Thursday, April 26, 2018


It sure hasn't taken me too long to bang out a few of those Soup Bowl Cosy's!

These are the ones I got done yesterday:

ABOVE:  Cats, Chickens and cows.

 ABOVE:  This one I made wider across the base, to see how it would look. Fine for a wider bowl, but I think I'll stick with the other size.
Good for pumpkin soup, ha ha!

 ABOVE:  My 'goal' yesterday was to make some blue ones!  Somehow I forgot that.  I will try and get some blue ones done in the next day or two.

ABOVE:   Yesterday's efforts.  I'm very happy with them.

How about some cuteness?...

ABOVE:  Marley (left) and Denim, my constant companions.  I can't move without them following me... they are so bloody cute.  Coco follows me around the house too... as long as STEW isn't home!  Then she's all his!

Today we are heading to Huntly of all places!  Well there is a good reason.  We are meeting up with Bex and the kids... to pick Brylee up.  We are going to have morning tea with Bex and the kids in Huntly, and then check out the local fabric/wool shop.

Bex is going on to Ngaruawahia to see a friend, then she is going back to Auckland.  We will be going back into Hamilton to The Base to do some shopping.  Griffin needs new jeans... again!  

After that it will be home to relax for a while!

Catch ya later.


At the Base for lunch. WHAT TO HAVE??? NO damn idea.

OH. MY. GOD....we just bought something we have been waiting FOREVER for!!!

Show  you when we get home 😊😊😊🤔


First up, Huntly fabric shop, where I got:

 ABOVE: This cute dog panel.  Might make it into a cushion cover.

 ABOVE: These fabrics.  More of the ice cream fabric, which I love.

 ABOVE: This bag was given to me as a 'carry bag' from the fabric shop, instead of a plastic bag.  How cool!  

I was given a box full of curtain fabric and the like the other day from a FBG girlfriend, I am going to make up a bunch of similar cheapy bags to sell at market. 

After having morning tea with Bex and the kids, we went into the Huntly Salvation Army Thrift shop. 

 ABOVE:  Well worth a visit, it is a big store.  I found these 8 plastic children's size dinner plates, $4 for the lot.  Score.

After that we went into Hamilton and on my way to lunch I wandered into Aquisitions.  The sales girl was out by the door and told me they had a whole new shipment of Britto!

So, as ya do... I had to have a look.

AND DANG!  They had the one figurine we had been waiting AND waiting for.  We didn't even know if it would ever become available.


As we already have Wylie Coyote, it seemed obvious we needed him!  Yaaaa.  

My early Mother's Day present.

After some serious pondering, Stew and I both had a 'carbless kebab' for our lunch:

ABOVE:  Bloody yum!  Lamb, Chicken and Falafel.  

ABOVE:  The police had a display at the mall.  So the two kids decided to try handcuffs.  I told them it was the only time they were allowed to be in handcuffs!  *smiles*

After that, or before, can't remember, the kids got some new jeans, Griffin got a haircut, then we came home. 

As I type, Stew is asleep in his lounge chair beside me.  And I might just join him.  Only I will camp out on the couch in the lounge, it's way more comfy.

Dinner tonight will be.... Zzzzzzzz...

That was good.  Had a good nap.

Now, dinner:

ABOVE:  Stew and I will be having spaghetti bolognese on boiled cabbage, the kids will have it on pasta.
So... cute cow flavoured with oregano and basil, and a sprinkle of grated cheese on top.  *smiles*

Dinner was delicious!  All is going so well... except I think I still need to work on portion sizes. I served myself up a decent sized dinner tonight, but couldn't eat it all.  Eyes too big for belly syndrome!

Right, time to sign off for the day.  Coronation Street is on soon... must watch!


  1. Barbara Anne7:42 AM

    May I ask where you found the pattern for these cute bowls? Ta!

    Wishing you well.

    1. Sorry, just remembered you asked me....

    2. Anonymous10:30 PM

      Are you using two layers of batting or one Chris. I have finally made a bowl cozy but two layers of batting seems very thick when turning the right way

    3. Batting on both inner and outer fabric Dee, or it doesn't sit right. I've tried it both ways.

    4. Anonymous11:29 PM

      Thanks, thought so but was just checking. They all seem to be the same.


  2. Have a nice day out. Love the bowl cosy's. Can I buy the cat one please???

    1. No you can't! I gift it to you as a thank you for the recipe books. No arguing!

    2. OK then I won't argue. Thank you so much.

  3. If there is a Subway at The Base then a salad, Gary used to get them for lunch & they are huge & very filling.

  4. Great choice for lunch. Apparently the Pita Pitt also do great salads and yes Subway too.

  5. What a variety filled day for you all Fab pics you shared and good on the young ones getting in to the doing with the Police display ..

    Fab that they are outgoing enough to do that.
    You ones have a nice well balanced day tripping time ,

    Something for everyone

    Love those wee mug bowls etc and the road runner weell say no more lol

    Gr8 lunch as well

  6. those fabrics,,,, the variety is amazing ... well done you!!

    and I guess Bex bought quite a bit as well ,cos know she loves Craft as well

    Enjoy the zzzzzz

  7. I think new potatoes have less starch/sugar than old. Not sure if its enough to make a real difference though!


  8. You've discovered my secret Chris!! Every night I substitute in steamed cabbage which I cook in the microwave in a Sistema steamer container. I then use pink himalayan sea salt and I bit of mayonnaise. I would have this most nights! bulks up my meals, low in calories, tasty and cheap!

  9. We also do spaghetti bolognese on cabbage... another yummy thing is hot nacho mince with crispy sliced iceberg lettuce with cheese and sour cream.

  10. I also do slightly sauteed cabbage with mint sauce dollop delicious EVERYONE i have served this too loves loves it

  11. Looks like a fun day!


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