Saturday, September 29, 2018


After adjusting the new soft toy pattern twice, and making three Aliens, I finally got it right:

 ABOVE:  I am so happy with this one!  All the dimensions are right now ... I think.

ABOVE:  From left to right are my attempts at this toy yesterday.

Now today, well for the first time in EVER... well a very, very long time, we ran out of cheese!  Unheard of in this house I assure you.  So we are going into Hamilton to do a grocery shop.
Obviously we need more than cheese, but it's top of the list.

I should have done the grocery shopping about..... ummmm... 2 weeks ago!  Whoops!  I hate grocery shopping eh?

After that we shall come home, put it all away and then?

I'm going to titivate me hair and face, cos we are going out to a friend's birthday party tonight.  It should be a good party.  We went to their pre-wedding party and it was lots of fun, with fantastic food!

Oh dang, FOOD!  *sigh*  I hope they have some healthy, tasty, low carb/no sugar food.  Yeah right.  It's bound to all be evil.  I'm SO CLOSE to a mini goal I can taste it... so I am going to be GOOD.

I am.

I am.



ABOVE:  OH... I whipped up this little cutie late last night too.  He's rather cute!

Stew got up nice and early to get Griffin to work, and he put a load of washing on too.
Then he brought me a hot chocolate in bed, which was lovely.
Next thing I hear is him coming down the hallway chuckling to himself.

I'm like, what's so funny?

And he told me the drain pipe from the washing machine had slipped out and there was water all over the garage floor!

I leap outta bed to check it out (as ya do)...

ABOVE: So slight exaggeration... but there was a fair amount of water over 1/4 of the floor.
I left him to it, he was doing a good job of cleaning it up... even if that meant a dozen towels now need washing!  lol

So, even though I was nice and warm in bed, I got up and started the day.

 Grocery shopping - DONE
Groceries put away - DONE
Lunch - DONE
Cat Nap - I wish!

I made us a surimi/shrimp salad for lunch, with lettuce, tomato and carrot.  Was really yum.

Now I really should do some sewing, or wash me hair.  Hmmmm... which to do?

 ABOVE: Yeah, I made another Alien.  

ABOVE:  I'm getting quite a stash of soft toys now... just need to double that number, then I'll be happy.
And if I don't sell any at market, I will have Christmas and Birthday presents for a LONG time eh!

Off to have me shower, wash 'n' dry the hair, put the face on... bla bla bla.  Takes time to get ready when ya nearly 60!

Still find that hard to believe.  60!!!  I don't feel that old.

Well I'm ready to go out.  I'm not wearing what I thought I'd wear, and my hair is not how I thought I'd have it either.
Funny how you 2nd guess yourself, and decide that you will just go with what you know you will be comfortable in!

I also have very little choice right now on what to wear.. most of my clothes are too big, or too old or just IKKK.  And I really don't have 'Going Out Clothes' cos well hell, we hardly ever go out do we?  *sigh*

So... I'm in black leggings, a long sleeved top like a t-shirt (but not) and a plain black, thin jacket... and my white skechers.   And my hair is up in a pony tail, which I plaited, flat ironed then unplaited, so its all kinky.  

Time to go soon.  Stew is still in the shower, Mr Last Minute get ready man.

10 pm:  home after a really lovely evening with good company.  We didn't stay too long as Stew has to get up bright and early tomorrow morning to get Griffin to work... and the clocks go FORWARD an hour tonight!
So an even EARLIER start for them.
Poor buggers, I will be sleeping in!

I'm freezing, it's a really cold night... right back to winter temperatures.  Brrrr.
Rugged up in me electric throw, keeping warm while watching some tv.


  1. Supa cute robot. Have fun tonight enjoy yourself

  2. Your soft toys are so cute and look great. Have fun at the party tonight - maybe if you are worried about the food, you could take a plate to share of something you would be happy to eat - just so there is at least one safe option available. Have a lovely day ahead.

  3. Enjoy your night out 2 nite.. All the soft toys are lovely (you have heaps of energy and flair with crafts (without a doubt) and appreciate you sharing them on here..

    wee ones LOVE bright colours so they should sell really well !!


  4. Love your aliens...
    Great to hear you had a good night out, enjoy your sleep in

  5. Anonymous12:28 AM

    Sounds like a lovely day/evening!!


  6. I like the goofy aliens. You could make them even crazier.... But they are darling.

  7. Cute, they remind me of the "where the wild things are" characters


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