Saturday, April 28, 2018


The past few days I've had no idea what day it is!
Probably because Wednesday was a public holiday, then Stew took two days off work.  So, I thought yesterday was Saturday till Stew put me right last night.

So, clearly it's Saturday TODAY.  And we don't really have any plans.

I would have liked to go oUT somewhere, anywhere for a change.  But it's supposed to be a wet day, so not much point.

I don't really feel like sewing today either, so I think I will move stuff around in the spare bedroom.  It really doesn't work as a 'spare bedroom' at all.

I was going to buy a single bed for the room, but have changed my mind.  I will just use the couch that's in there, and add the ottoman that matches it to extend it's length, then it can be used as a bed when necessary.

What else?  No idea really.  So, until I have something more interesting to yak about, I'm going.

Catch ya later.


Making this quick ... for now.
We went for another walk!
This time we went around the Hamilton Lake, which is 3.8 km long.  It was perfect weather for it, overcast, cool, few spits of rain.  Took us about 45 minutes, cos I'm SLOW as right now.

Cooking our lunch right now, almost 2 pm.  Starving.

A few photos of our walk:

 ABOVE:  In the backyard of a home that backs onto the path around the lake.  Amazing artwork!  Steve would LOVE IT.

 ABOVE:  Gorgeous fluffy baby pukekos!  Seems far too early for chicks!  It's the start of winter!

ABOVE:  I made Stew and I 'carb-less kebabs' for our lunch.  It looks almost exactly like the meal we bought at the mall on Thursday.  I cooked a couple of beef patties and some falafel I had in the freezer for us.  Our meal was delicious.
Again, I probably won't be very hungry at 'dinner time', so will have something very light again then.

10 pm:  it's been a quiet, lazy afternoon.  Stew cooked steak and veg for dinner tonight.  Again, as I wasn't feeling hungry at all, I had some yogurt and berries just now.  And that's a wrap for the day!
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous10:25 AM


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  2. Enjoy the day there Chris and all and it does throw the days out with a holiday mid week, same here thought yesterday was saturday when I woke up lol

    Its nice to have a day now and again where we take it as it comes , not a full on routine.
    Love the idea above Peta ..Will work for some,, no doubts..

    Rain here too,, where we are today but the farmers NEED it,,, so no complaints from them!

  3. Well done on a second walk within two days. Very wet here in Chrustchurch today.

  4. That looks like a yummy meal!

  5. What a beautiful walk

  6. Maria4:39 PM

    I'm very impressed with your eating and I'm glad you and Stew are doing it together. Gold stars to you both for your walks too! I'm sure your Dr will be very happy with you.

  7. Lovely you 2 walked together ,,,,and its a fair way,,,, but the pics you took along the way ,,and the feeling when you get home to that yummy lunch, make it all worthwhile ..

    What a neat area for a walk and LOVE the wee Pukeko chicks(the size of the feet on them lol)

    and the 1st pic you took of the small ferns and wood,, Just makes such a pretty picture..

    That artwork too is stunning ,so many talented people making things,,, and recycling etc nowadays,, whats old is new again

    Thanks for sharing those pics... They are all lovely...

  8. Hi Chris, not sure if you are interested but I just watched a fantastic documentary - it's well worth watching!!

  9. Sound & looks like a lovely walk! Love the pics. Your lunch is something I do!!! Also do home made hamburgers the same way, build it in a bowl without the bread. YUM!!!

  10. I love your pathways!


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