Thursday, April 19, 2018



BUT ...

I am so thankful for all the concern and support I was given yesterday.  I really appreciated it.
If you left me a Comment, Personal Message, Email, Text or rang.... THANK YOU!

I did not expect such a response!

There is going to be so much changing.  No little steps here!

If I'm going to get my numbers down in three months, I literally have to pull out all of the stops.

I'm NOT going on a diet.
I'm NOT adopting a 'Lifestyle Change'.

I'm going to live my life as a bloody DIABETIC, a diabetic who does NOT want to end up having insulin injections every day!...or any of the horrible consequences of having out of control diabetes.

That means all of the things I listed yesterday will be happening.


Thankfully, I love Meat.  Bacon.  Cheese. And most Veges.  And I will learn to like coffee too!  Cos coffee will help with the caffeine withdrawals from not drinking MUCH Diet Coke!

AND.... I am making a VOW right now.  I will NOT be getting on the damn scales for the entire 3 months I am working on getting my blood sugars down.
I will not let a number derail me, as it so often does!
So, no weight numbers.
At the end of 3 months, I will go to the Doctor, have my blood test and see what I've accomplished. 

It's NEVER going to be about numbers on a scale again.

I am MORE than a number on the scale.

AND... just remembered:  I'm NOT counting calories or 'points' either.  I'm just going to relax and eat when I need to, but keep an eye on my portions.  

Keeping it simple.


Today I am making a fabric flower.  A Purple Flower to wear to J's funeral tomorrow.
Purple to represent our Fat Bottomed Girls 'bond'.  It was suggested we wear our FBG t-shirts, but I feel that would be too much.
I'm gunna wear a flower on my dress.

I will show you how it turns out... later.

Woke up this morning feeling exactly like I usually do.  Sick as a dog.  Nauseous and with no energy.  But, I'm hoping once my blood sugar levels drop that will change?

I stayed up far too late last night, as per usual.
A kind girl had given me the idea to make 'breakfast' muffins... so I made some.  At midnight.

ABOVE:  They came out perfect.  They are made with egg, milk, bacon, onion, tomato, cheese and fresh herbs.
I was outside at 12.30 am (it was freezing on me bare feet!), picking parsley and chives!  lol

I plan on freezing them individually, and just pulling one out a day.  They were going to be for breakfast, but I tried eating one this morning and I only managed one bite before literally vomiting!

Too rich for my stomach first thing in the morning.  They will be OK for lunch though.

So I need to re-think breakfast ideas.  Maybe just a poached egg? Or half a piece of wholemeal toast?  I know I should have something to take with the friggin Metformin!
It just needs to be something bland, so it doesn't make me throw up.

I had a visit from one of my FBG friends this morning.  Sarah has two daughters who have diabetes, so she came around to have a yak with me about it all.  And one of her daughters, who is joining the FBG's this year, is possibly coming around on Sunday to talk with me too.  

She's been heavily involved with Diabetes Waikato and is a nurse, so is full of information and tips.  She's happy to sit and talk me through different ideas to get my numbers under control, and food ideas too.

Sarah told me that walking around the Avantidome spectator gallery is a good walk... particularly when it's too hot outside.
So after she left I went out there, turned on my 'Map My Walk' app and did three laps.

According to Sarah, three time around the track equals 1 km.  Well... I did three laps, and this is what I got:

 ABOVE:  Now, bearing in mind the track is perfectly oval... and I started and stopped at the same point, Map My Walk stuffed up somehow!
And it recorded a distance of 0.28 km!
Wrong obviously.  
I will do it again tomorrow and see what happens.
edit:  I actually ended up doing 6 laps, but didn't bother to record after the first three as it was obviously not working properly.

 ABOVE:  It's an amazing facility!  So big.  It will be perfect for walking over winter if I don't want to get wet, or join a FBG walk on a particular day.

I found it quite hot inside there today though, it was airless.  Sarah thought they had air conditioning... but if they do, it wasn't on today.

ABOVE:  Bex sent me these photos of the little boy's haircuts.  I nearly cried.  Archer no longer looks like a baby, he's a BOY.  So sad.

  ABOVE:  Bex had a go at trimming Keera's fringe (bangs)... I think she did a damn good job of it!

I made some purple felt 'fabric' last night, I'm waiting for it to dry so I can make it into a flower to wear tomorrow.  I might have to start ironing it to speed up the process!

ABOVE:  Start to finish on making felt.  It takes a bit of time, and arm exercise!  Lots of rubbing.  Tiring, but hopefully worth it.  I can't wait for it to dry so I can get creating.

OH and I am ALREADY RENEGING on coffee drinking!  I can't stand it, weak or strong... I've had 3 cups full now... and feel like puking. So, I will have to stay on Diet Coke.  It will have to be my one and only vice in life.

I don't know why I 'HAD' to give it up anyway?  Sure, it probably increases one's desire for sweet things, but I can resist, I WILL RESIST!

No comments on the issue of Diet Coke please, I've heard them all before.  If it hasn't killed me in 25 years, it's probably not going to.

ABOVE:  This is the flower.  I know you can't see the three dimensional aspect, so it doesn't show up as well as it could.  I went for a 'rustic' look, as opposed to 'perfect'.  The aqua heart is a nod to J's love of that colour.

Dinner tonight was one of those bacon 'n' egg muffins chopped up into some coleslaw.  Much more palatable that way I must say.

Stew had the same, and the  kids too, only they added potato to their dinner.

Signing off... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. EXACTLY!! No calories, no points and no weighing. When I normalised my blood sugars and lost weight I didn't count a single calorie, just ate food that did not spike my insulin. Three months is a great time frame to turn this around. Educate yourself as much as you can about what you are doing. There are some amazing stories out there of others like you who have lowered their HbA1c to normal or near normal levels. Go for it!!!

  2. Anonymous8:31 AM

    You got this. Xx sometimes the hard truth is what we need to pull finger and sort out our lives and change. You know what you have to do and you all ways have our support we are just a phone call or a short drive away. 💙💙
    Bex and family xx

  3. You can do it! Just take it day by day. Hour by hour if you have to. I reckon you’ve shaken a few of us up. We all need to take stock of ourselves. I didn’t comment yesterday as there was so much going on. See how much support you have from people out there. All the best for your future!

  4. There are so many variations of those muffins and they are always best eaten straight out of the oven. Maybe make a little back for lunch? I usually just make around 6 in a silicon muffin tray. Wholemeal toast spikes blood exactly the same as white bread so maybe not a great idea? How about just a hard boiled egg. I don't eat breakfast at all but obviously if you need something to take your pill that's a different story. I make banana muffins, carrot cake muffins, lemon muffins... all on my recipe page. I mainly make them for the kids but they are great for when you need a "cake" fix!! I do all the baking for the boys - all wheat free, sugar free and they think it's just normal cake.

    Maybe invest in some silicon muffin pans, they are fantastic for low carb baking. There are fantastic pizza bases recipes out there too - the kids can have a normal one and you and Stew could have the low carb version. Sorry, you know I'm going to comment with food ideas, can't help myself.

  5. Well, I fo one am glad your state of mind is better!
    Your breakfast rolls look good!

  6. Anonymous12:08 PM


    There is a lot more caffeine in a cup of coffee than diet coke look at a caffeine comparison chart. Maybe three times as much.


  7. Good on ya for going for your walk. You have a huge support network. Loads of us are cheering you on. You can rise to this challenge!

  8. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I drink coke zero or no sugar and I have drunk it for years too and I don't like the lectures either especially from people who smoke and drink heaps of coffee and alcohol etc, I don't drink tea or coffee and I don't smoke so I think my one vice is ok ny other vice is chocolate lol...)


  9. Anonymous2:46 PM

    You talked yesterday (I think) about an alcohol addiction and that essentially you can stop drinking alcohol whereas with a food addiction you can't just stop eating food. I totally agree.

    What I think you should consider is your addiction to diet coke. I honestly think one of the best things you could do is to give it up. We don't all need a vice. It won't be easy but it will be worth it. I'm sure you won't be happy or will be grumpy at this suggestion - but take that energy and out it into your health and not at me or this comment.

  10. Your Map My Walk looks like you were drunk!!!!

    As for the whole food changing thing, you can do this, it will be trial & error and some days you will be bloody pissed off and wonder why you are bothering but over the months, as you start to feel better, you will find it is all worth it.

    Not going to lecture you on the Diet Coke - hell you can just come right back at me re wine & chocolate, we all have our vices. Giving it up will only make you miserable and substituting it for coffee is pointless because 1) it is still full of caffeine & 2) you hate the stuff. I have 2 suggestions re fluid intake 1) start to slowly reduce the amount you have each day, maybe when you fillip your bottle, put 100ml less in for a few days, then 200ml and 2) drink some water, I KNOW you hate it but you know it is good for you & yes I know it makes you pee - that means it it working. Start with a small amount and increases each day. There is a little something on the way to you which will help this, should arrive in a day or 2.

    Some changes you can go big, some small, just remember you are doing it to be healthy, that is the important result, if you happen to lose a couple of kid's - bonus.

    1. Tracy I don't think I wanna lose a couple of kids! Ha ha ha 🤣

    2. haha - that'll teach me not to proof read properly - although I suspect some days it may not be the worst option lol.

  11. Drink the Diet Coke. For me, it is often the thing that makes that healthy meal bearable. Even enjoyable, because you get to have whatever it is WITH A DIET COKE!

  12. Such newsy couple of days and lots happened. I will only say 2 things .. Bex post was a short but fabulous read ..

    Seeing the three in the pics Keeras fringe looks choice Can we keep you Bex lol and as soon as I saw the lil guys cuts I thought same as you.. There is no baby hair anymore and they are young boys now lol

    They grow so fast but the 3 of them all are looking gr8 ...

    Take care


  13. PS forgot to say Fabulous your fbg friend came round and others will as well . Its gr8 when its someone who has been there dont that etc for kind help and encouragement.

    The Diabetic associations and all are also good support .

    Good for you Chris and LOVED those wee muffins Thanks for the shares .

    Be thinking of you all tomorrow as you support Js family together Love the purple flower idea,with your dress...

  14. I might add, I DID give up Diet Coke for an entire year. I did not feel one teeny tiny bit different. It was not some sort of life altering Change - except, I DID MISS having it with meals! I did not lose weight. I did not feel healthier. Nothing.

  15. Bex I love the boy's haircuts! :)
    Chris, it would be interesting to track your carbs. There are plenty of trackers that can do it. There is no way I would be having toast for breakfast - there are heaps of low carb pancake and bread recipes out there, make it and freeze it like I do. Or if you can stomach an egg do that.
    Have you come to the FUNG SIDE yet? :D
    If you don't like coffee, don't drink it.

  16. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Nice muffins 😂😂😂

  17. Wendy (UK)6:33 PM

    I have been following your blog Chris for a couple of years as I too like to drink Diet Coke and am also a Type 2 Diabetic with weight issues but mine is from having PCOS. I am from the U.K. so a little further afield than most of your readers.I have found that if I eat too much fat with my meals during the day it can upset the Metformin which can’t cope with the overload but I am not sick every day only on rare occasions but it can still be debilitating.My sister lost 51lb(not use what that is in Kilos)in weight when she was first diagnosed with Type2 and that was only with taking one tablet a day,but she invested in a Trampette which is a smaller version of the large trampolines that kids use in their gardens.By walking and gently jogging with hers whilst watching the TV of an evening for around an hour,going to WW and generally watching what she was eating she steadily lost the weight and is now off all meds.I managed to lose 31lb through a combination of the Metformin,diet and also using a Trampette.These pieces of equipment are good on the knees and ankles because they take the weight off of them as opposed to a hard road surface.Good Luck and hope that you achieve your goal as I know someone who has lost limbs and is practically blind plus has dementia due to this terrible disease.....Wendy (UK)

    1. I agree. Fat and metformin are a bad mix!!!

  18. Gosh lots of reading and info there Hamilton diabetes and dialysis unit is super hectic at times but I consider them and the nurses to be great. Kids looking fabulous and yes little boys now.

  19. Patricia from Canada yesterday I read your comment thought you were talking about MY DAD he died 54 had diabetes for years started on diet then pills then pills diet exercise ALL TO NO AVAIL he sabotaged it by eating fatty foods bread smoking drinking alcohol and YES the dreaded diet coke. He progressed to dialysis permanent opening in tummy 5 years max etc then haemo dialysis 4 years HIS EYES packed up circulation feet heart strokes followed ohhhh AND NOT TO MENTION loss of licence!!!!! Towards the end I nursed my dad until he died WISHED I HADN'T grateful I did would I do it again I'M NOT SURE. It took its toll on Me physically and mentally , and the final act of unhooking him from machine whilst he was dead (extremities were cold middriff warm HAUNTS me still after 14 years ) 😢

    1. Patricia from Canada11:28 AM

      So sorry for your loss. My husband smoked too. He was a big man, tall and weighed too much, just skin and bones when he passed.

  20. Recently I had to give up rice and oily food as they cause horrible digestive issues for me. As a substitute, I eat sourdough bread, oats, wheat noodles and quinoa. Have you tried quinoa? A nutritionist I consulted recommended it. It's quite tasteless and hard to love. So you have to be creative in your cooking. It's a supergrain so definitely worth a try.

  21. Such great news to hear you've got a plan! The GPS inside never works well because it keeps losing signals because of interference from building parts (lead/concrete) and other cell signals hence the choppy walk and lost steps. Do you have a pedometer or fitbit? That would work :)

  22. Anonymous2:23 PM

    the flower look lovely!! glad you found a meal to suit your muffins :-)

  23. Ohhh I hate this for you. Diabetes STINKS. And you don't want to deal with shooting insulin into your stomach if you can avoid it. And sorry your friend lost her fight - not unexpected but so hard for the family to go through.


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