Monday, April 02, 2018


Well... 6 months and three weeks till I am friggin 60!

So, that's a goal to aim for... a weight loss goal.
I am going to lose a minimum of 3 kilos A MONTH till my birthday. 

That is totally doable eh?  I just have to pull my finger out and do it.

Yet another 'challenge' for me to fuck up.  But, I can at least try.

I seem to stumble from one attempt to another, year in, year out.  But, weirdly, I never give in totally!

So, today is a new day.  A day to sit down and work out some meal ideas that won't stuff up the long term goal.  Ones that are doable, tasty and not carb/sugar laden.


And... I saw this on Facebook and it struck a cord:

ABOVE:  I think I will choose.....  the first one.  Cos I've done the third one quite long enough, thank you very much.

I sometimes look at YouTube videos of girls taking pregnancy tests, they are kinda nice when they get a positive.  

 ABOVE:  Yeah, that's mine.

Little story:  Steve's landlord went around to the house, as Steve wanted to talk to him about some repairs he wanted to do to the house, and some landscaping in the yard.

The landlord was thrilled to bits that Steve and Bex want to improve the property.

Steve told him about the tree he had to chop down as it was dead, and dangerous for the kids.

As they walked outside, the landlord said it was perfectly fine... just not his precious apple tree.

As he rounded the corner of the house, he threw his arms up in the air and CRIED ...

"No, no, not my apple tree!"

ABOVE:  YEP, that was the one Steve chopped down!

He was pretty upset apparently, but accepted it as a done deal... he didn't really have much choice!

ABOVE:   I saw this and thought ... yep.  Posted it ... cos I can.

TODAY:  Still Easter.  Still everyone home.  Still have nothing happening... except I really should do some sewing for my market stall... NEXT SUNDAY!
Yikes.  Done nothing new yet.  WILL today.


ALMOST FORGOT.... but didn't:

ABOVE:  Happy Birthday to our son in law Andrew.  Have an awesome day!

I just posted my first FBG walk in forever ...

ABOVE:  The picture for my walk.  It's going to be on Wednesday night... an hour long walk.  I'm going to drag Stew out with me at least twice a week at 8 pm.  Once the Fat Bottomed Girls and Guys Urban Challenge starts (April 14th), I will do the Urban Challenge walks, but at 8 pm. 

If I feel like it, I will do some during the day as well... as long as it's not hot.

Tentatively feeling positive.

I'm finally sewing again.
AND I just sent Stew down to the Supermarket to buy some steak for dinner.
We don't have red meat very often, so I decided we should have more of it... if only for our iron levels.  lol
I'm not a fan of red meat... but will try to have it twice a week from now on.

Gimme ideas for red meat meals ...

Weirdly, I didn't realise mutton/lamb is considered 'red' meat!  Thanks for the meal ideas girls.  *smiles*

I got a bit done in the sewing room today.  I will show you tomorrow.   For now... it's wind down time, relax in front of the  telly till bedtime.


  1. Good for you Chris with your determination to walk,,, and will be nice if you can do it with Stew and the others..
    Dont beat yourself up about not doing it in the heat of summer, at this stage in life", loads of us girls have a natural body temp that is never cold!!!

    You are gr8 that you set goals we all can learn from this and even if we dont fully achieve them the main thing is we tried.
    Winter is a fabulous time to start Hope I have the courage to get some more fitness in this year as well.

    Loved the bit about the landlord lol tho he will be stoked to have caring tenants that take pride in the home like they would if it was their own.

    Love all the helpers in the backyard too. Children are so happy to help, when the adults show them how much fun it is !!!

  2. Anonymous1:06 PM

    How about a Neck Chop casserole? Beef Stew (excuse the pun) Beef Stir Fry, Meatloaf?? With Autumn in the air we do enough of the above for a couple of nights easy peasy George's Mum.

  3. we used to make this dinner with steaks, but we haven't done it for a while..... get thick steaks, and slice a cut horizontally and stuff with a mixture of chopped capers, fresh basil and mild (or hot) mustard. Fry up your steaks and enjoy. The flavours really work well together, Christy xxxx

  4. Buy some curry paste (I use Asian Home Gourmet, Indian Meat Curry Rogan Josh... it's in a purple packet) and make lamb curry. Buy lamb steaks or chopped casserole lamb. It's super easy and delicious - I let it cook for a couple of hours to get really tender! I have mine with cauli rice or just vegetables but obviously have it with rice for the family.

    Another favourite is lamb rumps roasted in hot oven for about 15 minutes then finely sliced over salad with mint sauce. Meat casseroles are always yum. I also love mince - meatballs, homemade rissoles, shepherd's pie etc. Enough ideas? It's practically what we live on :) I'm trying to have more fish and chicken these days too.

  5. Our "go to" meal for red meat is a good stir fry ... chopped up steak, plus a heap of vegetables - and sometimes we add some stir fry sauce and hoiken noodles. Mince is also good - providing good quality lean mince is used - and I usually do either a big savoury mince dish with pasta and lots of vegetables, or Kai Si Ming. We are very iron-conscious now after Mum's levels went super low this past week and she needed to have a blood transfusion to remedy this.

  6. We are like Lynda, red meat at most meals, to Gary it is not a proper meal. In the winter lots of curries & slow cooker meals quick & easy spaghetti & meatballs is a regular in the last few months. Chelsea Winter beef ragout is awesome.

  7. Haha Chris... yes lamb is "red" meat... do you remember the beef and lamb promotions? I like lamb much more than beef. So there you go, you've actually been eating red meat and didn't realise it :)

  8. I never eat lamb. Don't even know if I like it. It's not real popluar here.

  9. Anonymous11:44 AM

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    1. Gotta love comment Moderation.


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