Saturday, April 21, 2018


Totally looking forward to today!

Bex is coming down with the little kids.

Just for the day though, she's picking Brylee up and taking her back to their's for the week.

A day full of cuddles will be wonderful... I really miss those kids.

Before they arrive, I have got to do some perfectly boring housework.  And tidy the 'spare' bedroom... it's a disgrace!
Seriously, it's become the dumping ground ... even worse than my sewing room.   If I remember, I will take a photo and show you how bad it is.


I was just talking to Stew about how I'm feeling.  Cos I feel weird.
Like there is adrenalin running around my veins... all tingly?  I just feel WEIRD.
Like there is something 'wrong' inside me.

Would that be because of the extra metformin, the anti nausea medication, or my blood sugar levels dropping?

I hope it's not a bad thing.

Although I have NO ENERGY what so ever, I have managed to get the spare bedroom tidied up:


We now have room for the airbed when we have visitors, or two single mattresses for kids.
It's a good job done.

I might not get anything else done today, cos that was draining.

Cutting carbs and sugars sure depletes your energy!

There was a lady on one of the FBG walks last year who was doing the 'Ketogenic Switch' diet... similar thing... VLCarbs.   She nearly fainted on our walk from lack of energy and dizziness.

I can see that happening to me somehow.

Another lovely parcel arrived in the post today:

ABOVE:  Cookbooks from Marlene, another lovely friend up in Auckland.  Stew has already had a quick look, and I'm about to just sit back and have a good read.  I'm sure there will be lots of ideas in there for us.

So Bex just asked me if I'd heard from my other kids, bearing in mind I'm not well at all right now.

And I had to say 'NO'.  Not a word from any of them.  

Just as well I have plenty of friends eh?

Ha... made a mistake with the visitors only coming for the day.  They are staying the night, so Stew's gone out to get a bit more for dinner.  

Our dinner tonight is:

ABOVE:  Rump steak and veges.  There will be a cheese sauce over the broccoli and cauliflower too.  I'm drooling just thinking about it!  

Well... I tried another little pattern just now.  Had to do a bit of unpicking cos I buggered it up a few times... even though it was the most SIMPLE pattern ever!

Let's call it 'diabetic brain' shall we?  lol

ABOVE:  It's a 'Soup Bowl Cosy'... or in other words, it stops you burning your hands with a hot soup bowl!

I love it, and will be making more for my stall.

PAULA:  They will be $10 each.  I will have a selection to choose from in about 5 days.

I finally started feeling much better mid-afternoon!  Well... not so nauseous anyway.  I've still got that funny, tingly feeling in my body, but it's not bothering me too much.

Looking forward to a quiet evening... once the three small people are in bed that is.

Signing off... been a fairly good day today.


  1. Enjoy the day. Just the thing you need for a quick pickmeup cos lil ones do it every time .

    You have had a big week in lots of ways,,, so that will be a lovely day for you all ..

    take care

    Cheers !

  2. You're *tidy* sewing room looks like such a safe haven, I place to go to escape and just be creative. I'm sure there are many crafters out there who see those pic's and are envious of your set-up!

  3. In my experience you have to make the changes slowly. Aim for a certain amount of carbs and sugar per day, stick with that for a week then reduce it by 10g every week. If you cut it all out yeah, your body will feel shocking. With the stress you are going through at the moment that will be too much. xxx

  4. I realised you don't log onto to FB that often so I will post this here. This guy is one of my heros! Richard Morris from 2 Keto Dudes.

    "I just realized that I passed my Keto-versary yesterday. Yes I started a Ketogenic diet on 4/20 in 2014.

    I don't have any photos of the day I started but I was pretty much the same size as I was in the photo on the left the previous year. I was also working out 4 times a week with a PT, and following the Diabetes Australia diet. Not that this journey has been about size, but obesity is the simplest observation one can make about people who have metabolic disease. The assumption that obesity is caused by gluttony and sloth is the laziest one can make.

    Obese people are often running their insulin at levels so high that they are unable to use fat for energy. They are hungry all the time. They are also lethargic all the time. Despite having all that energy ... it's not usable, only storable.

    Soon they run out of safe places to store that energy they can't use ... so they put it in unsafe places around their organs. Look at the green line on the photo on the left. If you know people who are ballooning out like this once they hit middle age ... they are in trouble. In that photo on the left I was about to lose a toe due to diabetic complications. Serious trouble.

    The photo on the right was just 5 months after changing what I ate. As soon as I stopped eating sugar and starch I could use stored fat for energy. THAT is the simplest explanation for the paradox of the fat man, that is hungry all the time. It also explains how as soon as he stops eating sugar and starch, he loses 1/3rd of his body weight in a few months.

    I've spent the subsequent 3 years and 7 months trying to teach other type 2 diabetics this. Unfortunately the universe is making type 2 diabetics faster than I can spread the word.

    The photo he included had has stats on it.
    Low Fat + High Carb + Move more
    HbA1c: 7.5%
    Trigs: 233
    HDL: 29
    Start weight: 328

    Low Carb + High Fat + Fasting
    HbA1c: 5.2%
    Trigs: 100
    HDL: 46
    Weight: 226

  5. so great to get all those books from Marlene, it should really help or be inspiring at least!! Christy xxx

  6. Chris, I have sent you an email, please read it, it is great factual information.

  7. Chris, I am concerned about you, you aren’t feeling right. I just read this, you have increased your medication and cut out carbs go and get your levels checked please

    People with diabetes who take insulin or another blood-sugar-lowering medication could experience life-threatening low blood sugar levels if they cut carbs without adjusting their medication and checking their blood sugar frequently,” Norwood explains.

  8. People always suffer from "carb flu" when cutting carbs. Being a diabetic you will need to do this with more care - upping your medication at the same time as cutting carbs might not be the best thing!! I agree with what cranky wrote - when you run on insulin, your body simply can't access fat for energy and this would explain why you have been so tired. I'm sure most people will tell you to eat carbs at every meal and that bread etc is just fine. That is your choice obviously, but the only reason a diabetic "needs" these foods is to balance the meds they are taking.

    If you read lowcarbdiabetic's blog (I see someone linked to it yesterday) the authors all live a very low carb lifestyle which enables them to be on minimum medication with normal HbA1c. I know you are being bombarded with advice but your first priority is your health and perhaps you need to slowly reduce carbs rather than all in one go.

  9. Love the soup cosy so pretty! enjoy your time with the babies.

  10. Oh I love that soup bowl cosy! Will you be selling them ... and if so, how much will you be charging?

    1. PAULA: They will be $10 each. I will have a selection to choose from in about 5 days.

  11. Anonymous6:17 PM

    It is good if you are able to check your own blood sugars, but if really not well call the hospital to be sure...


    1. Maybe the next hurdle to get over Chris - checking your blood sugar at home. Those lancets are pretty pain free especially if you use them at the side of the finger rather than right in the middle. It's your ongoing health at stake remember... you will be amazed to see how much certain foods spike your blood sugar so it's a great learning tool.

  12. Very cute soup cozys... I think we all have a dumping room! Hope you're feeling a bit better tomorrow and definately get checked if you don't feel right take care.

  13. Hope u feel bit better tomorrow Chris. If not do u have a health line thingy there u call a nurse for advise bit like plunket line think u might need someone with more knowledge than all us blogging medics lol. Locked out again of the Pepsi place. Xx. Enjoy snuggles from the three litties.

  14. I know the tingling. When I was first going very low carb post surgery, I felt like I was vibrating at a cellular level. It's the only way I can describe it!!

  15. People always ask me if I make those, I think I probably should but they are supposed to be all cotton to put in the microwave and I have polyester thread so I'll have to go buy that and the stuffing.


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