Monday, April 16, 2018


Today I want to take on a personal challenge.

ZIPS.  I really don't 'do' zips.  But I want to try making a bag with a zip.

The only zips I could find in my 'stash' of stuff were rather long.

ABOVE:  Two at 14 cm and 2 at 16 cm.
I will use one of the 14 cm ones, and make a large boxy type of bag I suppose.

The 14 cm zips are the two black ones, so I will need to find some fabric with black in them.  Hmmm...not even sure I have any?

I could go to Cambridge Patchwork this morning, but they are doing a demo on making sanitary pads for 3rd world countries.  The 'group' are going to be making some and donating them as far as I know.

I have hardly been at all this year.  All my dental appointments were on a Monday ... so I missed a few.  And then I found out I had been 'fired' as the email person!

Something tells me that was down to me being critical of the group last year... catching up with me.  I MIGHT be wrong of course, but well... that's the feeling I got.

I'm not sure if I will be going back at all now.  I just don't feel a part of the group at all.

So, until I can make up my mind on that score, I will stay home.

And that's all I have for now... catch ya later.



ABOVE:  A 'Box Bag'.... I found the zip easy as... but everything else was shit.  Making the box corners was hideous with this pattern.  Fiddly.  I broke 2 needles in the process too.  *sigh*   I would have to think long and hard before making another one, that's for sure.

BUT... it is a gorgeous bag and I think I will be keeping it for myself.  

I'm now going to try making another zip bag, but using a different pattern.

Or not... I can't make up my mind.  *sigh*
I am working on another bag though, just not sure what direction it's going in...yet.

ABOVE:  Sneak Peek.  Probably finish it tomorrow the rate I'm going.  It's slow people's... slow as. 

I need to put a 'pull thingee' on the end of the zip too.  Probably make something with fabric?

Tonight's dinner is...

ABOVE:  Savoury Sausages (god knows what's in them!), mashed spuds and coleslaw.  We are loving coleslaw right now... like, even the kids are eating it!

LYNDA:  Yes we do. Our coleslaw consists of:

-THINLY sliced up green and red cabbage
-THINLY sliced onion, usually red onion (to taste)
-Grated carrot
-Grated cheese
- Red/Green/Yellow/Orange (whatever you have) Capsicum, diced up
- Finely chopped up parsley, chives and mint (to taste)

Quantities vary, but keep the cheese to a minimum compared to the other stuff.

'To taste' means how much you prefer.

Right, so dinner was lovely. 
LYNDA:  we all have different dressings. Some bought, some homemade.

Time to sign off... tired and a bit grumpy.  Sore back from sewing lots today/yesterday.


  1. You can easily shorten a zip, I used to do that all the time. Just over stitch where you want the end to be (this replaces the metal stop) and cut below it.

  2. Maria1:00 PM

    you probably lost the email job as you weren't there with your dental appointments to get the news to pass on to everyone.

  3. Love the bag and the material. Well done. Helen in France.

  4. I vote for flagging that particular group, you have made lots of friends through other channels so focus on those ones and don't worry about the ones that just are not the right fit for you.

    Gary made a stupidly large bag of coleslaw on Friday night for dinner, in the end I used half of what was left last night stir fried with mince & mexican seasoning, Gary had it as it, the kids had burritos & I had a quesadilla. The rest will be stir fried tonight with garlic & sesame oil to have with mashed potatoes and pork belly.

  5. Always best to never question what's actually in sausages...!! But they always smell sooooo good. I'm a big coleslaw fan too. Although always have it with salad stuff here, or baked potatoes.

  6. Do you make your own coleslaw? If so, how. I've never been any good at it so maybe you have a good method :)

    1. What dressing? Just the bought Coleslaw dressing or mayonnaise? Do you hand slice or use a food processor?

    2. Thanks... I must have another go at this!

  7. I haven't tried one of the box bags but yours turned out great!


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