Thursday, April 05, 2018


I'm finding it really weird having nothing on my agenda!

I get up in the morning and think... what shall I do today?

And more often than not lately, I come up with nothing except sewing and housework!

How damn annoying.  I really can't wait till the Urban Challenge gets going again.  At least then I will have some walks to go on, with COMPANY.

I'm amusing myself with Dinner ideas right now!

This is what we are having for dinner tonight:

ABOVE:  Pork Sausage anyone?  lol

Actually, I've decided to do the grocery shopping!  Gimme something to do, and I can buy those PORK SAUSAGES!  LOL


I haven't told you what I'm doing diet-wise have I?

OK... here's your chance to shoot me down in flames.

I always get totally obsessed with what I'm eating, how much, how many 'points'/calories, how much carbs/protein/fats/sugars,  what to have for lunch (the hardest meal of the day) BLA BLA BLA.

And it all becomes too much after a while and I give up.

So, I have decided to make it VERY SIMPLE.  During the day ALL I EAT is crackers and relish/chutney.  And maybe some fruit if inclined.  And I have a 'normal' dinner.

THAT'S IT! So simple.  No counting/obsessing over anything.

So far, so good.  It's working ... FOR ME.

My hips are aching!  My Achilles are sore.  And I feel like not moving at all.... but... I'm off to do that grocery shopping.  Like now.

PHEW!   Grocery shopping is the pits.  But ya all know I hate it... so what's new.
I ran into daughter Number 1 at the supermarket, so a nice chance for a catch up.
We ended up doing the last half of our shopping together, which was lovely.

I'm now home and have done half the unpacking/putting away.  What a mission.  But, slow and steady will get it all done ... just taking a wee break right now. 

I often rearrange cupboards/fridges when unloading groceries!  Today is no exception.

A quiet afternoon... till I cooked dinner.  Which was rather nice. The sausages could have been tastier though.

There will be not much happening for the rest of the evening, so I will sign off for the day now.


  1. Bangers and mash with baked beans!

  2. all that talk of red meat the other day had me at the shops buying steaks!!! We haven't had steak for so long, but I just fancied it and the boys loved it!!! Christy xxx

  3. Anything that looks that good will certainly taste delish. I don’t eat pork often, but when I do it’s alwsys better with apple sauce. ( sorry to
    the meat eaters who don’t touch fruit in order not to abuse our plants. I am very thankful to both pig and plant in their contribution to my family’s nutrition).

  4. Did you get your pork sausages?

  5. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Good luck with the new weight loss plan I hope it works for you. Everyone is different and I for one could not stick to a regular diet. Cutting meal size works for me but it’s very easy to say ‘just one more’ , that’s why I have put on most of the weight I have lost

  6. Good luck with you new plan. Glad to see you are enjoying your new schedule.

  7. Relish and crackers yummmm mine is snax and cerebos relish, here's hoping the new eating works well.


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