Friday, April 06, 2018


This morning I am working on a few mug rugs to match the yellow cushions.  And a few other bits 'n' bobs.

This afternoon I am getting visitors from out of town.
I've not met them before, but ... they are like family as they have one of our puppies!

Well ... Paisley is no longer a puppy, but she is one of Coco's pups.  She was from Coco's 3rd litter, born on October 26th, 2013.

 ABOVE:  Paisley as a little puppy... and...

ABOVE:  As a grown dog... with her human and sister Meg (lying down).  She's gorgeous!

Isn't it WONDERFUL that we still have contact with some of our puppies and their families!

I can't wait to meet Denise and her daughter this afternoon.  I'm not sure if the hubby will be coming too?  Oh well... I am sure to find out later.  *smiles*

ABOVE: This is the relish/chutney I eat during the day!  It's all sorts of bought ones, all added together, then I mash up some tinned beetroot and add that and some malt vinegar too.  So... very tasty!  
I am going to try making some of my very own at some stage too.

We will have heaps of feijoas soon... so I am going to make feijoa chutney.  FUN!

Right, better get moving... stuff to do.


1.23 pm:  I've been a busy girl.  Sewing mostly.  And a bit of housework, exactly how I thought my morning would go.

ABOVE:  I got these mug rugs made today. They are so bright and happy looking.  I really enjoyed making them.  Those hearts are another way to use up lots of little scraps of fabric btw.

Now.. I'm going to relax for a while.  

4.10 pm:  My visitors just left. What lovely girls!

ABOVE: Denise and Gemma.  We had a lovely time yakking. Denise does patchwork too, she makes quilts predominantly. 
I gave her a felted rock paperweight, which I think she is going to enjoy having.  

ABOVE:  I have fat face syndrome today!  Seriously, some days I am so puffy.  Today ... is one of those days.  
I never take my piddle pills now, maybe I should.  *sigh*  Nah, I hate taking them, they make me go piddle 12 times in a morning, and that is such a pain in the arse!

The kids loved playing Phase 10 last night, so we are about to play it again... like now.

Dinner tonight was supposed to be left overs... but no one fancied anything in the fridge!  So we are having fish 'n' chips!
Or a burger.  Or spring roll.  

Love Friday nights.  Usually.  NO CORONATION STREET.  The bastards took if off for coverage of the Commonwealth Games!

So... I'll have to watch something else instead.  I'm NOT watching the Games... sport it not my thing at all.  Not to do, and sure not to watch.

I might even do some more sewing ... we will see.

Signing off now.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. How very nice to be able to see the puppy all grown up! However, I can't quite figure out that Chutney concoction! And what is tinned beetroot?

    1. Tinned beetroot is basically lightly picked beetroot bought in a tin - a Kiwi classic especially on hamburgers although my husband likes it in sandwiches with lots of salt & pepper - he is however weird lol. Often found as a side dish accompaniment when having BBQ's meats & salads.

    2. Thanks for explaining that for Dogstars Tracy. *smiles*

    3. I must find some!

    4. OH! I know what that is! We just call it "beets" I guess "Beetroot" just threw me off. It's not super popular here though. But my husband loves them. Perhaps I will look into making a chutney with it. Never thought of that before.

  2. Love the fact you put tinned beetroot in as an addition. I asked in the supermarket last week where tinned tomatoes would be which aisle ????and got an unusual look and ??? Smiled and asked again and In the end she said "oh canned tomatoes" lol and told me the aisle number .

    Love the bright happy colours on the mug rugs ..

  3. Omg that is a neat way to use up bits of relish. Balsamic beetroot would be nice too. You are so talented with seeing wish I knew how.....

  4. I'm not a sports fan either and it drives me crazy when it takes over TV! Hope the fish and chips were good. I'm eating crackers and cheese in hospital after having my gallbladder removed today. Ouch but hopefully a big improvement in the long run xxx

    1. Hi Penny
      I have a friend who has gallstones but hasn't felt any pain! She has a very high pain threshold and only found out when her temperature went through the roof and she was admitted to hospital. She didn't know she was ready to deliver babies until her waters broke! Gallstones are so painful it's so hard to imagine not feeling them. She has surgery in May to take gallbladder out.

  5. Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Hmmm that looks scary lol. Not a CA type of food ;)


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