Monday, April 30, 2018


Excellent day.  The teenagers go back to school.
They have been really good all through the holidays of course, but it's still nice to get them out of the house and doing something constructive again.

It means I can get back to my 'routine' too.  Mondays are my big 'clean the house' day.
Washing up to date.  Floors washed, and so on.

After all that is done, I'm going into the sewing room to make a few small projects.  I'm all excited about making some little things like this:

ABOVE:  More small items for my market stall.   Variety!  If they are not interested in one thing, maybe something else will catch shoppers eyes?  And they will be fun to make I reckon.

I might even have something done by the end of the day to show you!  Ya just never know.

OH... I need to go downtown to post a couple of parcels off to people too... Mother's Day is coming up soon, and it's my Mum's Birthday in May too.


ABOVE:  Cute eh?
Just remembered I took it the other day.

Now... on with the floors.  

What's for dinner?

ABOVE:  You guess!

Ha ha!  Of course it's PORK BELLY!  Was the nipple a 'giveaway'?  *smiles*

Well I've not made much headway in the sewing room, just got two little hearts done so far:

ABOVE:  Cute.

ABOVE:  I'm lucky to have already got a good supply of lace and so on!
But, I don't have much ribbon, so I might need to get some.  

Signing off for the day.  Got bugger else on tonight except maybe some more sewing.
Dinner was fab, ya can't go wrong with Pork Belly!


  1. Cute owls! Will you stuff the hangy things with lavender or other smelly?

  2. Nope, but will suggest they can have smelly shit added I suppose? I don't want to go into that sorta thing cos then you will have some say 'Ewwww that stinks'.

  3. Seems like you and Stu are going great guns with your diabetes management! Might be time to update your äbout me" blurb :) Have a great day. Bee

  4. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Pork belly. I did think WTF when I saw the photo. When I read the caption it made sense

  5. I'm really hoping that pic is pig skin, because if its not, I'm not sure I would be thinking anyone should be eating it. looks a bit igg. : - )

  6. Pork Belly. Looks like a nipple :)

  7. Pork belly (boobies) 🐖

  8. Those pink hearts are gorgeous how much will they be ? And would you make another so it's a trio very interested... pork belly yummmmmmm

    1. They will be $5 each. I've made more, photo will be on tomorrow's post.

  9. I have some of those hearts on my mental to make list too lol


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