Saturday, April 14, 2018


Yesterday afternoon.
I'm in the sewing room... you know... sewing.

And Griffin arrives home from school and says:

 "Yaaa, no school for two whole weeks!"

 And I'm like:


Cos SERIOUSLY, for the first time EVER, I had no idea the school holidays were starting!!!  NONE.

I felt all sorts of guilty.  Fancy not knowing something so basic.

So.  The teenagers are home for 2 weeks.  *sigh*  I have no plans for either of them ... yet.

This weekend we are doing some tidying up around the yard.  We have managed to accumulate some rubbish over the past 22 months.  I want it all gone before we hit winter proper.

I also have the finishing steps to go for the project I'm still working on.  Yesterday I made SO MANY silly mistakes!  I spent a lot of time unpicking!  I don't know what was wrong with me... such stupid mistakes too.

ABOVE:  Just a couple of crucial steps to go, and it will be done.
Then I might make another one or two.

Right, I better go... sleeping in is all very well... but it doesn't get the washing on!  


Almost forgot... 'What's for dinner?'...


3.30 pm:  Well one good job is done.  Our small amount of rubbish has been taken to the dump.  I won't be doing that again in a hurry.  If I'd known how much those thieving bastards were going to charge us, I would have broken it up and put it out with the 'normal' rubbish and spent NOTHING!

They charged us $70 for literally a boot load of rubbish!  Daylight bloody robbery.  Because we used my car, it was deemed a 'trailer' load!  WTF?

Lesson learnt.  Don't use the dump unless you absolutely have to.  I can now see why people dump their rubbish illegally!  

I have spent a good hour this afternoon de-cluttering my sewing room... it becomes the dumping ground for all sort of shit.

I have ONE STEP left to go, and my current sewing project will be finished.  It's taken me much longer than usual I must say... but then, I have been doing other stuff in between working on it.
And unpicking.  Let's not forget the damn unpicking.

Dinner is cooking and I'm having my first alcoholic drink of the year!  Me tipple.  So nice.  Even Stew is having a wee drink tonight.  He's  having Coruba and coke.

ABOVE:  Dinner was lovely!  I usually don't like the chicken as it comes out dry, but for some reason tonight it didn't. 

I've finished the current project and am thrilled with it. 

Signing off for the day now, I'm going to watch a movie: The Lovely Bones.  I've seen it before, but as there is bugger all on the TV tonight, it's the best of a bad lot.


  1. our school holidays started yesterday too!!! I have the kids (mostly Guy) 100% booked up with playdates and planned activities, plus we are going away..... 3 nights in Dubbo, going to the zoo, so I am very excited. Christy xxxxx

  2. Loving your meal pictures! Happy school holidays!

  3. Anonymous2:08 PM

    And our holidays are finished, kids go back Monday


  4. Wow! That is crazy expensive for doing the right thing! Our dump charges us $1 or $2 per giant black garbage bag full (lawn bags). Or if it was the back end of an SUV, probably $4-$5 max. We get charged extra for toxic things like fluorescent light bulbs, and paint, oil ect... but there is even a "free day" for those. That is terrible! Discarding your rubbish should never be cost prohibitive!

    1. Gee Christine I'm coming your way to dump our rubbish we been dump today and it cost 8.50 for a small bag. To be fair that is the minimum rate and we could have had way more but it was getting wiffy so I wanted rid in our new house

  5. The kids coming home for two weeks unexpectedly is like "Hey! You've won a baby elephant!" Good but lot of work coming up.
    Your current project looks very nice and colorful!
    And your chicken rice risotto looks delicious too!

  6. Cant wait to see the sewing project...... I worked some of yesterday working today bit hectic at moment.

  7. lol your chicken cracks me up. I'm always looking up the school calendar to make sure the kid really has the day off ;)


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