checked out what needed doing yesterday, when he popped in.

He loves our pool, went home to try and talk his wife into getting one for their place.  lol

I need to stay home all day so I'm here for when he comes back.  So, not making any promises, but I might get into the sewing room yet.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  I won at cards last night.  We had a really lovely evening.

I can't get over why we have come across this 'PROBLEM' twice now!
In our Auckland home, and now in this home, the friggin' dumb twats who installed the under floor heating controls in the bathrooms did this:

 ABOVE: Yep, let's mount the control on the wall, sitting it on the top edge of the tiles.  That way...

ABOVE:  There is absolutely NO WAY IN HELL anyone can replace the batteries when they go flat!  Yes, we have had to get an electrician in both times to remove, and or replace the controls.

At least THIS  time we don't actually have to replace the controls, just move them.  Grrrr, I just can't believe people who do this for a living would literally deliberately do this, knowing you can't change the batteries.

Next house better not have this problem I can tell ya.


11.12 am:  Good morning so far.  Electrician hasn't arrived yet.  I left Brylee at home to keep a watch out for him while I popped into town (local) for a couple of things.

 ABOVE:  Sadly, the two boronias that I took out of the garden and put in these pots have died.
So I went down to Mitre 10 and got another boronia and a lavender.

I'll pot them soon.

While there, I saw this really cool car:

 ABOVE: On first sight, I just thought "Yeah, nice old car"... but upon closer inspection, it's really funky!

ABOVE: The owner has had lots of fun with it.  *smiles*
I'm not a big car fanatic at all... they get ya from 'A' to 'B', but I do appreciate a car that's been given a funky difference.

So.  Now I'm making a bracelet with the beads I bought yesterday.  There's a reason I'm making myself a bracelet.  I'll tell ya later.

 ABOVE:  The electricians arrived, and are now working.

I'm super impressed with Sam, who owns his own company.  He's fast, reliable, efficient, arrives when he says he will and is rather cute too. (that helps)  *smiles*

ABOVE:  I've got a man in me bushes.

ABOVE:  And there ya go... the last things on my 'To Do' list.  DONE.  A load off my mind.
Now I truly can relax and just wait till we sell this house.

Then the real fun will begin.  Shopping for a new home.

8.38 pm:   It's been a quiet afternoon/evening.  Stew and I went out for a little while to help a friend load her car for a market... then home for dinner.
Now... just watching some TV and hopefully, I get to bed at a earlier time than last night.  Which was 2.15 am.  Yeah... I can get engrossed in stuff on the 'net too often.


  1. Love the For Sale certainly stands out. it is a beautiful Vista!

  2. Just saw your listing online - your realtor doing a great job marketing your home sale. Good luck!!! And what idiot would install the heating controls that way?????

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM

    My guess is they install them that way knowing you're going to have to call an electrician....who is probably their mate! Or they have some deal with a local sparkie for a kickback. But then I'm a cynic :)

  4. I could have made you a bracelet mum.. I make them all the time. ♥

    1. Thanks, but it was rather nice to make it myself.

    2. I have heaps of designs.. And bracelets already made.. I love creating them.. 💙

  5. the house looks great! Good luck!

  6. They call those cars "Rat Rods" here, probably what he has scurrying about lol


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