Saturday, April 07, 2018


Sleeping in.....

9.18 am:  finally out of bed!
Stew went down to the local farmers market... came home with nothing! He usually gets his week's worth of avocados, but the season is pretty much over.

So he is eating tomatoes and cream cheese on his toast now.

He did see some massive beetroots ... so we might go down and get some.  I wouldn't mind making some chutney!

Got a job to do ...

ABOVE: This is the little 'overflow' freezer in the garage.  The dogs (we think) are somehow managing to open it.  Last night we found it open and everything had defrosted.  So everything has to be chucked out.

Luckily there is only bread and the odd other thing in it right now.  But still a waste.

I'm going to empty it and sell it on Trademe.  It was a 'bad buy', as it's not really big enough to be of much use.

Might be perfect for someone in a small flat?

Later on, I shall be sorting out my market stall stuff, making sure I'm ready for tomorrow.


I decided to shorted the dog run.  I want to put our clothesline at the far end, so I built a temporary 'barricade' the other day:

 ABOVE:  I wanted to trial the new length/area for the dogs.  The barricade had to be high enough and un-climbable to keep Coco from getting over it!  THAT was a mission I can tell you.
Coco is an amazing escape artist!

 ABOVE:  We went down to Mitre 10 and bought a ready made fence panel... and Stew installed it just now.  It is set up so we can just slide it out of the way when we want to get through there.

 ABOVE:  The dogs still have plenty of room to run around.  When we can afford it, we'd like to pave the entire dog area, for cleanliness and to stop the little buggers from digging holes!

ABOVE:  I have been working on these two simple table runners today.  I am almost ready to sit down and hand stitch the bindings on.

Those two runners are now finished.  And we have packed the car in readiness for tomorrow's market.

Dinner was beef sausages, coleslaw, boiled eggs and potatoes.  Nice and easy, but yum.

Stew is enjoying watching the rugby, and I'm going to watch a few YouTube videos before bed.

I won't be staying up late tonight, I have market tomorrow.  Early start.  Ikkk.


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Couldn't you refreeze the bread - nothing in that would go off. Audrey

  2. Look on trademe you can get piddle rocks you place them in drinking bowls neutralizes piddle stops bare and brown patches.... gee if the kids had room I would have bought that freezer, but then how do I get it there......

  3. Thats a neat idea buying that ready made to keep those wee guys in
    Looks really nice,,, and cuts down on lots of work..

    paving in the end will finsih it off but in the meantime looks good and being out the back there is strictly doggie territory lol

    Love Mitre 10 and Bunnings so many ready made things for our DH and all,,, to buy for those of us that arent in the building trade,,,, but like things to be done nicely around home...
    Sewing coming on good and all the best for your market sales ..

    Lovely colours to brighten up the autumn

    The freezer will go quickly on TM I am sure,,, so many people do what you and we have done,,, put them in the garage for spare stuff from inside!!

  4. Best of luck Chris! xxx


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