Friday, April 20, 2018


Today will be difficult.
Saying 'Goodbye' to my friend J.
She lost her battle with liver cancer on Monday, after a valiant fight.

There will be a large contingent of us Fat Bottomed Girls going.  I am taking at least 3 with me that I know of... we are all car pooling.

We are all going to (hopefully), be wearing something small in purple, our FBG colour.

So, apart from that dominating this morning/lunchtime, I have no other plans for the day.

I expect I will get home feeling drained.   No one like funerals, they are so very sad.  I usually avoid them like the plague. 

Nothing else to add right now.


2.35 pm:  Been home for about an hour.  As far as funerals go, it was a lovely one.
Gut wrenching though.  There was a young girl in front of me who sobbed virtually the entire time, made it very hard to keep it together for me, and many others.
So very sad seeing a wee 9 year old boy help carry his Mummy's coffin into the chapel.

There was an amazing amount of us Fat Bottomed Girls there! So we all had plenty of support for each other.

God I hope I don't have to attend another funeral for years.  

By the time I got home, I desperately needed food, so I had some more of the muffins (1 only) and coleslaw.  I think I'm over coleslaw now!  God my brain just can't think straight right now on what else to eat!  

I'm so used to having bread/pasta/rice/potatoes.   Grrrrrr.

I arrived home to a parcel!
From darling Tracy up in Auckland:

ABOVE:  Tracy's daughter was using this sort of 'drink bottle' last time they were down here and I remember saying how awesome it would be to have one, as it would fit in my bag so much better than my round one.

And would ya look at that!  I now have one.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TRACY!   I will use it every day.  I love it.

ABOVE:  Almost forgot... she sent this adorable card too.  So happy and bright, needed that today.

OK.... everyone is saying it.  I AM waiting for an appointment at the Weight Management Clinic at Waikato Hospital.  They will be able to give me all the advice I need, and information on what I can eat.  

But in saying that, I am most appreciative of all the messages, emails and texts that you have sent me, giving me advice and recipes.  I have already make those amazing muffins suggested by Tania!

And I am expecting some Diabetes cookbooks in the post soon from Marlene too, which will be most helpful I am sure.

As I said the other day, I literally have 'Diet Fatigue'.... which means my mind simply closes down when I think of food/diets/limitations.  I am struggling to think straight.  I'm just so TIRED all the time.  (no doubt due to the HIGH blood sugar levels?)

It's horrible having to take so much more Metformin too... I have the SHITS all day and all night.  Thank god the anti nausea medication is working though!

Tonight we are having sausages, baked beans, spaghetti and eggs. The kids will have toast under their spaghetti.   It's Friday night.  Silly bugger dinner.

edit:  Stew and I did not have spaghetti!

It's been a long day... made worse by still feeling TERRIBLE.  Tonight even though I took anti nausea medication, I've felt sick all night.

Signing off for the day.  Hoping for a better day tomorrow.


  1. Everyone wore purple to Stu's sisters funeral too. It was very touching seeing every person with a purple ribbon or dress etc. Funerals are a good reminder of our own mortality for sure. These days they are so much more a celebration of the person and while sad, you learn so much about their live and loves. I'm sorry for your loss.

    On a positive note, you've got to love Bex right? I loved her comment yesterday and her boys haircuts are so cute! You are very lucky to have them all in your life.

  2. Thinking of you as you farewell J. So lucky you got to be friends and you have met all the FBG's since being in Cambridge. While very sad, celebrate the friendship.

  3. Very sad day today, Chris. xxx

  4. You are a good friend. Take care today.

  5. I try to avoid funerals too, I cry like a baby. I hope it is not too awful for you.

  6. Been thinking of u all day. Hugs x

  7. Anonymous3:23 PM


    Surely you can have some whole grain or wholemeal bread ? are you going to see the dietitian at the hospital ? It is more the refined carbs such as biscuits cakes etc..that you need to cut you check your own blood sugar?


    1. PETA, I agree with you 100%

    2. Peta, I disagree with you 100% :)

  8. If you look on diet doctor website it gives you a two week eating plan to kick things off. I am starting this myself on Monday :) Sorry to hear about your friend. Very sad when so young.

  9. If you look on diet doctor website it gives you a two week eating plan to kick things off. I am starting this myself on Monday :) Sorry to hear about your friend. Very sad when so young.

  10. cute card lovly to come home too arrival was perfect timing

  11. Chris, I think it would be a great idea to see a dietician who deals specifically with people who have diabetes. I know that lower carb diet is recommended but I also know that you are able to eat some carbs particularly those high in. Fibre and grains. It’s all very well to say don’t eat carbs but be kind to yourself find out exactly what you have is right for you. I really recommend you do see a dietician and follow a plan to suit you. Look up recipes for diabetics I am certain you will get great ideas, I know that if you do eat carbs having low glycemic foods with it is recommended. That’s another thing look up the glycemic index of foods and follow that. There are more options than just cutting out the things you like altogether.

    1. Anonymous8:03 PM

      I think you need to stop pushing carbs on Chris. Not everybody can tolerate them. People who are prone to diabetes in particular do not process carbs well, even the so-called 'good' carbs, which means grains. There are plenty of sources of vegetable fibre and low sugar fruit i.e. berries that address the positives of fibre in the diet without risking grains. All carbohydrates break down into sugar once they hit the stomach/bloodstream. All of them. So if you're carb sensitive, the first thing you need to do is eliminate all heavy duty carbs and stick to fibrous veggies with a low/zero starch count. Once a diabetic/pre-diabetic body has regained its health and balance it's possible to reintroduce grains etc, slowly, while monitoring the body's glucose response. But in the healing phase, which is what Chris is facing, the less stress placed on the damaged body, the better. As for dieticians, they're not all good. Some dispense dangerous advice to diabetics i.e. fill up on grains. -- Karen in Sydney. (Chris, condolences on your loss. No words can make this better. I'm sorry you've lost your friend.)

    2. The science for cutting out carbs for those with T2D is undeniable, I'm afraid.
      I love love love bread...and yes, it was hard to say goodbye to it. But my health is not work sacrificing for it.

    3. Wow, Karen in Sydney. You said all that I wanted to say. Exactly correct. While you are healing Chris you need to learn to eat differently. You asked about lunch - I always make an extra, smaller serve of dinner and heat that for my breakfast/lunch. So easy and tasty and low carb. Figure out more vegetables you like - I love reheated cauliflower cheese for lunch or home made soup. Once you get reading and learning there really are loads of foods to eat, it's just a matter of breaking old patterns.

  12. This is from diabetes foundation Australia

    What should I eat? - Diabetes Australia
    What should I eat? People with diabetes ... Carbohydrate foods play an important role in our diet. They are the best energy source for ... A healthy eating plan for ...

  13. Posted your books yesterday. Hope they provide some inspiration.

  14. Anonymous7:48 PM

    I had my yearly blood test results today and my glucose level is on the higher side of normal above what it should be for fasting, just over the range...not good..I will be cutting down on refined carbs yummies for me


  15. Remember you are not counting calories any more. If you feel hungry, eat two of the egg muffin thingos. xxx
    I am glad you got through such a sad funeral and day x

  16. So glad the water bottle arrived today, perfect timing :-). Samyson said that he wants a shout out too since a) he sourced the bottle & b) he gets most of his validation from the internet and especially from middle aged women hahaha - yep he is weird lol.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow.

    1. Thank You Samyson! You are a little darling for finding the bottle for me. Full credit to you... AND ya Mum for sending it to me. ♥

  17. Anonymous11:56 PM

    I follow this blog and so does my diabetic foster son who has had both his feet amputated, and he is only 38 - he had severe undiagnosed diabetes and ravaged his body before he even knew he was diabetic - he had left foot fully amputated in Oct 2015 and then this year, in March he lost his right foot. We tried so hard to do what he needed to do to not lose that right foot; he lost the right big toe in January 2016, just months after losing left foot and we prayed & hoped he wouldn't end up losing right foot, but this March he did. But we forge ahead trying to keep him going. Here is the diabetic blog we follow: Lots of great recipes, etc.
    Dawn Pinnataro Albany, Georgia USA


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