Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Today is Anzac Day.  Here in New Zealand and over the ditch in Australia, we take today to remember our soldiers who served and died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations around the world.  We also remember those who contributed and suffered as well.

So, it's a public holiday.  Stew has taken Thursday and Friday off, so he has a 5 day break.

He's sleeping in.  Don't blame him.

Last night at Quizz Night ... was hard!  Most of our team had food.
I didn't.

ABOVE:  I had bowls of chips right in front of my face!  It was torture, but I didn't have any.   Every time I thought of how yum they were, a picture of an injection flashed before my eyes... that was enough to put me off!

So... I am proud of myself.  I can resist foods that I should not be eating.  

Today?  Well I am probably going to do some sewing, as I didn't get any done yesterday like I had planned.  I did some gardening instead.
And other stuff.  Like taking a nap.

I'm still extremely tired.  Lacking energy.  But, I'm sure that will come right eventually.

For now... I'm off to cut more fabric out.


2 pm! 
Been quite busy.  Cutting out and sewing up soup bowl cosy's.
Then Stew and I went downtown (Cambridge) and checked out a local fruit and vege shop.  Not going there again!
It was dirty.  Lots of the produce was NOT fresh at all.  The prices were no cheaper.  Just not nice at all.
So we went to the supermarket.

Found something rather INTERESTING:

ABOVE:  So, how do you grow potatoes with less carbs in em?
I will be having one for dinner tonight with homemade rissoles.
Will give you a critique later.

 ABOVE: Our shopping today.  The lady behind us in the queue had about 8 loaves of bread and buns.  I almost drooled all over the floor.   *sigh*

ABOVE:  One down for the day (so far),  and it's not super bright!

LOTATOES  ... are delicious!  Such a nice flavour, texture and well... just YUM!  
And now... I'm off to do some more sewing before Coronation Street comes on.

I took my blood sugar reading after dinner... up a bit at 9.7, so I wasn't that happy.  Maybe I shouldn't have had the 'potato' after all.
Might be pushing it when I know I have to get my numbers DOWN as much as possible.

Time to sign off for the day, I'm tired and ready for bed.  Bang on midnight too.


  1. Good job resisting. I know thats hard!

  2. We buy lotatoes regularly ... they are lovely.

  3. Anonymous3:08 PM

    My potato supplier is selling low carb potatoes (they were the first ones dug) and they are good. Seem to be fine most ways except they don’t make great chips

  4. Well done you those lotatoes look interesting I too had day off but have blardy washed all day like 10 loads all blankets

  5. Some hints regarding potatoes. Waxy potatoes have less carbs than agria (floury potatoes). Also, all potatoes if they are cooked then cooled change become OK to eat - the starch becomes resistant starch and does not affect insulin and blood sugar in the same way. Here's an article about it:

  6. Anonymous7:52 PM made me laugh with your description of the bread at the checkout..sounds like me...


  7. I think new potatoes have less starch/sugar than old. Not sure if its enough to make a real difference though!

  8. Good job! I know how hard it is to resist.


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