Monday, April 23, 2018


Right, who can tell me why we have to friggin stab our fingers?

Ya know it kinda hurts eh?

I'm sure it wouldn't hurt so much if ya stabbed your leg!

Today I am going to be making a few of those cute Soup Bowl Cosy's.  They are rather fun to make.  Not complicated like some things.
I don't think my brain wants to be bothered with complicated shit right now!

I AM  feeling quite a bit better... which is bloody awesome.  The horrible 'side effects' of taking more Metformin seem to be settling down.  I'm not living in the bathroom anymore!
And the all over body tingling is not so bad either... THAT was the weirdest thing ever.

Here's a few photos from the weekend:

 ABOVE:  I love how our 'lounge' converts to a bedroom/playroom when necessary.

 ABOVE:  How adorable is this photo!  

ABOVE:  Not staged... all three dogs leap on Stew's lap often... and poor Coco is usually UNDER one pup or the other!

 ABOVE:  Griffin is a very popular 'playground' for the littlies.  They love playing rough house with him.

 ABOVE:  Some happy snaps.

ABOVE: Our super cute little girls.

I decided to make our own Scotch Eggs...

ABOVE:  Don't use really fresh eggs!  They are a right bitch to peel.
But, as a whole, I'm happy with my results.  I only added chopped onion to the sausage meat, and NO breadcrumbs.
I baked them in the oven, not in oil.

I will be having one for my lunch today, so will tell you how they taste after lunch.


The other day I said I was NOT going to be weighing myself, counting calories or points, or doing anything that makes me obsess over these changes I have to make.

BUT... I am using My Fitness Pal to track the food I am eating... JUST to keep an eye on the carb and sugar values of the foods I am eating.  NOT for any other reason.  I am not 'tracking'  or obsessing over it.  It is good to know what foods are high in carbs, some are really surprising!

Did you know that even cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli have a decent amount of carbs in them?  And as we all know, carbs convert to SUGAR once eaten.  That is why we are being very careful with our carb consumption, in case you were wondering!

Cutting sugar is easy!  If it's sweet, don't have it!  Carbs are sneaky little buggers, hidden in so many foods.  Shit, I plan on having gravy with my roast pork tonight, and it's really high in carbs!  Sad.  But, I'm still having some.  

Did I mention (Nah, I know I didn't)... Stew is doing all of this too.  He's a diabetic like me, and has not been exactly stellar in his 'diet' either.  So this is benefiting both of us.

So clearly no one knows why we have to prick our finger?  Oh well... I will have to google it... or ask an expert on diabetes!

I've got a bit of sewing done this afternoon... just as well it's a sit down activity, cos I have NO ENERGY at all.  NONE.

Dinner smells amazing... so hungry!

Well... our dinner was really good.  Very filling too... lots of veges.  2 hours after dinner I took my blood levels again... and got a nice, healthy 8.2.   Yaaaa... go me!

I did more sewing this evening too... but need to stop now, my back is killing me.
Signing off... time to relax for a while.


  1. I love your "fireplace"
    Looks like everyone is having a good time.


  2. Beautiful grandchildren! I adore mine! I've made Scotch eggs and like them. Really pretty easy for the results! I am diabetic also. If you stick your finger closer to the nail, not the middle of the finger, you might find it less painful.

  3. I usually find if you boil the eggs a little longer they're easier to peel... not sure if that's what the issue is?

  4. Yum they look soooooooooo good. I might have to give them a go myself.

  5. Ohhhh and i was only having a conversation a few days ago with my other half that eggs just don't seem to peel very well any more. I've had NO luck peeling them without taking chunks of white off with the shell regardless how we them. (Hot water / cold water / time etc)

    1. What is it with eggs now? I can never remember having trouble years ago and now I always have a few that don't peel.

  6. Don't forget that it's "net" carbs you need to be concerned with. Cauliflower, cabbage etc is high in fibre so that means the carb is actually lower. You need these foods!! These are your mainstays for keeping low carb. Regarding gravy, it's pretty easy to make gravy that is low carb. I use the pan juices etc and thicken with a little cornflour. If you consider a tablespoon has 7 gram of carb and you are only having a quarter of that approx, it's not even an issue.

    I bet you are now realising just how many carbs you were bombarding your body with now!! It's quite an eye opener when you start counting them. Please don't worry about the "good" carbs though like green leafy vegetables etc. They are just so good for you - read up about the benefits of the fibre in them.

  7. people need *some* carbs to survive and have energy.... no? It's all so confusing! I would never stop eating veges because of carb content, but I am, of course, not an expert. Christy xxxx

  8. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Love myfitnesspal! I was struggling to meet my fibre & protein targets so that really helped. Glad to hear your pancreas is working & that you're starting to feel better!!! Gravy is a bloody shocker - I used to be addicted :-) I've switched it for hot chili sauce. I know a couple of body builders who go for mild mustard as it's low in sugar/carbs.

  9. Please work out the Net Carbs. You get the carb amount and take away the fibre. So - 24gr Carbs - 14gr fibre = 10g net carbs.
    This is a great list from the legends at The Real Meal Revolution, which was written (in part) by Dr Tim Noakes
    Their "Banting Diet" is basically South African talk for LCHF. He is an amazing man - a scientist and long distance runner who did his own research on LCHF because he thought it was such a load of crap...and discovered that it was right.
    ^ That is a great interview with him.

    1. this is great info to have, I'm looking at it all to educate myself, thanks, Christy

  10. Maybe the finger prick is because it's the easiest spot to get a prick with just a little bit of blood to use as a test. It's tough, heals quickly, and won't leave a scar.

  11. Anonymous7:50 PM

    My first picker came with an extra piece so that it could be used elsewhere in the body, I think thigh was one place but I have never needed to use it. I think fingers are just easer to access.

  12. I think (vague memory from my nursing days) fingertips have a good blood supply and are accessible! I have known ear lobes being used when fingers can't be. You also want a nice drop which would be hard to get from other bits!

  13. love those pics of Bex and the lil ones and Brylee and Griffin over the weekend. Amazing how that room can be transformed to a day of fun and after they go its all back in order .

    Lil ones are so good at entertaining themselves (and us of course ) those 3 wee dogs just WOW .. Love they way stew has to have the 3 at a time none want to be left out

    Scotch eggs looked awesome love the adding of the onions too ..

    Keep up the lovely craft sewing pics too please,,,,, gives us all pleasure to see as well


  14. Anonymous9:52 PM

    The eggs need to be a little bit older, not super duper fresh. The really fresh ones are a bugger to peel, but ones that are about a week into the useable window peel quite easily. Learned that one the hard way! Karen in Sydney.

  15. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Regarding the eggs, if you slide a teaspoon between the egg and she’ll it helps. Another tip I have heard recently is to put the egg in a cup and shake it but don’t be like me and shake vigorously because the egg falls apart.

  16. Anonymous1:06 AM

    My neighbour has gestational diabetes, and was advised to walk for 10-15 minutes after each meal to reduce the sugar levels, she tests her sugars after every meal and she has normal readings now...she didn't want to take insulin either...I thought I might do that myself the walking after each meal...I have also seen studies saying that this is more beneficial for diabetics sugar levels than one long this there is lots of info.. I myself have been very naughty and need to walk non stop for quite some



  17. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Also if you boil the water first then put in the eggs they are easier to peel. I did eggs the other way for years until my daughter "the chef" explained this to me...figures.

  18. We have some testers that let you test from your forearm, but I find that hurts more than my finger. I do have one lancet device that is so soft I do not feel the prick at ALL. I often have to double check it actually worked because it is so painless and quiet, it's called a soft touch lancet device with soft touch needles. I have had other devices that feel like my finger is being cut off so this soft touch one is really so much better. Ask at your pharmacy. They are usually very inexpensive or your diabetic clinic might have some on hand.

  19. Anonymous4:29 AM

    I really like it when individuals come together and share views.

    Great blog, continue the good work!

  20. That Keto diet I'm sure would kill me off with all the fat and no gallbladder. Gotta watch for that too sigh. Scott hates boiled eggs so no scotch eggs for me, they look like they'd be really good though!

  21. Chris I was told to prick the side of my finger and not the pad. It's not painful.

  22. Or numbing gel on the area you can get it from chemist.


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