Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Well, after having a good loss on the scales last week, this week it's.... another stay the same.
Not too unhappy about that.

But I do have a goal... and that's to be at a certain point by my birthday next month.
It's not my 'end point' by any means, but it's a milestone point.  One I am quite sure I can get to.

And it will mean I can face turning friggin 60 with a smile on my face.  

OMG 60!  I can't believe that is happening so soon.  I don't feel 60!  

But it is, so I better just suck it up and accept it eh?

The next birthday in this house is Brylee's, and she's going to be 18!  Next week in fact, 7 days away and she will legally be 'an adult'!  I look at her and think.. NO WAY!  An adult?  I really don't think kids are mature at 18! 

I know I wasn't ready to face the big bad world at 18, it's so easy to stuff up at 18-19-20.  I know I stuffed up big time, got pregnant and married at 20 and lived to regret it.  I hope Brylee and Griffin enjoy being young and carefree for a bloody long time before they settle down to parenthood, cos once you've got them kids, you are stuck with them!

Well hell, that's not the direction I thought this post would take!  Moving right along...

Today I am going to the Warehouse to see if they have any more of the tights I was wearing last night.  They are just so comfy to wear while walking, and not even expensive either.  I will try here in Cambridge first and if they don't have any I will pop into Hamilton.

Petrol just hit $2.23 here!  Bloody daylight robbery.  I bet it's cheaper in Hamilton, it almost always is.  I wonder how much it is in Auckland, they get slammed with a regional 'tax' on petrol now, so their's is even more expensive.
Rather relieved we don't live there now, even though it's more expensive here in Cambridge as opposed to Hamilton.

Once I've been out and about I shall get back to sewing soft toys.  

After yesterday's efforts, I've done enough housework for a couple of days!   The last of the windows can wait a while.


1.30 pm:  And I've had a very good morning!
I went into town to the Warehouse, but there wasn't much selection here, so I ended up going into Hamilton.

I went to the Warehouse in town and was thrilled to find they had a really BIG selection of tights

 ABOVE:  I can't believe I got three pairs of tights and two pair of shorts for LESS than one pair of tights from Rebel Sports!!!
I'm a Warehouse convert.
I haven't bought many clothes from there before, but OMG there's nothing wrong with them, and they are so cheap!

After that I went over to Chartwell Square in the hope of finding some cheap t-shirts... and found nothing that was a decent price.  I'm damned if I'm paying $50+ for a bloody t-shirt!

I'll look again another day.

Then I went to Spotlight for more felt, and saw this:

ABOVE:  A little lap tray, which will be perfect for me to use when I'm doing hand stitching in me lounge chair.  $11... SCORE!

On my way home I stopped at Countdown and got this stuff:

ABOVE: THE BEST MULTI-PURPOSE cleaner I've ever used.  Love it.

The weather!!!! OMG it's FREEZING... utterly bitter cold wind, blowing a gale in some places too.   I wasn't too keen on parking under the trees at Chartwell Square, there were heaps of small branches being blown off the big trees there.  Glad to be home and into something warmer, I under dressed for going out and really froze.

Now... chill out for a little while, before sorting out dinner.  I've got the FBG Quiz night tonight, looking forward to that.

ABOVE: Three more soft dolls made!    I think I need about 10 more for the October markets though.  So... lots to do still.

Quiz night was fun... I got quite a few questions right, which always feels good.  We didn't win or even come 2nd or 3rd tonight, but it was still fun to get out and socialise.

Rather tired now, so will be going to bed shortly.


  1. Petrol in Auckland is a ridiculous price - something like $2.37 and for mine (premium) it's well over $2.50. We filled up on the way down south the other week and it was only $2.18 - now we get our petrol at Thames on the way to our beach house as it's a good 20c cheaper there. Mmm... 18 years old? I got married when I was 18 years and three weeks old. Wow, different times for sure back in the 70s.

  2. I'm impressed at your petrol prices up there .... in Christchurch this morning I noticed 91 has gone up to $2.409 per litre!!

  3. I was gonna say same Paula and down further its 2.42...that and not being allowed to drive sure slows me down lol

  4. Maria2:06 PM

    Try K-mart for cheap tee shirts

  5. Had an unexpected trip back to sth isle 3 weeks ago, and on travel around av petrol price was $2.35 etc then when we got to Wanaka nearly empty rental car tank!!!! was $2.50 a litre so filled up ..

    Down the road in Cromwell later that day (smiles) only $2.35 a litre,,

    Oh well you cant win them all and cos the weather was amazing 14 deg and sunny in Cromwell and next day same temp in Dunedin and the people all kind and friendly,,, and amazing Whanau and friends catchups,,, we sure had an just a neat time home .

    Only we missed NI this time due to parent sickness so will put that on to do list and come back again soon,, Looking forward to reading thru the blog Chris now,,,,,, cos had 3 weeks internetless (by Choice) and now its time for catchup

    Happy to see today,,, that you are all still going good

    Cheers !!!

  6. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I saw those lap trays today when I was in spotlight aswell. I wanna get some for the kids

  7. Petrol here $2.09 but at the bull ring $1.96 needless to say I filled up before I went to Auckland and again at bull ring on way home.

    1. Atiamuri is a bit far for me to go to gas up sadly! I only know that place as the Old Lantern Tearooms!

  8. What you call tights we call leggings! Helen in France


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